Life in a week;

Brunch at Drips
Sunday saw us heading to Drips again after our outdoor shoot

Their tarts never fail to impress me everytime

I loveee the cranberry toast, does anyone know where i can buy them?

(Upcoming) Eliott Polka Blouse in Green

Our first polkadot top and the material used is awesome!

Hyangtogol BBQ, Resort World Sentosa

We had a private room thanks to Adrian

For the kimchi lovers

The boys and their pretty girlfriends :)

(Upcoming) Alecia Dress in Black

Our favourite silk crepe material is used for this dress, this is definitely going to be one of my CNY dresses 

Career Tailored Blazer in Navy came in handy at the freezing bowling alley

Movie Date,

Chatterbox never fails 
(Upcoming) Flynn Blouse in Forest

Following our sold-out Bianca Blouse, we bring you this in more gorgeous hues

Other OTDs to share,
(Upcoming) In Wellin Weave Frock in Navy Blue after a business meeting

The Pink and Mauve make perfect dresses for the upcoming CNY :)

Our inspiration, credits to Warehouse

(Upcoming) Rylie Toga in Vanilla

The neatly pleated ruche detail is gorgeous in real life, im keeping this in all colours ;)

Remember this highly raved highwaisted shorts? 

They are finally here in your favourite colours!

Alright, catch you girls at our launch at 830pm! Til the next entry, have an awesome week 


  1. Hi Lu, What color u kept for the polka dots and PLEAT N FLARE?

  2. Where did you buy the belt that is paired with the HWS?

  3. hey babe, where did you get the black shorts paired with the polka dot top? :)

  4. Hi Lucinda,

    Is it possible for us to reserve our clothes during the carting out process so that we can ensure that the stocks we want are sort of reserved? Maybe ard 5 to 15 mins?

    Otherwise it is so sad whenever we need to remove them off our cart upon finishing up the carting process. :((

  5. BO for Polka Dot top pls!! (:

  6. Hi Lu, how do I see the measurements? Is it in centimeters?

  7. hi dear,
    is the material used same for both dresses; Fit and Flare & Pleat and Flare? and is the cutting same for both too? thanks! :)

  8. Anon - i kept Green for Eliott Polka Blouse and Olive for Pleat and Flare :)

  9. Anon - We are selling the Gold buckle belt soon!

  10. Anon - Got the black highwaisted shorts overseas :)

  11. M - Hi dear, we have noted your feedback! Rest assured that we are working on it with our web developer, do give us more time.

  12. Anon - We might open BO for them in February :)

  13. Christina - Hi dear, measurements are in inches. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters, hope it helps :)

  14. Anon - Hi there, material used is similar in both dresses. The fit as well :)

  15. Lu, u brought an white iPhone? Y white?

  16. Lu, where do you girls normally shop for shoes/heels from? :)

  17. saw you on the mrt today and you actually ignore the old lady standing infront of you. how mean.

  18. Anon - yep i just got the white iphone! Chose the white because it looks prettier ;)

    Anon - We shop online/overseas/everywhere for shoes. You can try!

    Anon - I think you got the wrong person! I drove the entire day, and i dont take the mrt often heh :)

  19. Hi! Where did you get the black skirt which you paired with the teal qipao? Looks so cute! :)

  20. Hi Lu, you guys should launch it on mon or tues of the week so that we can receive the items within the week, as we don't have to wait for the weekend to pass then we receive our items. :))

  21. Hi lu, where do you and jolene dye or cut your hair?

  22. what curls u did for ur hair? ard how long was ur hair before u perm? cus I think perm will make hair shorter right?

  23. hello. have you ever left house to town or smth without make up on? or is makeup a must for you to step out? :)

  24. Hi Lu, I really love all ur black wedges! Can i know where did you get the black wedge with ribbon at the front and two straps from? I love it ! It looks comfy!


  25. hi may i know where did you buy your nude slip-ons from? (the one you're wearing tgt with Rylie Toga in Vanilla)


  26. Anon - The dark navy skirt is our manufactured piece launched awhile back :)

    LZ - Hi dear, thanks for the feedback :) We'll try to launch on a tuesday for the next launch after cny!

    Anon - We dont have a fixed hairstylist, im still looking for a suitable one. Let me know if you girls have any recommendations ;)

    Anon - I've straight hair that ends above waist, i usually curl using a flat iron :)

    Anon - It depends on where im heading to for the day. If its town, i usually have my make-up on :)

    YC - Hi there, i got the shoes from an online spree but i cant remember the name. sorry!

    Anon - Nude flats are from Pazzion :)

  27. hello! do consider "archiving" ohvola's sold out/past collection stocks on your site.. it'll be easier for buyers when they want to buy your clothes off another seller, or for sellers to re-sell their ohvola clothes :)

  28. Hi Lu, can I ask where did you get the handbag you carried when you're wearing Wellin Weave Frock in Navy Blue?

  29. hi, may i know where did u get your black ribbon watch? :)

  30. Hi,

    may i noe where you bought ur wedges which u match it with Alecia Dress in Black?


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