Back from the X'mas week and we're at our final collection for the year! 
Launching at 830pm tonight so i gotta rush through this post. Happy new year in advance to all the loveliest readers :)

Another Bkk Getaway;

Sleepy morning faces

What i would never miss

(Upcoming) Louisa Contrast Knit Cardigan in Russet

The fit for this cardi is excellent, im definitely keeping it in all colours for myself 

Lovely Christmas decor everywhere

(Upcoming) Smith Skorts in Black

The first of our highwaisted shorts series is finally here! Comes in sizes with no back elastic band as requested by you girls :) definitely looks more expensive this way

Chabuton never disappoints

Yum in my tumtums

(Upcoming) Le Ann Lace Qipao in Black

This has got to be my favourite from the collection! Perfect for CNY ;)

The next day saw us exploring Central World and look what we found

everything's so pretty!

Settled for Aka Yukiyaki

(Upcoming) Fit N Flare Dress in Black

This highly raved piece attracted quite alot of stares from passerbys, in a good way of course ;)

Sneak: One of the many necklaces we decided to bring in this time. More sneaks soon!

Tomyum goodness

My proud buys from the trip! everything below 150baht each

(Upcoming) Paulyn's Polka Frock in Pale Pink

Our first polkadot item is finally here, im so in loveee with the prints

Ending the trip with a post-xmas gift for myself ;)

Christmas Eve
Rushed to JR's after christmas service

Thankyou JR and his family for being such great hosts as usual :)


Gifts from lovely Brenda!

SantaDay at Adrian's;
Meet the little terror, baby Moon

(Upcoming) Rosette Pleat Frock in Tea Rose

Our popular item is back in more gorgeous hues for the new year!

Have a fab new year yáll :)


  1. Hi Lucinda, could I just check with you where did you get the Bag which you matched with the Fit and Flare dress in Black? Thank You, and I'm so gonna get the romper later! I <3 Ohvola!

  2. Hi Lu, Just completed shopping at Ohvola. The server is soo fast now. Finished in 5 mins :) Btw what did you brought at Chanel?

  3. Where is the weaved flats from?

  4. Hi babe, possible to include what you have kept for the collection next time onwards? You look lovely in Rosette Pleat Frock :) which color did u kept?

  5. Every collection there will definitely be something that catches my eye:) This collection isn't an exception too! Have been purchasing from every collection recently! This first series of HW shorts is too long for petite me:( Looking forward to the upcoming ones<3

  6. Woo..Y you always went BKK? So what did you get in Chanel?

  7. Hi lucinda may i know where do you purchase the black belt that you match with the ingrid romper from?

  8. Hi babe, where do you get the brown belt that pair with Rosette Pleat Frock? YOu girls should give some free gifts for loyal customer like us who spent so much every collection :P

  9. Hey Lucinda, saw from Jolene's blog that you brought a Ferrogamo flat. Isit comfortable? which color u get and how much?

  10. Hi, do you guys intend to bring back Sleek Chic Blazer anytime soon? :)

  11. Hi, may i know where you book your air ticket from? & how much is it? thanks! (:

  12. hi lucinda,

    how much is the Chanel necklace in some of your outfit pics? (:

    btw which one u think is better? the short ones or the long chain ones?


  13. Anon - Got the black bag from m)phosis, Vivo awhile back. Hope you managed to get the colour of your choice, thank you for the support! :)

  14. Anon - Yay so happy to hear you had a great shopping experience with us :) Got a pair of earrings from their Cruise collection!

  15. Anon - Weaved flats are from Pazzion, Wisma :)

  16. Anon - Hi there, i'll try to do that in the next entry! Kept Rosette Pleat Frock in Tea Rose for myself :)

  17. C - Hi dear, its great to read your comments everytime! Thank you so much for the continuous support, have a fab week ahead :)

  18. Anon - Got a pair of earrings from their latest Cruise collection ;)

  19. Anon - The creme/brown belt is from Taiwan. Yes we're planning another Giveaway soon! What do you suggest? :)

  20. Anon - Hi there, our eldest sis Francisca bought them. Not too sure about the price, sorry! We haven't got to wear the Creme and Black but they look comfortable!

  21. Anon - No restock for Sleek Chic Blazer at the moment, do look out for upcoming ones! They wont disappoint ;)

  22. Anon - Hi there, the gold necklace cost around $300+ i love both the long and short ones all the same, they go well with different outfits :)

  23. Appreciate that you recognize my user ID too^^ (though its just an alphabet) Haha hope to see you soon in real life! Same to you too:):)

  24. Hi,

    Able to reply my email for my lost package? Paid for reg postage but your packers mailed it out in normal mail. I've emailed for quite long but still no replies yet.


  25. hi lucinda,

    Thanks for your reply. Another question (:
    I saw another chanel long necklace from one of your post, the necklace is not gold one. That's also $300+ ?
    Their necklace price range is about how much?

    Thanks thanks.

  26. hello! may i know where u got your orange skirt from which u matched with the black qipao top? :)

  27. Hi! May I know where did you buy the pair of flats in the picture when you were wearing Fit N Flare Dress in Black? :) Thanks!


  28. hi, may i know where you get the orange skirt that paired with black qibao? thanks

  29. Hi where do you stay in Bangkok? Is it clean and no smell in city?

  30. C - Happy new year to you dear! hope you see you ard soon as well :)

    Anon - Hi there, we are terribly sorry about the mistake we made. Do email us at, thanks!

    Anon - yep the price range would be 300+ for the simple ones to 500ish :)

    Anon - Orange skirt belongs to Jolene, she got it overseas :)

    xx - The flats are from Pazzion, Wisma :)

    Anon - Orange skirt belongs to Jolene, she got it overseas!

    Starpaparazzi - Hi there, we usually stay at Amari Watergate, Bangkok :)

  31. Hi babe,

    Will you be launching the long necklace that you paired with the black fit n flare dress in the next collection? Thanks!


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