Pre-wedding Shoot

And yes, we are only 2 days to #MxLuWedding.

This week has been a busy one with many appointments. The jitters is slowly getting to me and I am trying not to stress myself too much. Aside from that, everything has been falling into place pretty nicely thanks to the partners who are working with me for the wedding. I'll be sharing more about them after the wedding! Now I am praying hard that things will go as planned for the actual day. Wish us luck! (:

Pre-Wedding Shoot
Photography: Pixioo Photography 
Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Set Styling: Wulala!
Fairy Lights: Midnightsparks
Gowns, accessories: The Gown Warehouse
Groom's Tuxedo: Common Suits
Hair and Makeup: Iheartblooms
Venue Partner: Watabe Wedding


  1. Awe! Great guys look so happy together. I hope the day lived up to all your expectations :-)


    Emily, founder of


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