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Sponsored: Premium Beauty Supplement Miriqa

It has been 03 months since I have started on my Miriqa journey. Miriqa is a premium daily beauty supplement developed with the finest ingredients from nature. It is developed using non-GMO white tomatoes, super-antioxidant olive extracts and L-Cysteine. It is a natural and complete beauty supplement  which provides sun protection and skin  whitening from within. It also helps to renew and restore healthy, radiant and a more  youthful appearance  while  protecting the skin against the sun and environmental damages.  Supplementing my diet with good quality beauty products is possibly one of the most feasible ways to treat myself well and beautify from inside out. As much as there are other factors like lifestyle, pollution etc that may affect our skin condition, I believe in the theory of you are what you eat. I take one capsule daily and have seen good changes to my skin. (Left: Before, Right: After)  As pictured in my before and after images, my

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