The Gown Warehouse


One of the best things that happened to me this wedding journey was the opportunity to work with The Gown Warehouse. The spacious studio (above is only one part of it) and huge selection of beautiful designs make gown-hunting truly enjoyable for me. My pre-wedding shoot earlier in March was also an amazing experience because the team here at TGW is always patient and accommodating to my requests. I'll share the images from the shoot once Samuel from Pixioo sends them to me.

When Eunice from The Gown Warehouse told me about their new arrivals - The Luxe Lace Bridal and Evening Gown Collection, I was really excited because it's down to 3 months to the wedding but I haven't confirmed any gowns prior to this trip.

I was really drawn to this one above even though it isn't something I was looking for initially. Probably because my pre-wed gowns were all lace and intricate, this is something different and I love the fit. It's lightweight too, perfect for solemnisation or brides who prefer something simple and elegant.

I love the train for the one below, it spreads out so beautifully. I would have probably picked this for my pre-wed shoot but not so much for actual day since I'll be doing a lot of walking and a waste if the details can't be seen.

For me, the bigger the train the better haha even though it's not exactly practical for walking. For the second march-in, most brides usually pick a colour other than white, so I tried some designs from the Luxe Lace Evening Gown Collection. This one below is actually more gold and less yellow in real life. The cut and details are perfect but I can't seem to pull off this colour. I can't stop thinking about this one though.

One of my favourites from the evening gown collection. It was such a tough decision between this and the other coloured one I picked. For  the surprise element, I guess I won't reveal it till the actual wedding day heh. I haven't confirmed all my gowns though so any input on the dress I should keep or not would be great! I'll be really happy to hear from you. If you'd like to see more of the new collection, click here.  



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