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With my new house ready in 2016, I have definitely been paying more attention to interior design hoping to use them as inspirations for my new space. I've always been a huge fan of white and minimalist concepts, but nothing beats going to a house/office/restaurant that is decorated with bricks and unique quirky tiles. It definitely adds to the warmth factor and gives the place character and an identity of its own. 

My first trip to the Gushcloud office was such an eye opener and I was very impressed with Soon Bee Huat for the clever use of the various tiles and brick walls in the different rooms.

Soon Bee Huat
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As one of Singapore's largest suppliers of tiles and other building materials, Soon Bee Huat has been around for more than two decades, but that doesn't stop them from being on the competitive edge as compared to newer industry players. With 2 Concept Boutiques (Changi & Toh Guan) strategically located and anchored by professional staff, this is SBH 21st year in the tiles industry.

I was first attracted to the HT Mosaico 101B Tiles at the reception area. The black and white combination on these mosaic tiles are a great choice to brighten up any space. The unique geometric design can be used as an accent for black and white tiles, or as a standalone for a themed space. The tiles are perfect to create a retro look. Besides looking pretty, these are heavy-dute porcelain tiles that can withstand heavy traffic. Suitable to be used in wet environments too.

When you enter the Gushcloud office, you definitely won't miss the iconic brown brick wall also known as WB-Roma Gresbrik which is a ceramic product, pressed in "gres". Once fixed and grouted, it resembles the old, rustic brick and comes in a total of 6 colours. The pricipal advantage of this over the real brick is in the fixing - fixed like any normal ceramic product and grouted over. This is faster, simpler and more economical than the brick-laying process.

For the floor, it is made of CT-Bistrol Gris Mosaic (Grey) which is a combination of eight different designs in a mosaic manner. With its matte finish and unique crumpled paper-like texture, it is one European tile that is loved by many around the world. Perfect to add a sense of hip to any space in the house.

For the Green Room (one of my favorites), the HT-Magma Grey Tiles are used. Inspired by a seamless concrete stone, Magma Grey is a tile that carries European style and design. The tile has a great matte finish that has an anti-slip feature and is suitable for heavy-duty usage. Incorporated with the lates HD digital printing tech that ensures 100% different image on its 24 faces. This tile is suitable for both residential and industrial use.

Lastly, we have the HT-Vintage Charol Tiles used in the Cinema Room. The glazed porcelain tile showcases a unique texture and is a great choice for both the floor and wall with medium traffic such as kitchen and terrace. The tile surface imitates a micro-mosaic, glazed in deep black, which confers a beautiful elegant look. Bigger sized tiles like these reduces the amount of grout which mean easier maintenance, and make a space look bigger as compared to placing smaller tiles.

Soon Bee Huat


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