Romancing the Season;

Feels great to be updating this space after (almost)two weeks, we've been working extra hard with the team and the week has been more than fab. The new launch at 2pm marks our final collection before we return from our vacation in early March! Til then, have a blessed week ahead yáll :)

4th Anniversary ♥ at Equinox;

View from the 70th

My Valentine :)

So glad we got the window seats! The view was so awesome

(Upcoming) Emer Exquisite Frock in Navy 
It was the perfect outfit for my date, i really love the flattering cut and neatly done pleats :)  

can't resist the gorgeous crochet lace detail

Braised beef cheek which was really good!

I couldnt resist a shot of the ladies as well, everything was so prettyy

Titanic Exhibition at MBS;
It was truly an eye-opening experience, thanks Mx for bringing us :) 

Fyan Ruffle Cardigan in Black

Close-up of the ruffle hem, still available here! 

Louhei with the old pals at Adrian's;

Meet lil' miss terror, Moon!

and poor Pro who's not allowed into the house :(

OOTD: Davonte Colourblock Top in Emerald Green available here!

Marutama at United Square;
Last Thursday saw us heading to Marutama after a business meeting to satisfy our ramen craving!

My huge bowl of goodness

(Upcoming) Rubie Resort Top in Blue

In really yummy Spring hues we all love, gonna keep this in all colours!

Mandarin Gallery & Nantsuttei at Cuppage;
We finally had the luxury of time to go for a lil shopping in town on Saturday, retail therapy definitely works!

Mx and i were thrilled when we found out J Lindeberg was having a sale

Quaint lil' shop, sucha gem :)

(Upcoming) Love in Drape Top

Received quite a few compliments from the friends when i wore the Black one to town!
 i really love how this is sucha versatile piece i can match this with almost anything ;)

Nantsuttei must-try!

Dinner date in the northeast;
Mouth-watering goodness

Dessert place at Serangoon Gardens

(Upcoming) Ted Cuff Relax Shirt in Taupe

Don't miss our pocket-friendly deal for the collection, save big on your pockets with this casual shirt for everyday wear :)


  1. May I know where is the cream bag from? Thanks:)

  2. Hi, where did you got the cream wedges from? (the pic when you are wearing black love in drape top)

  3. What do you mean by pocket friendly deal?

  4. Is the launching A-style skirt the one jolene's wearing? >>>

  5. Anymore toga dresses coming up on this month? Anw, i'm attending a D&D on March, so am wondering is there any dresses that i can wear to my D&D coming up on ohvola? Thanks!

  6. Anon - The cream wedges are from :)

  7. Oh it's from the fashmob, how high is the wedges? :)

  8. Anon - Ted Cuff Relax Shirt will be at a pocket-friendly price! Remember to check out our launch ;)

  9. Anon - nope, that's a different skirt. We're launching that in March :)

  10. I think that you guys should capture the back image for those dark colour shirt or dresses instead of white color cause the lighting is too bright we can't see the back design clearly. Or you guys should capture a back image of every colors of the apparels. It would be much more better for us. Just a suggestion :)

  11. Christina - Hi dear, our next launch will be in early March. Will it be too late for your D&D? Otherwise, we should have some nice dressy designs coming up! :)

  12. My D&D will be on the 3rd of March. I think i can't get to wear your dresses to my D&D :(
    Where should i get an outfit for my D&D? Any recommendations? Thanks:)

  13. Hi! Was wondering do you have any recommendation on nice cakes for a 21st birthday party? Thanks!

  14. Hi!! May i know where you get your skirt? the navy one matched with the rose top, where you wore to titanic museum. Praying that it's upcoming!! :)

  15. Hi Lu, will the next ohvola launh be in first week of Mar? :)

  16. hello! may i know where you got your cream sandals in the photo featuring the Fyan Ruffle Cardigan in Black? TIA! :) :)

  17. is this skirt an upcoming item? :)

  18. Hi, may i know where u get the black clutch on ur 4th Anniversary at Equinox?

  19. Christina - Hi dear, sorry to hear that our next launch will be after your D&D. Hope you managed to find your dress by now! :)

    Anon - Try Cupcake Divinity or!

    Anon - Its an old Ohvola piece, but we might manufacture it again now that so many of you like it :)

    Anon - Yes 1st week of March :)

    Anon - Got the creme shoes from Pazzion :)

    Anon - Its an old Ohvola piece, but we might manufacture it again now that so many of you like it :)

    Anon - Got the clutch from Balenciaga!

  20. Hi, may I know where is the black blazer from?


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