Today is a gift

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why its called the present."

Bangkok with the folks 
With dearest Mom

Max's family

My comfy flight outfit featuring Eyelet Knit Cardigan in Maize

Checked into our huge suite; the living area that came with an attached kitchen
So huge, there was enough space for two extra beds  

Our first stop for every trip to bkk

So good i can eat this everyday

(Upcoming) Le Fleur Romper in Navy Blue
A Topshop inspired piece with almost identical floral prints,
imagine our delight when we managed to source this gorgeous printed material at the fabric centre

How i look forward to breakfast everyday

Even the desserts were yum

(Upcoming) Twiggy Peplum Tunic in Cobalt Blue, Thine Belt in Blue
Another of my fav piece from the collection, the fit is excellent (makes my waist seem smaller)
which attracted quite abit of stares from the passerbys. In a good way i hope!

Outfit for the last day

(Upcoming) Parisian Lace Frock in Kelly Green
My prettiest lace dress to date, in a lovely shade of green that complements the fair skinned

Closeup of the lace pattern

Finally found another Kaya Youtiao stall in Chinatown

So awesome, even though the one at Makkasan still beats this hands down

My mom's a fan of Ohvola too ;) 

Flower power, fav buys from the trip


Peony Jade Restaurant at Keppel Club

Our sleepy faces, too early in the morning

Fellow Stnicks girl, Jerrine

One of the best dimsum places around, the salted egg sweet potato (bottom right) was da bomb

(Upcoming) Le Fleur Romper in Apricot
Definitely my fav item from the collection, keeping it in both colours

Brunch at Nassim Hill Bakery

(Upcoming) Issey Textured Peplum Skirt in White
Stocks finally arrived after months of waiting, i foresee myself wearing this very often
Fully lined for white so no worries about it being sheer 

Happy people

Known for the best eggs benny in town

but the waffles were more impressive

The complimentary bread basket was the highlight for my brunch, everything in it was delish

(Upcoming) Hyuna Lace Top in Pastel Blue, Issey Textured Peplum Skirt in Black

Launching the pieces featured here at 2pm, catch you girls at the launch
Til the next entry, have a perfect week ahead xx


  1. Hi Lu the yellow top u matched with white peplum skirt is it an upcoming ohvola piece? Nice top...

    1. Yes it is, we should be launching it in the next collection :)

  2. Hi babe, mind sharing the Wanton mee address in bkk?
    Thanks! :)


  3. Lu u seem to travel to BKK a lot. Can you recommend places to eat at BKK? I always travel to BKK and ended up eating fast food... :(

    1. Nothing wrong about yummy fastfood, i love A&w! You can also try T&K Seafood at Chinatown, Som Tum at Siam Square Soi 5 and Wanton Mee at Petchburi Soi 19, they are a few of my favorites :)

  4. hi lu, I would like to ask for for your opinion, for the parisian lace frock I'm Kelly green would it suit dark skin tone ppl?

    1. I personally feel the blue will suit darker skin tone better :)

  5. hi lucinda! may i know where you had the you tiao snack? i tried looking for it in bangkok but i got horribly lost! thanks! :)

    1. I found it in Chinatown, near T&K seafood :)

  6. hi lu, may i know where your black bag (the one in the pic which you wore le fleur romper in blue) is from? TIA!

  7. Hi Lu, wat's ur UK size for tops and bottoms? Thanks =)

  8. where you get the black bag from? (:

  9. where did u get the beige bag where u wear Le Fleur Romper in Apricot

  10. Where's your black satchel bag from? :) It's really nice!


    Is the yellow top in the next collection?

    1. Yep! Maison Peplum Top in a gorgeous textured material :)

  12. Hi babe!!:) any toga tops coming up??

    1. Not at the moment, but we might have some for CNY ;)

  13. Hi babe! Where are your gold flats from???

  14. Which hotel did you stay at BKK :)

  15. Hi lucinda! :)

    Can I ask how will you glam up the Parisian Lace Frock in Kelly Green?

    I bought the it to wear for my sister's wedding dinner but I'm afraid that it might not be formal/glam enough. :/

    Hope this is not too weird a question and hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you in advance! :D

  16. Hello! Can I ask which svc apt did u stay in BKK?


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