Life is beauty, protect it.

As I get older, my priorities change. I find more interest in knowledge that has never caught my attention in the past because I've learnt about their importance. I am not paid to do this, just wanted to share a site which I found pretty useful and most importantly, unbiased in its views.

ClearlySurely is a site dedicated to Life Insurance education and knowledge for Singapore. It seems like a pretty novel idea, and is designed to allow users to learn, compare and discuss about Life Insurance. The objective of the site seems to make the subject of insurance easy for the average person to understand. I found the site easy to use, and navigation was pretty straight forward. Pleasantly surprised to find that it was totally free to use.

The Learn section was very light reading and didn’t contain any jargon. The information was presented step by step and contained helpful illustrations. And I know now what the difference between terminal illness and critical illness is.

When it came to the Compare section, it was easy to use and the results were easy to interpret. I didn’t have any difficulty viewing it through my phone. They even ranked the results according to stars, something which I never seen before for insurance plans.

The Discuss Section of the site turned out to be a forum. Anyone can register and post their questions, they have their in house experts to answer. It was amusing to see a section dedicated to complaints as well. Do check it out if you have any particular query.

While they do not cover travel or general insurance, is worthy of a visit to educate oneself and compare life insurance. Do give them some time at and find yourself pleasantly surprised. Show them some support by liking their facebook page too at

Life is beauty, protect it.


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