OCBC Money In$ights

Do you always find it hard to keep track of your everyday expenses or dislike the time-consuming and painstaking tasks of 
having to enter your spending manually into the common standalone personal financial management apps/spreadsheets?

The Solution: OCBC Money In$ights
Read on to find out more about this amazing online banking tool, first to be launched in Singapore by OCBC!

 Jolene and I were really honored to be invited to this Influencer event, together with the other bloggers.

 So, how does OCBC Money Insights exactly work?

Keep track of your spending automatically
Money In$ights makes your life easier by automatically categorising your expenses into several common categories. 
It tracks the spending, total balances and money inflows into your OCBC deposit and card accounts for the
past 12 months, enabling you to easily monitor your finances.

Set budgets and get alerts through SMS
You can also set individual budgets for each category to help you stay on track with your finances. 
Once you set a budget, OCBC can send you SMS or email alerts when you're about to bust it.

Set automatic contributions to different Saving Goals within one account
Create different saving goals without having to pay fees or go through the hassle of opening many accounts.
Personalise these 'sub-accounts' with different names, targets, monthly contribution amounts and duration so
you stay on target for your future goals.

Manage cash flow with payment reminders
A calendar display gives you bird's eye view of upcoming payments and your money flows within your account. 
Easily schedule payment reminders or future bill payments and fund transfers with this feature!

The best part is that you get to enjoy all these cool features at absolutely no charge!
All you need to do is be an OCBC Internet or Mobile Banking customer. Money In$ights is currently
available on OCBC Internet Banking/iphone/ipad apps, so convenient you can access it almost anywhere!

I've been to a couple of launches for new banking tools and OCBC Money Insights appeals to me the most so far. 
Go try it for yourself today ;)
Thank you Kai Xin and OCBC for having us!


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