All Summer Long

Weekend Brunch at Hummerstons
Brunch is undoubtedly my favorite meal of the day, and Mx has been really sweet in bringing me to new pretty cafes whenever we can afford the time to. Hummerstons is located at a quaint corner on the second storey of Robertson Walk, this probably explains the smaller crowd but i really enjoyed the lil privacy and tranquility it brings even on a Saturday noon.

We had a special guest that day, our chef-to-be Dennis!

Would have preferred outdoor seating but it was pretty narrow and there were 6 of us,
so we settled for the indoor which was so beeeautiful

The food however, pale in comparison. Breakfast Tostada was pretty decent

But my portion of Eggs Sardou was a tad disappointing 

I still hope to visit this place again soon! The Maple Granola and Truffle Scrambled Eggs sound promising ;)

I loveee the colours on my dress, so perfect for brunch dates and tea parties!
Its amazing how neon and vibrant hues instantly brighten the entire picture and make everything happy

Jol and I in the same dress cos we can't resist happy colours

Skyloft at Sentosa
Kudos to Mx again, we found another gem in the city. The weather was perfect, view was magnificent.
The family came along and we spent some quality time together over Eggs Ben and tea. 
It brings a whole new meaning to my perfect weekend :)

We had a private space to ourselves

My elder sis, Francisca and dearest Mommy

The Big Breakfast was not bad, but Skyve still has the best all-day breakfast 

Mine with poached eggs

If you're fan of peplum pieces, you'll definitely love Renaissance Peplum Dress
which we just launched and is still available here

Shin Minori for Wanqian's birthday dinner

With Vince and the birthday girl

The kimchi was warm and tasted really good

All of us clad in Ohvola outfits!

Ohvola ftw teehee

My favourite item of the collection, Boudoir Victorian Blouse in White
This is such an exquisite piece i kept all 3 colours for myself

I love how this monochrome piece gives a Chanel-ish vibe, the lace is even prettier irl

Met up with my stnicks girls after dinner to celebrate lyi's bday in advance

Can't believe my best friend for a decade just left for London for a year :'(
A part of me really hopes to visit her soon! (Lyi i hope you read this) *crosses fingers

Ending this post with a sneak of my work trip entry coming up next! 
Gonna feature quite a number of upcoming Fall manufactured pieces, til then have a fab week ahead everyone xx


  1. May I know which piece is Desiree wearing? :)

    1. It's Ed Stud Skater Dress available here: :)

  2. Is the white shorts you are wearing the shorts from the latest arrivals? & can I know it is sightly sheer or very sheer?

    1. It's a personal piece! Hadley Shorts in white is slightly sheer but fine above nude innerwear :)

  3. Hi is the peplum dress In blue closer to navy blue or electric blue?

  4. hi!! any belts coming up?? each time the collection is launched the belts go OOS really fast!

    1. Yes we do, we have a couple of belts in our Oct collections :)

  5. Lucinda! :) i love ur clutch! :) can i know where u got it from?


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