Clarins Body S.O.S

I have always fancied bandage dresses, but one thing about figure-hugging pieces is that they are unable 
to conceal areas which I am not too confident about as compared to wearing sleeved tops or dresses.
Most people don't notice it, but I have recently gained quite a bit of weight.
It's especially evident in the tummy / underarm areas (refer to image below) and this definitely bothers me.

I'm not sure if this is due to my decreased metabolism rate as I get older.
 There could be many contributing factors like having a unbalanced diet, or the lack of regular exercise.
I wanted to know of an effective way to achieve a more refined silhouette,
so it couldn't have been timelier when I was invited to the Clarins Body S.O.S. event.

 Here's an introduction, for those who don't already know about the world-renowned brand.
As the leading European brand of premium slimming body care, Clarins has the answer to every woman's
body concerns. Being the No. 1 slimming expert, we'll also be looking at 3 key benefits namely to
Slim, Firm and Hydrate. I've always loved the iconic red color in most of their products.
Beautiful packaging is always a plus point, isn't it?

It was sucha beautiful morning, meeting the team behind Clarins and attending this event with 
some of my fellow GC bloggers. Meet the gorgeous Janice, Jolene and Tricia.

The first question that was asked during the presentation was, "Who exfoliates on a weekly basis?"
and I realized most people actually do, except a few others and myself. Exfoliating your body helps boost
cellular renewal and the skin's ability to absorb the body contouring product applied afterwards. I'm not sure
about you, but I definitely felt bummed that it took me so long to find out about the first essential body beauty
step, and understand the importance of exfoliating on a regular basis in order to achieve smoother skin. 
I guess it's never too late to start using the Exfoliating Body Scrub. I sure have lots of catching up to do.

I'm not sure if you can see it from the photo below, but my skin really felt smoother and brighter 
right after I tried the Exfoliating Body Scrub on my right hand.

I was so excited about the rest of other products. This was the Body Shaping Cream which reduces
stubborn curves due to weight gain on waist, arms, hips and thighs. This is THE product that
 seems to be made just for me. I couldn't wait to see the effects on the specific targeted parts.

The Extra-Firming Body Cream (below) on the other hand, aids in lifting and toning which
are equally essential. 

Now, here's the star product - Body Lift Cellulite Control, which targets excess fat and early cellulite
on any parts of our body. It not only visibly reduces the look of cellulite but also delivers immediate beauty
benefits so that your skin looks simply superb.

Instant "lift" effect
The highly refreshing cream-gel helps shape the thighs and promote a wonderful and invigorating 
feeling of lightness.

Reinforced skin-firming action
Aquatic mint enhances the production of collagen fibres and baccharis extract helps keep them 
from becoming damaged.

Enhanced comfort
Sunflower phospholipids and hazelnut oil nourish the skin, leaving it satin-soft.

Lastly, the Moisture-Rich Body Lotion which I feel is a necessity since most of us spend long hours
in our air-conditioned offices or lecture halls. Our skin can get really dry, due to the lack of moisture.

It was definitely one of the best events I have attended, and I really enjoyed myself.
Great job to the Clarins team for putting together such a wonderful workshop. In fact, it didn't even feel like
one. I felt so comfortable sharing about my body concerns and hearing what the other ladies have to say.

And this is the essence of Clarins.
 Clarins Body S.O.S. believes in understanding your body concerns and recommending 
you the most suitable products to address them, in particular, areas of slimming, firming and hydration.

My biggest takeaway? 
Besides just slimming, shaping and defining your body, Clarins also helps to maintain it. 
This means Clarins Body S.O.S. targets all women, even those who are 
satisfied with the way their bodies look now because the key is to be able to sustain it.

I have to admit that I'm truly a convert now after trying the products. How about you?

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