November; The Sweetest Gifts

As we approach the end of this year, i get all excited and hyped just anticipating the holidays, Christmas and year-end parties. The team at Ohvola works doubly hard nonetheless, so expect more surprises in time to come. Catch you girls at the new launch at 1130am, don't forget our date :)

X'mas Shopping, my favorite season of the year!
Finally made it before they close for the day

Santa came earlier this year! 

(Upcoming) Nikki Jacket in Yale Blue, inside: Regan Work Blouse in Mustard.  I wanted to be more adventurous with the colours and it turned out not too bad at all ;)  

I can't get enough of outerwears, they come extremely handy especially during this rainy season. Gonna keep this in all 3colours!

Mommy <3

my bb has served me well, now i need an iphone

Late dinner at Daikokuya, Paragon

(Upcoming) Jolene in Embroidery Kaftan Frock, Navy Blue

This dress is amazing! Its the perfect piece for upcoming xmas/birthday parties, and some of our friends are getting in all colours. I'm gonna keep the Cerise, happy colours ftw.

Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen, superb soup base

Butter scallops, a must-try!

K with the girlies
How pretty can the room be

with matching pink walls and seats

Later we got upgraded to a bigger room

with huge seating! Thumbs up for great service

(Upcoming) Heiress Empire Skirt in Forest Green, i loveee this Topshop-inspired piece

I love the empire cut of the skirt, definitely keeping this in Russet, Black and Forest Green. and maybe the Cerise as well because this is sucha versatile number!
Material used has a slight sheen to it, so it looks expensive.

(Upcoming) Jolene wore Yves Crochet Cardigan in Orange and Belted Pleat Shorts in Black, both highly raved by our friends 

My weakness for anything lace and crochet is incurable. Keeping the pastel colours (Creme and Grey), they are always easier to match with :)

Oven Marvel, Sunshine Plaza
To satisfy our craving for muffins and pies

Chocolate goodnesss

Wall of fame

The best chicken pies in town

Frank by OCBC new store launch, Vivo City (More to be blogged in the next entry)
With our new friends, Agnes and Del

My Polkadot wedges to go with my favourite new card design 

Where we met a lovely customer in our Flutter Empire Dress sold out previously

Thanks for the invite Sarah!

her uber cute shoes

(Upcoming) Dayne Contrast Top in Offwhite, fully lined and made of quality chiffon you will love

Its a tough choice among the colours, i'd love to keep the Light Pink and Coral for CNY

Before i forget, we have just stocked new designs into FirstDay Plaza Sing on Thursday and that includes:

This gorgeous one shoulder drape dress that has an amazingly flattering cut, perfect for wedding dinners (will be blogging about that in the next entry too)

Another OOTD to share: Duo Toned Cardigan in Taupe still available on


  1. Hi, can I know how much you got your Chanel necklace for?
    TIA! (:

  2. Hi, where did you get the black top that you matched with Heiress Empire Skirt in forest green? :)

  3. Hi, may i know where u get ur bag u paired with Nikki Jacket in Yale Blue?

    And also ur clutch u brought to frank by OCBC event

    thanks :D

  4. Anon - The chanel necklace belongs to Jolene, im not sure of the model sorry! i think it was ard $400 if im not wrong.

    Unknown - Its an upcoming knit top launching in the collection after this :)

    Anon - The black bag is from Mphosis, Vivocity. Black clutch from :)

  5. Hi Lu, one shoulder drape dress is pretty!!! and what color did you keep for LAYERING TIERED TOP :P

  6. Hi babe, what bag did you brought in Balcenciaga?? hehe.. Which colors is nicer blue or orange for the YVES CROCHET CARDIGAN?

  7. Hi Lu, which color did you kept for LAYERING TIERED TOP and REGAN WORK BLOUSE? I am still undecided now?

  8. Anon - Got a giant rose gold envelope frm Balenciaga heh. i would say the Blue for Yves Crochet Cardigan, the colour is prettier in rl :)

    Anon - Kept Layering Tiered Top in Mustard, Regan Work Blouse in Tiffany and Mustard ;)

  9. Hi... where did you get your polkadot wedges from? :)

  10. Hi Lu, which color is nicer for Layering Tiered Top? Tea Rose, Cerise or Mustard?

  11. Anon - Polkadot wedges are sponsored by :)

    Anon - Im keeping Mustard for Layering Tiered Top, see you at the launch!

  12. Hi Lu where is your black watch from?

  13. Hi babe! Where did you get the navy blue blazer which you wear to Frank by OCBC event? :)

  14. Seriously, i tink you all need to do something to ur website. Its always haf internal error problems and do not allow us to make payment! If not once we chose paypal, internal error again and we cant go back to the paypal page.

  15. where did you get your watch from the one you wore to Oven Marvel? what is the model and how much was it?

  16. Anon - Black watch is from BCBG :)

    Anon - The blue blazer is Arty Tailored Blazer which we launched previously :)

    Anon - Hi there, the internal error issue is due to the high volume of traffic during the launch. We're working to increase the bandwidth of our servers. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Anon - The watch is Plisse Watch from BCBG, got it a year back so i cant really recall the price sorry!

  17. Hi Lu, What colors u kept for the carla dress ")

  18. Hi lucinda! Does your creme/beige shoes from pazzion have shiny details on it?

  19. Hi pretty! May i know where do you got the gold shiny belt you paired with the black shorts with yale blue outerwear? And do ohvola manufactured belts?

  20. Hello lucinda! Where do you guys get the gold and black necklace on the dayne contrast top for coral and mustard? The both necklace are really nice! Thanks :)

  21. hello, may i know roughly how much is your balenciaga clutch? been trying to save up for one :( thanks in advance!

  22. hello! may i know where did you get the black clutch that you were carrying?
    Thank you(: the weaved one! looks gorgeous!

  23. Hi Lu, when is the next launch? cant wait!!!! totally in love with the carla dress! which color will u kept?

  24. Hello! i really like how you do your makeup! can you show us how and what products you're using right now? thank you!

  25. Hi lu, what other colours does the one shoulder drape dress comes in?
    Will you be launching in next collection? :)

  26. Anon - i have not decided, but it should be the purple and one of the blues :)

    Christina - yep it does, and i like it! but they dont appear in photos.

    Rebecca - We're giving away the belts for our latest promotion, more details here: :)

    Xinyi - We got the necklaces from Diva, but we've got similar ones coming up on ;)

    Anon - i got the Balenciaga clutch for $1400. (might be doing a selling post for it!)

    Shermaine - Black weaved clutch from :)

    Anon - The next launch should be on Sunday 1130am as well :) We love Carla Dress too, should be keeping the Purple and one of the Blues!

    Jing - Thankyou! :) but my makeup/products are nothing fancy.

    Anon - One Shoulder Drape Dress comes in Orange, Burgundy and Navy. Yes it'll be up in the next collection :)

  27. Hi Lu, y are you selling off the balenciaga? Btw could you please include in you blog which items n colors u kept for the collections. Thanks.. And also how do we read back the blog entries from previous collections in Ohvola blog?

  28. Hi, may I know did u use any hair spray after curling ur hair? :)

  29. Is the both necklace the coming collection? Thanks!

  30. When is the next launch? Cant wait! :)

  31. Pls bring in more Knited wear! Thanks! (:

  32. when you wear your bcbg watch? which hook did you put on? tia! i hope you understand what i mean. :B

  33. any shades to recommend for ladies? what is your shades brand?

  34. Anon - Will try my best to do a blogpost tmr morning! Only the latest entry on can be read :)

    Anon - nope i dont use any hair spray after curling my hair, just leave-on conditioner :)

    Xinyi - which necklaces are you referring to?

    Anon - We are launching at 2pm, we can't wait too!

    Anon - yes we have more knit pieces coming up ;)

    Anon - i usually wear it at the 2rd/3rd from the inside :)

    Anon - You can try MBMJ/Aldo/F21 for nicer ones!

  35. The necklace im referring are the gold and black one that is paired with the dayne contrast top coral and mustard

  36. Hi Lucinda,

    impromptu qn but can I ask if ur black weaved clutch isit of matt or glossy material?

  37. Xinyi - Got both necklaces from Diva :)

    Anon - The black clutch is of matt material!

  38. Hi may I know where u buy your orange shorts? :)


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