Sweet Simplicity;

December just keeps getting better with less than 10days to Christmas. Dressing up for the parties will be so much fun, but that also means the Ohvola team working doubly hard to bring you all the pretty designs. & dont forget our 2nd last installation for xmas here at 2pm. Crossing our fingers for a smooth launch, have a fab day y'all! 

Opening of Antoinette, Scarlet Hotel
Every subsequent outlet just gets prettier

OOTD: Braiding Knit Top in Grey still available here

Lovely French Deco

These make perfect X'mas gifts!

Our own Chef Lim


Still very in lovee with the floral wallpaper

Smoked Duck Scrambled Eggs all day breakfast, it was so good i could finish the huge portion

not forgetting the desserts

Platinum Movie Suites at The Cathay
Our monthly affair

(Upcoming) Le Mod Dress in Myrtle Green, colourblocking instantly brightens the entire outfit dont you think? I can even do without the accessories :) 

Had such a hard time deciding which colour to wear, thats the result of racking our brains to come up with our favourite colour combinations

Jolene is keeping the Vermilion for CNY, while i'm definitely keeping Myrtle Green for the upcoming Christmas parties!

(Upcoming) Shimmered Luxe Cardigan in Black

This is the perfect outerwear from your upcoming X'mas parties, plus they come in basic colours to go very well with your outfits

Wanted to capture the pretty glittery detail, but this photo doesn't do it justice at all

Hopefully you can see it better here, as featured in October issue of Teenage Magazine :)

(Upcoming) Love Chic Romper in Grey, its so hard to find a jumpsuit that has a flattering fit sometimes but this has such an amazing cut ;)

Our original inspiration, but we wanted a more comfortable material for the top and added pretty front pleats for more detail

Tada the end result which we'll be keeping all 3 colours for ourselves

Other OOTDs to share
(Upcoming) Diaz Duo Dress in Wine Red, this makes a great outfit for the working ladies

Closeup of the non-functional buttons

This looks like a simple dress until you put it on, i really like how it hugs the figure nicely at the right places. Definitely keeping the Wine Red and Navy :)

(Upcoming) Lantern Crochet Frock in Creme

This is undoubtedly my favourite dress from the collection! I'm keeping the Black too, it makes sucha pretty LBD

(Upcoming) Our signature Classic Pussybow in even nicer colour palettes and better fabric. 

Our original inspiration, tie the bow higher for the preppy look ;)


  1. Why choose ohvola this name? (:

  2. Anon - haha we came up with this random word which we thought sounded pretty cool :)

  3. Do a make up post pls! I really want to know what make up products you use! (:

  4. Hi Lucinda! May I know which outlet of The Ship did u went to for the bday celebration? Thanks so much! :)

  5. Are you guys launching the high waist shorts in the next collection?

  6. Haha whats OOTD/LBD may I know?? No absolutely no idea what acronym are these! Anw are both you and jolene the same height? Thought you look a little petite! Hehe

  7. Please manufacture more black dresses and tops! :)

  8. Anon - my make up products are very basic, but i'll try to do up a post next time :)

  9. Anon - Hi there, we went to the outlet at Nex :)

  10. Christina - Hi dear, there were some issues with the cut so we had to do some alternation thus the delay. Sorry to have kept you girls waiting! Hopefully the next collection alright :)

  11. C: OOTD = Outfit of the day, LBD = Little Black Dress

    Jolene's 164cm while i'm 163cm, so i guess im a lil shorter haha :)

  12. Anon - More black pieces coming up, do look out for them! ;)

  13. Hi May I know where did you get the black clutch fom?

  14. hi where did you get your flats from?

  15. Hi lucinda! Wer did u get e black belt which u
    Paired w the Diaz dress?? Thxs!

  16. Anon - Got the black clutch from http://www.thefashmob.com/ :)

    Anon - Creme flats from Pazzion!

    Anon - Got the black belt from Bkk :)

  17. hi, how much is your chanel ring?

  18. Hi lucinda! Love the clutch! Does it come with a strap, is it long or short?


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