All That Glitters;

Back from such an eventful week, and i already can't wait for the upcoming week of major feasting, gift exchange and celebrations! Our last installation for Christmas is gonna be up at 830pm, do note that any backorder for this collection onwards will only arrive in Mid March due to the closure of factories during CNY period. If you fancy something, remember not to hesitate for too long ;) With that, Merry Merry Christmas y'all! 

Last minute Christmas shopping in town
Amazing X'mas lightings

The peeps behind Ohvola and Access-ed

Wanted to try Santouka initially but it wasn't opened

Stumbled upon Nantsuttei, Jolene's fav 

(Upcoming) Noire Sleek Jacket in Champagne

One of our best blazers to date! Comes with the brown belt as well so it's definitely worth your every penny

We were so hungry, i forgot to snap a photo of the to-die-for Hachi Ramen

Finally made a trip to H&M to utilise my $100 gift card heh

Namfon and Chee Huei's Wedding

Attending the 3rd wedding this year, life's been treating me well

(Upcoming) Chantel Bodycon Dress in Navy Blue

I was so torn between the 2 colours, settled for the Blue that never goes wrong. The Cerise makes a perfect dress for CNY too!

The night ended early so we decided to try our luck at Wild Oats on a Friday night

Chillin' at Wild Oats
Punggol park never looked so pretty at night

Chang Korean Barbeque, Iluma
Thank God for no crowd during weekend dinners 

Let's tuck in!

(Upcoming) Duo Sweetheart Top in Wine Red

I can't decide which to keep for myself, i reallyreally love all of these colour combinations we had sucha hard time coming up with!

(Upcoming) Kerin Knit in Grey, perfect for movie dates and chilly nights

Jshawn's 21st

Pretty birthday babe in an Ohvola dress :)

(Upcoming) Classic Pleated Toga Top in Cobalt Blue

This popular piece has made a comeback in even more yummy colours because everyone loved the fit when we launched it awhile back

Uncle Leong at @Punggol

One of the best

Outfit of the Day: Piped Work Blouse in Pine Green still available here

Other OTDs to share;
(Upcoming) Colourblocking X'mas Frock in Champagne

(Upcoming) Wore this to the airport to pick Francisca and received many compliments for it :)

As the name suggests, it's the perfect piece for your X'mas parties. The luxurious material with slight sheen is loveee!

(Upcoming) V Tailored Shirt in Navy Blue

The neatly pleated detail at front adds a twist to the usual plain shirt. Alright catch you girls at the launch! :)


  1. Hi where did you get the flats in the photo captioned '(Upcoming) V Tailored Shirt in Navy Blue'?

  2. Hi, which did you get the belt pair with Colourblocking X'mas Frock?

  3. How much is the balenciaga clutch?

  4. Lucinda you are so so so pretty!! :)

  5. Anon - Hi there, the flats are from Pazzion :)

    Anon - Got the belt from Bkk!

    Anon - Balenciaga clutch was priced at $1400 :)

    Christina - Hi babe! Thanks for your kind words but i'm not :)

  6. hello, can i please check where did you get your black wedges in the pic where you were wearing Duo Sweetheart Top in Wine Red?

  7. I posted a comment yesterday and it wasn't published:( Anw just wanna say the launch last night went well! Managed to check out smoothly within 4mins? :-) Good job to your team! Heh

  8. Hi where do you normally get your hair done? :)

  9. Anon - Hi there, we got the black wedges from an online spree!

  10. C - Hi dear, thanks for being so sweet! Its great to know our customers are happy. Our effort (and money) finally paid off :)

  11. Anon - Hi, i dont have a fixed hairstylist but my last session was at Kimage, Rvm :)

  12. Hi, how much is your chanel necklace?

  13. Hi there! Can i ask where u got ur flats from? They are very pretty! :)

  14. Was just wondering how come you have to choose which colour you want for the tops, bottoms or dresses? Don't you get to keep them in all colors or smth?

  15. Does the bangle at your latest arrival have Bo? I missed it and I wanted to get one. :(

  16. You're welcome! You and your team deserve it:) Really jealous of your achievements!

  17. Anon - Hi, which Chanel necklace are you referring to?

  18. Anon - haha we could, but we don't have the habit of keeping every piece from our collections :)

  19. Anon - Hi there, no BO for the bangle :( We'll try to source for more accessories alright!

  20. C - Thankyou for being so supportive dear! It really warms our hearts to know we've such sweet customers like you :)

  21. Hey, the one you wore when you went to Nantsuttei.

  22. hi babe, may i know where can i find the "knot" chunky necklace that model xy wore for the blue toga top? thanks!

  23. Hi! :)
    Can I ask which specific website you got your wedges from? :) The one you wore with Duo Sweetheart Top in Wine Red.

  24. Hi lucinda, can i ask where you got your curler tong from? what brand and how much isit? i know you have answered countless time. so sorry to ask you again.
    your hair is perm or straight?

  25. hi lu, what camera you use in the Last minute Christmas shopping in town.

  26. Anon - The necklace belongs to Jol, i'm not too sure about the price sorry!

    J - Got the knot necklace from Diva, Bugis :)

    S - Hi babe, i got the wedges quite sometime back cant remember the name sorry!

    Anon - Neo flat iron, got it from Plaza Singapura Basement. I think it was $100+. My hair is straight :)

    Anon - Most photos are taken using Canon S95!


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