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 A peek at what's coming up in my next post.
I can't wait to share more about Clarins and the amazing products they have to offer.

 This dress isn't from Ohvola, but we do have something similar coming up.
Wish us luck at our next work/fabric shopping trip ;)

Jolene in Selfridge Career Dress coming up tomorrow.
Preview's up here!

 Constance Skorts in Black, with purple pinstripes.
One of the pieces from tomorrow's collection which I foresee myself repeating in my outfits,
the fit's really flattering. Even my blog manager, Audrey couldn't resist getting one for herself ;)

 & this has got to be my favorite.
I have never kept any backless dresses, but I love everything about this - the embellishments, cut, fabric.
Definitely keeping both colors.

Drove all the way down to ButtercakeNCream at Clementi just for this.
Totally worth it, i would say. Not a fan of cakes in general, but this was goood.

And here's what I wore.
Theodore Vest in White, another staple that comes in black as well.
Wear-overs like this are perfect for layering, or to glam up any boring outfit.

With that, happy Sunday everyone! X 


  1. Hi Lu! What size would a uk 8 to 10 for bottoms get for the Constance Skorts? Thanks!

  2. Hi there! I'm a uk6 and size S fits me well with no allowance. A more comfortable fit for you would be size L :)

  3. Hi Lu can check with you where did u book the floating market tour which comes with the elephant and tiger zoo when u was in BKK?

    1. I booked it via the tour agency which was located at my hotel, Eastin makassan but it should be available at most hotels :)


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