That warm, fuzzy feeling.

Back from a beautiful wedding, and somehow it has got me thinking a little bit about marriage.
Not in a bad way of course. I can't describe how much I love attending weddings,
be moved (and get all teary-eyed) by the couples' speech. I always leave with such a warm 
and fuzzy feeling inside, it makes me happy for the rest of the week.

 Earlier at the church, congrats to the cousin Alan and Melissa!

 Outfit: Kath Embellished Playsuit in White 

 This photo doesn't do the embellishments at the neckline much justice, 
cos' they are even more gorgeous in real life i promise.

 The cousin ilisia who was in #Ohvola as well. I always feel like a proud parent, whenever the
family/friends/random strangers are decked in our designs.

 Lovelylovely girl who has the patience of the world to take my outfit shots and do my hair ;)

 Changed into Seymore Overlay Dress in Black for the banquet

 A lil' different from the usual, with its contrasting lining to allow the crochet to stand out better.

White on white for a safer choice, as seen on Jolene.

A pity, I don't have a better shot of Melissa. 
She was beyond gorgeous on her big day, and i'm in lovee with her gowns.

 The elder sis, Francisca

 & the boyfriend! Glad you made it down in time.

Dinner with the big boys
Last minute decision to head down to Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant, Paragon.
I've heard countless positive reviews about their peking duck, and was dying to try it.
I was so EXCITED the entire day.

 What i wore; Fleurette Top in Crimson
Mx has a thing for prints, especially floral prints so
he couldn't stop complimenting my outfit the whole day, hehe.

 We had some spare time before dinner so the boys being boys, suggested this place which they
were quite certain i would fancy. It's pretty cool, no doubt but I'm not interested in darts at all.

 Finally at the restaurant, with some of my favorites (food, and people alike hehe)

 This was the Highlight.

The prized Super Peking Duck, omg i'm dreaming about this now as i type. 

Mx insisted I wear my shades like this for a shot, before he helps me with the proper ones. #bully

 Anyhow, here's the proper one: Carbry Knit Top in White 

 Julien Embroidered Top in Creme
Subtle embroidery is always the prettiest, isn't it? This is another wardrobe staple that's so versatile.

 Garcia Midi, perfect for the taller girls.

 Today in the other colour, Fleurette Top in Sunshine to top-up our Kissjane racks at Vivo 
with new arrivals! 

Thankful for the world's best mom, who helps me with my outfit shots, 
when everyone else is at work/overseas. Love you!

Alright, catch you ladies at our launch at 830pm tomorrow!
Have an amazing week ahead xx


  1. Hello Lucinda, I would like check with you if you could let me know where is the place where you went for the darts. Hope you could help me with this. Thank you. :)

    1. Haha I didn't see this coming! It's called Forest 2, located at Shelton House :)

  2. Hi Lucinda! Is the knit top sheer?

    1. It's fine to wear Carbry knit on it's own :)

  3. Hi,
    May i know where you get the denim shorts from?
    The one you paired with Fleurette Top in Sunshine.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. hi babe, can check if your permed your hair or you curl them using the curling tong?


  5. Hi, may i know where you get your outerwear(the one you pair with Fleurette Top) from? thanks.

  6. Hi r u willingly to sell ur blue rose dress frm ohvola?


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