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Max brought me on a dinner date at Teppei Jap Restaurant last week to celebrate our 56th together. It was sucha refreshing experience to be served Omakase style, a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it to you" Indeed, every dish came as a pleasant surprise and we were really impressed with the standard and variety. All counter-seating, we were entertained just watching Teppei himself (the head chef) run the show. 
This is totally our kind of place - laid back, chill and unpretentious. We'll definitely be back for more.

Teppei Japanese Restaurant
1 Tras Link #01-18 
Orchid Hotel S078867

The boy with the biggest heart and brightest smile :)

An assortment of very fresh sashimi ranging from salmon to scallop

The sashimi rice was possibly the best of the night  

Udon was super yums as well

The rest of the 16 dishes which included pufferfish, mozzarella cheese chawanmushi
and if you're a fan of green tea like me, you'll love the greentea icecream

(Upcoming) Waldorf Lace Dress in Black available in sizes S/M/L

Brenda's Birthday Surprise
 The Marmalade Pantry at the Stables
55 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286846

(Upcoming) Crochet Fresco Top in White
I've always wanted a crochet piece like this because it practically goes with anything

The pretty bday princess arrived with precious Cola

Cupcakes made by our talented Dennis

Brenda looking fab in Boudoir Victorian Blouse still available here 
Eggs Benedict was pretty decent

Wished my bananas and berries hotcakes tasted as good as it looks

Yay to a successful surprise

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street #01-04
Eng Hoon Mansions S169767

(Upcoming) Hyori Blossom Top in Blue / Smitten Maxi Skirt in Fuchsia / Chain It Up Belt in Black
My first chiffon maxi skirt and the cut is super flattering, definitely keeping both colours
Belt comes with an elastic band so the fit is perfect, and i love how the gold instantly glams up my outfit

Roast Chicken Avocado Sandwich, sadly it was too dry for my liking

But the desserts made up for it, The Signature Pralet Cake was light and good

Wore Hyori Blossom Top in Maize previously to Nassim Hill Bakery, this floral piece is perfect for brunch dates

Then we popped by Drips, which was just across the street to get our fav fruit tarts.

Chong's Birthday Surprise at Ah Yat Seafood

Aka mr nice guy, I hope you like the sunglasses ;)

(Upcoming) Maison Peplum Top in White
My favourite item from the collection, the textured material used is major love
(Upcoming) My only photo of the Lace Accent Blazer which doesnt do this pretty piece justice in any way.
Cant wait to wear it out to town tomorrow, i promise more pics!

Menya Musashi Ramen with the family
Raffles City Shopping Centre
#01-16 Singapore 179103

Ramen was a tad too oily for our liking, Ippudo Tao at UE Square still has the best ramen

Mommy dearest

I hope this photo answers your question about who's the older sister
For clarification, Jolene is younger. I'm 24 this year and Jol's 22 :)

I'll be back very soon to do up a couple of Advertorials, so check back often! 
Til then, have a fabulous week ahead xx


  1. hi from london! i really like your marmalade pantry outfit and the hyori top! manufacture more things like that when i'm back please! <3 (and yes i saw your previous post - i'm waiting for you to come!!)

    1. omg hello lyi! first comment from you, im so honored :) haha give me more time i'd love to visit you!

  2. Hi Lu, the red blazer is an upcoming piece? what colours will there be? thanks! :)

  3. Hi Lu, the red blazer is an upcoming piece? what colours will there be? thanks! :)

  4. Hi, for the crochet fresco top, does size s fit u nicely without any allowance? I'm duno whether to take size s or m... my ptp is usually 15.5 or 16 at most... can advise? Thanks; )

    1. I think it's safer to get it in size M, cos the fabric is non-stretch :)

  5. Hi Lucinda,

    I would like to know where did you get the blue/purple jeans and the beige heels?
    Thanks in advance! :)

  6. Hi Lu! Does the lace dress have allowance on you? Or it fits you nicely?

  7. If my ptp is about 16 to 16.5, what size will you recommend me to take for the pelpum top?

  8. will there be any more blazers coming up? :)

  9. what kind of white is the blazer?

  10. Hi! Where did you get your clutch in the last pic from?

  11. Hello Lu! Where did u get ur blue chunky necklace from? The one paired with Maison Peplum Top! Super gorgeous!!

  12. Hi Lu, consider having courier service (eg.TA-Q-BIN) as one of the delivery mode?

    1. Yes we would, still trying to settle on a reliable one. Will check out TA-Q-BIN thanks!

  13. may i know what blusher are u using? :)

    1. I dont have a fixed/good one to recommend at the moment :)

  14. Hi babe, where do you usually buy your heels from? Thanks!

  15. Will Ohvola consider manufacturing clothes in size XS?

    1. We do have plans to, cos im between XS and S. Let us know if you girls prefer more choices in our sizes!

  16. Hi Lu, when is the next launch? :)

  17. hi lucinda, may i know where your black sling bag is from? thank you!
    picture with black sling:


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