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For all my teenage years, I've been known for my 'pong' or big hair so thinning hair etc issues were never 
too big a concern for me until recently, which I found out could be caused by the frequent hair coloring or
tying my hair too tightly in a ponytail.

If you noticed in my recent photos, my parting line is getting more wide than before and it definitely bothers
me, so I'm really glad to be introduced the Trichology session at DRx Medispa which is located at 
the 14th floor of Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre).

At the start of the treatment, I was put through an intensive scalp analysis by the very knowledgeable Peggy
who is a certified Trichologist at DRx Medispa. I was so amazed when Peggy could tell I wasn't drinking
enough water lately or having enough meat in my diet, just by the hair scan results.

It was the first time I could see close up images of my scalp, especially at the back of my head. 
Results: thinning hair at the sides + parting line and clogged hair pores, definitely not the best feeling after.
For once, I couldn't wait for the treatment to start.

My impression prior to the session was more of a clinical experience, but I was so wrong. 
I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I was brought to this salon-styled room, complete with fashion magazines for my reading pleasure.

First step, I was recommended the DRx Purifying Treatment
which deeply cleanses the scalp and clears up all the clogged up hair follicles. Clogged pores prevent new
hair from growing properly, sometimes hindering hair growth completely so it's very important to clean it up
to encourage better hair growth. Shampooing your hair everyday is just not sufficient.

One of the steps which I really liked, a steam-like treatment to loosen the clogged pores.

Next Step, the DRx Hair Loss Prevention which includes rubbing a needle roller on my scalp to allow better absorption of the beneficial serums. Jolene started this step earlier, and I got pretty freaked out by her reaction to it but trust me, it was nothing. No doubt, some parts hurt more than others especially where my hair is thinning more significantly, but it was definitely bearable.  

Final step, DRx Laser Hair & Scalp Therapy to stimulate your scalp and help with hair growth. 
This sounds like it might hurt, but there was no feeling/heat/discomfort on my scalp at all.

 Did another scan right after and I was so happy with the results from just one treatment!
See my dry and oily scalp from before (left photo)? It looks so much clearer with less clogged pores(right).

Keeping the scalp healthy is an everyday affair, so these 3 Nanogen Products from DRx Medispa 
came in really handy. I've just tried the Follicle DEFENCE Active Treatment Mask (left) and Hair
PREPARE Deep Cleansing Shampoo (middle) today, and I really like the minty sensation it leaves. 
It makes me feel like my scalp is very thoroughly cleansed. Finally, the Serum VEGF (right) which 
reduces hair loss and promotes existing hair growth, am excited to use it tonight!

Post-treatment, the therapist at DRx Medispa even tonged my hair with their 
Korean Repit Heating Brush Iron which doesn't damage the hair, so I could continue my shopping in town.

You'll be happy to know, The DRx Medispa is offering a promotion!
The DRx Purifying Treatment is $188, but only at $38 for my readers.
All you have to do is to Quote "Lucinda" when you book an appointment with them.

It's always good to rectify your hair issues early.
Book an appointment with them today:

The DRx Medispa (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, #14-02
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6223 1555
Mon to Sat : 10am to 8pm | Sun : 10am to 6pm
Closed on PH


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