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It has been almost ten years since I first met my husband, Ming Hian (Mx) and that is probably the best thing that has happened to me. To be honest, my first impression of him wasn't great. He came across as someone too self-righteous and that put me off. It was through spending more time together that I got to know that he was nothing like what I thought. I was also very clear from the start of our relationship that Mx was the one I wanted to marry. 

I came across this book called The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and the love language that resonates with me most is spending Quality Time with my other half. I have always felt that meeting up in person and getting to know someone is truly the key to a genuine connection.

 Ming Hian's birthday celebration, July 2016

A surprise dinner date, June 2013

Bali, October 2016

 Christmas, December 2016

Even after so many years, I still look forward to visiting new restaurants with Mx and having our meals together. This is the time where we get to destress over good food and update each other about our day. This brings me to introduce Bite, a new date-and-dine application for Singapore that focuses on enabling users to connect through the app, but not on the app. 

Bite believes that the best way to get to know someone is by having a meal together. Bite encourages its users to meet up over food, where you can get to know a person through verbal and non-verbal communication. To facilitate making a genuine connection with a date, Bite has partnered with restaurants to allow their users to have a meal together. After all, eating good food is also one of Singapore's greatest past-times.

Don't be shy, take a Bite at http://www.bite-official.com!


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