Bangkok was beyond amazing! Everything felt so perfect :) For the first time, i didn't manage to get enough rest everynight but i'm not complaining cos' everyday was packed with activities we got to visit so many new places, albeit the short trip of just three full days. 

Gonna leave for the company retreat in less than 24hours. Our office will be closed til 29th Feb, all parcels will only be mailed on 1st March. We'll be back to launch an awesome new collection you'll definitely love. Til then, have a lovely week everyone! x

Sleepy morning face

(Upcoming) Polka Dot Shift Dress that is appropriate for work as well

So thankful towards Adrian's friend for the lift!

Our lovely hotel with free wifi/wireless keyboard all thanks to Morgan :)

Our first meal for the trip - Fuji, a must-try for cheap sashimi!


Chill-out at Vie Hotel later in the night

Massage to end the night

Tired feet no more


(Upcoming) Peterpan Collar Polka Blouse which i'm definitely keeping in all 3colours

Then it was off to my favorite part of the trip - FISHING 

Dont worry, we placed the fish back into the river after this shot :)

My definition of a good life

With the wind in our hair, laughing silly over our funny fishing antics and missing baits, catching up on each others' lives over
endless glasses of Pepsi and card games without realizing how much time have passed - I miss everything about this place

My first surprise on Vday from the sweetestboy :)

(Upcoming) Topshop-inspired Bow Romper, comes in sizes. One of my favourite rompers to date! 

The best youtiao-kaya combination ever

MK for dinner!


Then off to KhaoSan 

Surprise #02!  

Centara Grand

Gorgeous view from the 55th

Food was not too bad as well :)


Plus the staff takes nice photos haha

We all have really longg legs here

(Upcoming) Ruche Overlap Bodycon Dress, a very flattering piece! Comes in 4 of my fav colours, couldn't decide whether to wear the Red or Black that day 

Chillout at Route66, RCA

The Restroom was so huge and beautiful, it had 4 different themes to each area. I only managed to capture a small part 

(Upcoming) Asymmetric Flap Ruche Dress, a very comfy piece :)

& Homesweethome with Vday gifts for the sisters!


  1. Hi Lu, thanks for sharing your bkk trip. Is Khao San a night market? worth to go?

  2. What is the biggest size for the peterpan collar top? Measurements? :)

  3. Hi lu! Is ohvola launching the black skirt u wore with the polka dot peterpan top!

  4. Hi Lucinda,

    May i know which hotel did you stayed in during the BKK trip? Is the flight & hotel under a package or purchase separately? Thank you (:

  5. Hello Lu, is Chanel in bkk cheaper than sg? Any idea how much does a classic Chanel necklace cost there? ;) will be heading there soon so thought of getting it.

  6. Anon - yep khaosan's a night market! They have nice chill out bars on the 2nd storey (we went to the one called Roof), pretty handmade stuff, yummy street food like padthai and alot of other things you got to check them out yourself ;)

  7. Anon - Hi there, thank you for your interest in our items! However, i don't have the measurements on hand. Will update you again when we return on the 29th alright?

  8. Anon - i got the black skirt from Bkk :)

  9. Anon - Eastin :) Nope we booked separately.

  10. Anon - Hi there, i didnt really compare but they are relatively cheaper and the boutique at Bkk Airport usually has a wider variety :)

  11. Hi may I know how did you curl your hair? Really love it!(:

  12. Hi Lucinda, what makeup do you use? Your foundation. Thanks^^

  13. Cant wait for your collection to launch!!!! When would it be??? I'm flying off on the 6th for 5weeks:( Hope i wont miss the last collection before i fly off!!!

  14. Hi Lu, what is the brand of your shade? it's nice.

  15. Hi Lu, may I know which hotel did you stay at for your bangkok trip? Is it near the shopping area? Thanks!

  16. Hi Lucinda! Is the blue skirt matched with the dream lace tank an old design or new design? If its an old design, is backorder stocks arriving? ;)

  17. When will the polkadot shift dress be launched? :)

  18. Anon - Hi there! i use Neo's flat iron to straighten the top part of my hair and curl the ends :)

  19. Anon - I've just started using Beauty Tech's Ice Cream Concealer and Gowoonsesang's Bling Bling Cream, they have been not too bad so far :)

  20. C - Hope you liked something from yesterday's launch! Have a safe trip dear :)

  21. Anon - thanks, got those shades from Bkk!

  22. Anon - Eastin Bangkok :) quite a distance from the main pratunam shopping area though!

  23. Anon - Twirl and Swirl Skirt in blue is an old design, and we've just launched extras from bo for it :(

  24. Karen - Thanks for your interest dear! Launching the polkadot dress next week :)

  25. Hi Lucinda, what size you wore for the pazzion flats?


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