You put your arms around me and I'm home

November has been so much fun with lotsa awesome food and love all around ♥ 
Too many overdue photos; I'm gonna hurry blog before our new launch at 2pm! 

Denis and June's wedding lunch at Pan Pacific

(Upcoming) Gala Draping Dress in Orange

This is the perfect dress for weddings and the year-end parties/dnds, too amazing beyond words heh ;)

Weddings always make me feel all warm and fuzzy for the rest of the day 

Much needed getaway to Bkk!

Nikki Jacket in Mustard still available on

My 500baht nails for christmas

My fav place to visit!

Heiress Empire Skirt in Russet still available in last few pieces on 

Fran's Birthday at The Line

Feeling x'mas-y in my new green dress!  

Lovely cake Jolene got for Fran!

The Zhou sisters; we don't resemble one another do we?

(Upcoming) Pleat N Ruche V.2 in Pine Green, if you liked the previous version you'll love this even more we assure you :)
Definitely gonna keep this dress in Green and Cerise!

Dennis's 21st, MBS
20cups of SOD goodnesss, our new addict!

(Upcoming)  The Everyday Blazer in Blush Pink, my first pink blazer because i can't resist the amazingly tailored cut

Unlike boyfriend blazers, this has a slim cut and defines the waist. Keeping all 3 colours, definitely a wardrobe staple!

(Upcoming) Blithe Babydoll Top in White, goes really well with coloured blazers/outerwears

One of the few feminine girly tops we've launched so far, i totally dig this with its bustier effect to boot! Keeping the White and Cerise ;)

(Upcoming) Carla Crochet Dress in Purple, sucha refreshing colour on our pretty friend :)

Our sold-out Carla Top now in dress version! We love this so much we're keeping this in all colours. There won't be any backorder for this, so dont hesitate if you like it ;)

(Upcoming) Renee Resort Blouse in Mauve

A versatile number because we kept it simple with minimal detail so you can pair this with dressy bottoms and not look over the top :)

Before we headed to the Casino!

Hw's Birthday at Adrian's

Homecooked meals are 

(Upcoming) Wayne Pocket Top in Burgundy

I always wanted a military-inspired top like this to go with my pencil skirts/pants for business meetings/events! Im keeping this in White, Blue, Green and Burgundy (that's all the colours actually!)

And the very happy birthday princess

Double Froth Cocoa from SOD, you have got to try this!


  1. which hotel did you stay in BKK?

  2. hello pretty . what camera do you use for your pictures?

  3. Hi lu! May i know where did you bought the black belt that you paired with the pleats in ruches green dress? Thanks! ^^

  4. Sheryl - Canon S95 for most of the photos here!

    Christina - Got the black belt from Bkk :)

  5. Love your post. Any yummy eating places in Bkk to share? Great shopping places to recommend?

  6. What your favourite drink from sod?

  7. Wat is your hair colour now? And may I know how do you manage you hair? Do you blow dry or?

  8. its safe to travel to BKK now? (:

  9. Hi, I think ohvola should create a formspring account so if there's any request/ question people can asked there! (: (just a suggestion)

  10. what is the watch that you wore to bkk?

  11. Hi Lucinda! Can i know where ur bf got his shirt from? The one worn to shangri-la! Looks gooood!:):)

  12. Hi there! Can i ask where in bkk did u do ur nails?? TIA!

  13. Anon - Thanks! If you're a huge fan of Jap food, you can try Chabuton Ramen/Shabushi/Gochiso Street in Central world. I don't really shop in Bkk but i love to visit Siam Square :)

    Anon - Double Froth Cocoa from SOD!

    Anon - My hair colour is Chiffon Beige. i dont really take care of my hair so i try to visit the salon on a more regular basis now :)

    Anon - I just came back from BKK last week, the floods subsided and everything seemed pretty normal :)

    Anon - Thanks for the suggestion, we're trying to assign one of us to manage the formspring acc :)

    Anon - The black watch is from French Connection!

    Whimsicaltouch - Thanks, Max got it from overseas :)

    Anon - Platinum mall!

  14. Where is your hair salon?

  15. Chiffon Beige from Liese? Ohhhhhh....... is your haie layered?

  16. whr u go for hair cut?any stylist?

  17. hi, am planning to have a getaway in bkk! but was worrying abt the situation there, but it seems that you just went!! haha! may i know how was it over there? is chatuchak still open as usual? thanks!!!

  18. Hey babe love to see you in ohvola apparel! You carry them off v well :) You should try modelling them too! Anw loving your designs keep it up :D

  19. Hi Lucinda,

    Am a loyal customer of Ohvola, and I simply love ur hair!!! how did you make the loose curls of ur hair end? it's lovely!!!

  20. hello! are you launching shorts soon?

  21. Anon - My last hair session was with Kimage, Rivervale Mall :)

    Anon - Yep my hair is layered!

    Elaine - Gino Goh from Kimage, Rvm :)

    Anon - It was fine when i was there last month, everything seemed pretty normal :) Not sure about Chatuchak though!

    Anon - Thankyou for your kind words :) but i dont think i have what it takes to model our pieces.

    Anon - Thanks! I use Neo Ceramic Pro flat iron :)

    Anon - The shorts should arrive end of the month :)


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