Life's a beauty, admire it

Hope you had as fabulous of a time this New Year as i did, happy 2012!

NE cell gathering at Cze's
What a spread! Thanks to Cze's mom who prepared all the good food

All to ourselves :)

 Favourite Chinese Steamboat, Upp Thomson

(Upcoming) Ris Crochet Day Dress in Navy

The perfect dress for buffets, hides the bulge and flatters the figure really well ;)

Part three of dinner with lyi
Finally got to try it

Would recommend Cinnamon waffles anytime, they are really good

Random trip to Vivo

(Upcoming) Haleah Highwaisted Shorts in Black

One of the hws with the best fit to date, Jolene loves this so much she cant stop raving about it

(Upcoming) Victoriana Crochet Top in White

If you're a fan of anything lace or crochet, you'll definitely love this as much as i do

New Year's gathering at Zibs
I love potlucks because my friends make great cooks

Pretty walnut carrot cupcakes made by lyi!

My lovely girls, decade old friends <3

(Upcoming) Faye Tie-Dye Babydoll in Blue

We finally found the perfect tiedye printed fabric, so happy that the outcome is so pretty as well :)

Dimsum Date at Imperial Treasure,

(Upcoming) Candy Stripe Day Dress in Daffodil

In such cheery colours, makes an awesome dress for brunch or picnic dates

Our inspiration!

More items from the upcoming collection,
(Upcoming) Adel Notch Lapel Jacket in Denim Blue

The material used for this jacket is fab (and comfy), im definitely keeping it in all 3 colours

(Upcoming) Viv Ruche Strapless Dress, one of the best buys for the collection especially for the taller girls

Our source of inspiration 

Catch you girls at our launch at 830pm, have a lovely week ahead :)


  1. Wiill there be more highwaisted shorts for the new few collection?

  2. Yup what about the upcoming collection?? I kinda like this collection's HWS but the measurements given are still kinda big for someone as petite as me:(

  3. Do you exercise? You are really lean!

  4. hi, are you girls giving away red packets for your spring collection?

  5. Hi Lu! What's your hair color? :)

  6. Please don't launch red jackets anymore, started to get boring. Haha. Should launch something grey or beige color and blush pink! And more demin blue too! Are there more black dresses coming up in the next few collections?

  7. Anon - Yep a few more highwaisted shorts coming up, stay tuned :)

  8. C - Hi dear, we have the one you've been waiting for in red, navy and black. You'll definitely love them :)

  9. Anon - Nope i don't really exercise heh.

  10. Anon - Hi there, we're not giving away any red packets but we have other giveaways coming up :)

  11. Christina - Hi dear, its platinum beige :)

  12. LZ - noted your suggestion! yep at least 2 black dresses in our next collection :)

  13. Yayyyy navy<3 Heh thank you! Cant wait^^ I hope that you guys can do next week's launch ASAP!!! Too excited:D

  14. Yep! Please do the next collection asap! Before cny! :)

  15. Is it the Liese platinum beige?

  16. Hope that the next few highwaisted shorts bottom cutting will not be too flare. :)

  17. Hi Lu, where did you bought your clutch bag from?

  18. Hello! May I know where did you get your flats (cream colour) from? I've seen it on your blog posts for quite some time already. It's really pretty! :)

  19. Anony-Think she got her clutch from fashmob

    Anony-Flats from pazzion

    According to what I've read from her past comments, hope it helps:D

  20. Hi may i know where did you get the weave bag which are taken with the RYLIE TOGA ? thanks

  21. C - Your comments always make our day :)

    Anon - yep, new collection at 830pm tonight!

    Christina - Hi dear, yes Liese's :)

    Anon - You'll definitely love Salvatore x shorts launching tonight ;)

    Anon - Thanks for answering them on my behalf, you are right about both qns :)

    Anon - Got the weave bag overseas :)

  22. Will there be a BO for Victoriana crochet top? :)


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