Ring in the Dragon;

Back from our short break and trying hard to get into the work momentum! This lunar new year has been so amazing spending time with the family and close friends, i wish it wouldn't pass by so quickly. More sneaks for our upcoming pieces soon so stay tuned!

大年初一 at Uncle Frankie's,

The sisters clad in Ohvola pieces ;)

 Day Two,

The first lion dance this lunar new year!

With Mx's extended family

& not forgetting the mascot!

This year, they even brought in the huge dragon. what a way to start the new year!

Red x Lace on the 2nd day as well ;)

I really lovee Gelish nail polish; scratch-resistant and they last me for weeks

Mx's Grandmas Birthday at Owens Seafood,

The night ended quite early so we went on a late night movie date!

Neoprints! Sucha old school fun 
Both of us in CNY colours

Last Saturday at Aunt Irene's,


(Upcoming) Many of my relatives have requested to reserve this extremely pretty piece even before the launch ;)

Comes in 4colours including Black which is very work appropriate! Gonna keep this in all colours :)

Later in the afternoon at Cousin Linda's,

Hot mommy in an Ohvola piece as well ;)

Lion Dance #2

Jolene in an upcoming top and skirt!

年初七 at our place,

In an upcoming lace tank!

With my StNicks girls :)

A sumptuous spread prepared by our wonder mom <3

One big family

Earlier at our Meet-Up Session,

Before the crowd started to stream in

The only decent photo of my fav Jo-ann Lace Frock in Wine! (i guess this photo explains the mystery on Jol's blog, those hands belong to Sean who's behind the banner haha)

A huge Thankyou to Mommy, Ree, Mx, Charlene, Fran, Dennis and Sean for making time for the event. You guys rock :)


Morg's awesome new place,
Every piece in the house is an art

Lovely tiles
Alright, have a great time celebrating the remaining lunar new year week yáll 


  1. Is the upcoming dress flare ?

  2. Woohoo great blog entry! Do blog more if you can :)) especially with OOTDs with upcoming ohvola pieces ^^ have a great day!

  3. Anon - The upcoming highneck chiffon frock has a straight cut, dont think its flare :)

  4. Anon - Thanks so much dear, i will definitely try to blog more. have a great day ahead too! ;)

  5. Hi Lucinda, looking great as ever! anw, wondering if you guys gonna make courier service as one of your postage option for OV anytime soon? :]

  6. Where you got the belt from? (from then pic of the highneck chiffon frock) :)

  7. When will the preview for the next collection be up?

  8. Hi lucinda, did you use a hair tong to curl your hair? What brand is it? And what did you apply after curling your hair? Hehe thanks! :)

  9. hi lucinda, may i know where do you get the wine/red bandage skirt which you paired with the upcoming black lace top? :)

  10. Hi babe,

    Mind sharing what is the colour for your balenciaga clutch? Mind sharing the price as well? If you dun wish to disclose it here, can email me at vivien04_29@hotmail.com

    Thanks!! =)

  11. The high neck chiffon dress is really nice! Could u share the length for this?

  12. Hi Lucinda, is the orange dress elastic at waist?

  13. hey dear,

    will there be backorder for salvatore x shorts? :)

  14. Anon - Hi dear, we will work something out and include Courier Service as one of our delivery methods if possible. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  15. Anon - i cant remember where i got the belt, sorry! :(

  16. Anon - Yes preview for our next collection is up here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150644231102975.445836.116684077974&type=1 ;)

  17. Christina - Neo Ceramic Pro Flat Iron and sunsilk leave-on conditioner :)

  18. Anon - The burgundy skirt is still available here: http://www.ohvola.com/latest-arrivals/381-braelyn-bandage-skirt-.html :)

  19. Vivien - The colour is Anthracite, got it for $1400 :)

  20. Hi babe, when will the Lace tank be launched and what other colors are there? Have been searching for something similar for awhile! Thaks :)

  21. hi! when is the lace tank top launching? :)

  22. Please include the hips measurements for dresses in preview too! Whats the hips measurements for the chiffon dress? :)

  23. Hi Lucinda! May I know if the Braelyn bandage skirt is stretchable & what size should I take if my hips is 34"? Thanks!

  24. hi lucinda! where did you get this skirt from? thanks:) http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a329/de_freckled_freak/SPRINGS%20VALENTINE/4b.jpg

  25. Anon - The lace tank will be available in White and Black, launching in early March :)

    Anon - We included hip and waist measurements(wherever applicable) for the latest launch. Hope they help!

    Anon - Braelyn Bandage Skirt is slightly stretchable, size M will fit you better :)

    Anon - The skirt was previously launched on Ohvola, we'll try to bring it back again! ;)

  26. Hey! Can I know where did you bought the navy blue skirt that you parked with the straits flap blouse in red? Thanks!

  27. Hi! Is the colour block dress (orange x navy) a piece from ohvola's precious collections or new collections? If its a previous collection, is it still on bo? Can I order it? :)

  28. Anon - The skirt was previously launched on Ohvola, we'll try to bring it back again! ;)

  29. Anon - Hi there, its Le Mod Dress in Vermillion. We'll be launching the extra pieces from backorder soon :)


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