Out of town; i'm loving November

Back from a short road trip and i'm feelin' recharged for the work week. We've prepared a new collection on Ohvola.com this Friday, i'm all hyped about the launch already! The first week of November has proven to be more than awesome, more exciting events to come //

OCBC Online and Mobile Banking Event

Held at Group Therapy @ Duxton Road

On Jolene: Tiered Scalloping Work Dress in Taupe

It was nice meeting the other bankers and bloggers, more details to be blogged by Jolene soon!

Asymmetrical Swing Skirt in Emerald Green, i really like how this is so versatile to suit the different occasions

Arbite on a weekday Brunch
I love how its located in a heartland area so near home

(Upcoming) Charms Pleating Frock in Daffodil, perfect for happy brunch/picnic days


Arbite Breakfast, my personal favourite

Smoked Salmon Smorgasbord, im definitely going back again!

BKT Date
Recommended by Desiree, we finally got to try it

(Upcoming) Colourblocking Shift Dress in Creme, one of the best combinations to date *beams with pride*

(Upcoming) Liz Exquisite Lace Blouse in White,  the front and back lace detail is uber prettyyy

If you're a fan of exposed zipper like us, you'll definitely love this  

Road Trip to Malacca
My first, so fascinated by the architecture 

Our Peranakan inspired hotel

Breakfast area, how lovely to wake up to this every morning

(Upcoming) Duo Toned Cardigan in Black, fab material used that is appropriate for our weather 

Amazing flea finds

Perfect timing to find a massage Parlour among the shophouses

My new cap for RM8, i had to buy them in all colours

(Upcoming) Crochet Bib Top in Mustard, lovely crochet details which i can't resist

Our gorgeous suites

(Upcoming) Charms Pleating Frock in Teal, belt it up for a more defined waistline

Cool finds along the streets

Then off to A Famosa

More OTDs to share:
(Upcoming) Crochet Bib Top in Orange, the crochet detail is really lovely i had to get this in 2colours

(Upcoming) Twirl N Swirl Skirt in Blue, i really love this outfit gonna repeat this sometime soon
Waterfall Confessions Top in Navy Blue (i lovee the colour its definitely not your typical blue, available in last few pieces on Ohvola.com)


  1. hi lucinda! will you girls be bringing in the high waist shorts (the black hw which u wore in the pic!) which u girls have been matching it for the few collection? it looks really fabulous on u !

  2. Hi Lucinda! ;) looking gorgeous in all the outfits and both mx and you definitely look as sweet as ever!!!

    Can't wait for the launch on Friday!! :D

  3. May I know what camera are you using?

  4. Lu, I love your blog entry. Please share what do you keep for upcoming collections. And where do you get your fab sunglasses?

  5. Hello!

    May i know are the colours for ur upcoming collection true to pics?

  6. HELLO!!! Can I know where did you get the top you paired with the Twirl and Swirl Skirt Blue? :)

  7. love the white top with your blue skirt!! where did you get it from?

  8. Hi your flats very nice can I know where you bought em? (:

  9. Hello! I love the beige color shoes that you paired it with the waterfall confessions top and the other dresses! May i know where did you get the shoes from? ^^

  10. Marilyn - Thankyou, we'll try our best to bring them in but we've similar shorts coming up :)

    Lijuan - Thanks so much for your kind words dear, we're as excited for Fri's launch at 2pm too!

    Anon - i use Canon S95 for most photos :)

    Anon - noted, will try to do that for the next blog entry :) Sunglasses are jolene's!

    Anon - the colours are already the closest to real life which we can capture. Alternatively, you can refer to our outdoor outfits for a better gauge :)

    Anon - the white lace top was previously sold on Ohvola but all sold, we'll see if we can manufacture them again ;)

    Anon - The creme/beige flats are from Pazzion :)

  11. Hello Lucinda(: may i know where you got your bag from the last sec picture?

  12. I was about to ask regarding the white lace top too. Hope u can manufacture in both white n black. They're lovely!

  13. Lu ur hair is beautiful, wld u share ur stylist pretty pls :)

  14. Still loving the blogpost! :D You make Malacca seem like so much fun! Maybe its different when you travel alone with someone you love > your family haha :) Now I feel like going too! - G.

  15. Hi Lu, can I ask where do u stay at Malacca? The name of the hotel please. (;

  16. Hi, is the beige colour shoes from pazzion looks shiny? Cause i went to the shop to see and it dont look like beige, it looks like shiny silver.

  17. Anon - Got the brown bag from Hongkong!

    Ruky - noted, hopefully my manufacturer will be able to find us similar lace :)

    Anon - Thanks! i don't have a fixed hairstylist but my last session was with Kimage, rivervale mall :)

    G. - Thankyou dear, you're so kind :) yes you should really visit Malacca one day, it was so much fun!

    Anon - Hotel Puri :)

    Anon - yep the shoes have shiny detail on them, but they come in several base colours. Mine's creme/beige :)

  18. hello lucinda! im here asking about the backdrop u did for jolene's 21st. may i know whr did u do it and how much is it? thx!!

  19. Hi Lucinda, may i know where u get ur black watch? is really prettyyy!!

  20. Hi Lucinda, i meant the watch that match your Twirl N Swirl Skirt in Blue.

  21. Anon - The backdrop for Jolene's 21st was printed at BrasBasah, ard $90 for one if i remember correctly!

    Anon - Thankyou! haha but which black watch? Under my OTDs, the first to last are from FrenchConnection, BCBG, MBMJ respectively :)

  22. Hi lucinda, thanks for the reply.. The broader rectangle with something that look like a ribbon.. Roughly hw much? Really love it..btw what u meant by BCBG and MBMJ?

  23. hi where do u get ur black hat?

  24. Hi, I love ur pink short.. Ohvola item? Launching?

  25. Anon - The ribbon watch is frm BCBG Max Azria, got it a year back i cant remember the price sorry! MBMJ is Marc by Marc Jacobs :)

    Anon - Black hat from Malacca!

    Anon - Im not sure if you're referring to the red shorts, its an upcoming piece from Ohvola :)

  26. Hi Lucinda, when is the next launch? In love with the carla dresses!! In what colors?

  27. Hi can i know what's the model of your chanel necklace? and how much? thank you! (:

  28. hi lu! would love to see you blog in the outfits coming up tmr on ohvola pretty please! :)

  29. Anon - Our next launch is on the 20th Nov Sunday 1130am! Carla Dress will be in blue, royal purple, white(our bestseller!) :)

    Anon - The chanel necklace belongs to Jolene, im not sure of the model sorry! i think it was ard $400 if im not wrong.

    Anon - will def try to do up a blogpost tonight if i can! :)

  30. Lu.. Please blog blog n blog.. I want to see which items u kept for this coming collections!! Btw which color of Carla dress u kept?

  31. Anon - The new blogpost is up as promised! Carla dress will only be available in the next collection :)


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