Good Ol' Summertime

I'm finally back, so be warned of an image-intensive post.
Each time i prep for long entries like this, it can get quite overwhelming with too much info to absorb at a go. 
(which got me feeling if my readers actually feel the same)
Would you prefer me to blog shorter entries on individual events? 
It might motivate me to blog more often as well, i hope!

Brunch at PS. Cafe - A.S.H Park
That morning saw us getting mx's birthday present in the vicinity of Ann Siang Hill.
We settled for PS. Cafe cos everywhere else wasn't opened for business yet. 
Good thing they serve brunch from as early as 9.30am, and boy this outlet wins all the rest hands down. 
Love the ambiance/decor/tranquility and everything else about this place.
Happiness can be as simple as stumbling upon a pair of matching sunnies along Pagoda street, 
cheap thrillll

My date, who is only free to brunch with me on weekends now.

Big Bacon & Eggs on Toast for his mains

Just Truffle Shoestring Fries for me, cos i remember they always serve a huge portion 
and I never managed to finish them even though their fries are the best in town!

What i wore; Wallflower Top in Spring Green
Just what i have always wished for - Inspired by the famous saboskirt off-shoulder top that makes 
everyone look good, with the most gorgeous palette prints to boot.
Jolene wore the violet-blue version to her birthday picnic and received so many compliments ;)

PS. Cafe (A.S.H Park)
45 Ann Siang Road Singapore 069719
Tel: 97970648 / 62223143 

Jolene's Birthday Dinner at La Villa
Our dajie Francisca knows of all the coolest and underrated dining places in Singapore.
All thanks to her, we found another gem that definitely warrants for a second visit soon!

Outfit: Ma Belle Top in Black & Yve Heels in Nude
A Zara-inspired top and i cannot emphasize how pretty this lace number is.
A pity i didn't manage to snap a closeup shot of this delicate piece,
but you might want to check out our FB Preview for a better photo.

With Junying & Xiangyu, pretty girls with such genuine hearts.

La Villa
341 River Valley Road S238372
Tel: 68365286

Brunch at Au Chocolat
Finally found time to head down to MBS since Wanqian invited us to its opening party a year back.
Time really flies, it doesn't feel that long ago actually.
Food exceeded my expectations nonetheless, we'll be back for trufflefries soon!


Together with the good-looking duo & mommy
On Jolene: Camille Knit in Yellow available in last few pieces onsite

Can't get enough of the pretty prints on my Aurora Pants in Blue

The Au Chocolat King Breakfast ($26) was a huge portion, but i loved everything on the plate

Au Chocolat Benedict ($18), 
the hollandaise sauce infused with red wine and dark choc is sucha a refreshing twist to the usual eggs benny.

Au Chocolat Frozen Hot Chocolate ($12) 
This is by far my favourite chocolate drink, it was soo addictive!

As usual, we over-ordered and were struggling to finish the 
Nutty Chocolate Banana Crepe ($16) even though it looked so amazing.

Au Chocolat
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 
2 Bayfront Avenue #01-03 
Tel: 66887227

Monthly Hair Session at Salon Vim
If you haven't heard, Salon Vim has extended their GSS 2013 promotion til 15 August
30% off SS2013 colour and treatment services, which is a really awesome deal.
Call 68847757 (Somerset 313) / 68370073 (Bugis)
to make an appointment!

I'm really thankful to Katherine (my hairstylist) and Salon Vim for exceeding my expectations every time.
So in love with the new gradient base colours and a fresh coat of purple dip-dyed ends!

& 2 amazing products to share with you girls, 
Kerastase Ciment Thermique (heat-activated reconstructing milk for brittle/damaged hair)
I believe most of you have heard of this big name.
In fact, it's so effective that most of the hairstylists i know use this personally.  
Redken Intra Force (treatment for color-treated thinning hair)

Dinner date on board Stewords Riverboat
The very very thoughtful boyfriend brought me on a date away from the bustling city, 
which was quite an interesting experience. 

I can get quite particular with seating, so i was really glad to be given window seats 
thanks to the good service offered by the very polite management. 

Food was pretty good in general, 
we had Black Pepper Ribeye Steak/Quesadillas & Potato Skins/Chicken Wraps and they were all delish.

But the Seven Layer Tex Mex Dip was the must-try, soo good i need to head back for it soon.

Outfit: Westwood Heels in Yellow which go really well with my new dress ;)

5.5years together, and counting :]

Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill (Stewords Riverboat)
31 Marina Coastal Dr S018988
Tel: 62785775

Bball Champions x Imperial Treasure Steamboat
Mx and the SRJC boys are champs for this year's competition, good job everyone!

And us, the supporters wanted to share their joy (and trophy hehe)

Celebratory Dinner at Imperial Treasure Steamboat

Really proud of you :)

Somehow, i received many more compliments than usual for this dress (especially from the boys, haha)
Not trying to be a show-off here, but good things must share!
I conclude, this is the dress to wear for dates or if you'd like to leave an impression, a good one of course ;)

Lola's Cafe 
Visited someone on his first day of work, cos we are spontaneous and good friends like that hehe.

Wild Swimmer Crab Pasta in Tomato Cream Sauce ($16) / 
Duck Leg with Creamy Mashed Potatoes in Tangy Orange Sauce ($16) / 
Truffle Fries with Grated Parmesan Cheese ($12) / 
Honey and Paprika Crispy Wings ($9) 
The truffle fries were a tad disappointing, but the Crab Pasta and Crispy Wings were crazy good!

Camille Knit in Yellow, my favorite color for brunch/happy events!

Lola's Cafe
5 Simon Road S545893
Tel: 63431808

En Grill & Bar with the family
The best partner/younger sister - Jolene and I

Foie Gras & Hokkaido Scallops, two of my favorite food anytime 

Mashed Potato Swirl with Mentaiko

& some of the other amazingly good food

Ended the night with desserts at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, 
& a photo of two of the dearest people in my life :)

#ootn: Salvatore Dress in Black
I call this the LBD with a summer twist, in a new amazing fabric you will love as well.

En Grill & Bar
207 River Valley Road S238275
Tel: 67326863

Charlene's Birthday Dinner 
The birthday of a very special girl who used to work with us at the initial stages of Ohvola, 
and has blossomed into such a fine young lady with the biggest heart.

& a shot with the other pretty girls

Us looking so happy in matching Aurora Pants 

Some other outfits include Twiggy Top in White and Black

Outfit: Maison Ruche Top in Black / Aurora Pants in Tangerine / Doux Heels in Black

The upcoming Maison Ruche Top comes in size XS which fits me like a glove.
Definitely a plus point for versatile tops like this!

Alright, hop over if you'd like to know the other upcoming items in tomorrow's collection:

Have an amazing week, and enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Hi Lucinda, any chance you will launch wanderlust peplum skirt again? thanks! (:

    1. Not likely, sorry about it! But we do have pretty upcoming skirts ;)

  2. Hi! Is the Salvatore dress stretchable at the waist area? If my waist is about 70cm, which size should I get? Thanks!

  3. Yes the fabric used for Salvatore Dress is very stretchable, size M should fit you fine :)

  4. Hihi. An i know yr black n white shorts u wore in tis post, where r they from? Looking for nice shorts... Do u know where i can find some? Tks :)

    1. They are Ohvola designs from past collections, Fransca shorts in black is still available if you're interested :)

  5. Which size should a big UK 8 get for the Salvatore dress??:)

  6. You look really good in everything you wear! You are the best advertiser for Oh Vola :)

  7. hellos. love reading your blog and am a big fan of ohvola. pls blog more often too. :)

    1. Thankyou kareen, it definitely motivates me to blog more often! im in the midst of prepping a new post ;)

  8. Hi Lucinda, can you share what kind/brand of hair tong/curler u r using to do curls for ur hair?? I'm on the lookout for one..Thhxxss in adv! ;)

    1. Mine's from ISO beauty, shared an image on how it looks like here:

  9. Hi, is Ohvola hiring? :)

  10. Hi Lucinda, where is the dress you wore to Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill from? :)

    1. My elder sis got it from primark, london :)

  11. Hi babe, will you guys be restocking the extras from the BO for the marx flats? ;) If yes, when will it be? Would love to get a pair! Thanks so much! (:

    1. Hi there, we'll update the site should we have extra pairs :)


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