Weekend Getaway; Ohvola Outfits

Finally back here to update my lil' space with a massive photo entry, where the past weeks saw me re-visiting my favourite jonker street, 
an exciting road trip and some major feasting clad in Ohvola outfits. Enjoy the visuals :>

Concorde Hotel, KL
First stop, Dim Sum for breakfast

Old school trolley full of goodness

and how can we forget the Liushabaos, a tad too sweet for my liking but still yum

WIW; (Upcoming) Sartorial Suede Shorts in Blue
They are so comfy Jolene practically wears them in different colours everyday

Had a hard time in the morning choosing between the Khaki (as featured) and Blue, but settled for the latter

Took a dip in the pool with the guys before we checked in, and boy i haven't had so much fun in the sun for a long time.
More photos next time!

Spending time in KL means food and more food, KRISPY KREME ftw

The next morning before we drive up to Malacca!
(Upcoming) Quaint Floral Tea Frock in Blue, again i couldn't decide which colour to head out in
cos' both colours are amazing. We already have orders for them from my friends! 

Settled for the Creme because it goes so well with all my accessories

Jonker Gallery

Found a pretty turquoise background so we couldn't resist some tourist-y shots

The big group of 16

I really love the fitted cut of the dress, the smooth material used is another plus point! 

You can never go wrong w dinner at this teochew restaurant
Ended the night with massage and booze, cant wait to head back again

Brunch at Club Street Social 
Weeks back, we visited Gemmill Lane in search of an all-day brunch eatery on a weekday 

I really love the Manhattan chic interior and its unpretentious European decor

Scrambled eggs w fontina, chives and bacon.
Slightly over-rated, cos i read so much about the eggs being one of the best in town 

The bacon, egg and maple butter panini was really good though

My fav necklace to date, still available here

Shin Kushiya, Vivo City
Mx brought me on a date after we were done with running errands at the CBD area

View from our table

The food was SO GOOD they deserve to be introduced individually

Soft shell crab could be less oily, but still very amazing

Grilled oyster and scallop yakitori are the best I've tried

The photo doesn't do it justice in any way
I can't remember the name for this dish, but the veg and soup complement the other grilled stuff really well

Poached eggs were all delish too

(Upcoming) Laced Peplum Corporate Dress in Black which comes in an appropriate length for work

haha we attempted some self-timer shots but failed big time

A perfect photo to sum up my awesome dining experience at Shin Kushiya :)

Hilltop Teppanyaki

Mx's parents, who are always so loving and generous towards the people around

Can't get enough of Japanese cuisine

OOTD; (Upcoming) Jewel Collared Dress in Grey

(Upcoming) Heritage Knit Wearover in Violet-Blue for a latenight movie date
Paired with Joie Lace Tea Frock in Black still available here

Colour is more true to studio images here

Yaomin's Birthday Dinner, Trattoria L'Operetta Pizzeria
Jianing always brings us to new dining places in the heartland areas,
tonight we visited a cozy Italian restaurant along Katong

I especially love the Grilled Black Tiger Prawns wrapped w Parma Ham and the Parigina Pizza, soooo good!

Happy18th Yaomin ;)

Ending the entry w my fav item from the upcoming collection,
(Upcoming) Pollyana Fit n' Flare with gorgeous pressed pleats in the prettiest shade of Tiffany.
The most popular colour on our site (my current colour crush too), Tiffany always gets sold out first!

Thankyou for reading this lengthy entry, have a great week ahead everyone! xx


  1. Hi!
    May I know where did you get the white watch paired with the brown suede shorts?

  2. Hi! Do you intend to bring in hadley shorts in other colours? Please do! It's really pretty! And I hope to own it in more staple colours like black and blue instead of pink :)

    1. Yes it comes in White as well, launching it in Sept :)

  3. Hi Lu, the top u matched with Sartorial Suede Shorts is ohvola piece? Very pretty!!! If so, when is lauching and what colours are available?

    1. Yes the lace top's an ohvola piece, launching it in Sept! Comes in white, black and apricot :)

  4. I just like to provide some feedbacks to ohvola. Recently I realized there are quite often repetition of fabrics for different designs. Such as the Quaint Floral Tea Frock & Whimsical Floral Top, Joie Lace Tea Frock & Vilia Lace Skater Dress, Tweed X Jacket & Chantel Tweed Dress which lauched at different weeks. Bijou Embellished Premium Frock & Jewel Collared Dress are very similar design in different fabrics. I bought Whimsical Floral Top but prefer the upcoming Quaint Floral Tea Frock. I love the Quaint Floral Tea Frock design, very pretty! But I don't see the point of getting clothes with same fabric but different designs. This also happened when I bought Chantel Tweed Dress & Vilia Lace Skater Dress but prefer the later launched Tweed X Jacket & Joie Lace Tea Frock. As a buyer, I hope ohvola can come out with more variety of fabrics and designs.

    1. Hi there, some of the fabrics we found require a huge quantity of pieces so we have to share between 2 designs. We're sorry if this upsets you :( Thankyou for your feedback and support thus far dear, we'll definitely continue to search for more exclusive fabrics and designs!

  5. hello, where did you get the coral shoes from? :)

  6. Hi lucinda! Saw on instagram that we can visit ohvola's office? We can just purchase the apparels Over there? Thks!

    1. Hi Christina, our office/warehouse is not open to public at the moment. The girls who visited us today were our cousins! We'll hold a warehouse sale/self-collection sometime in the later part of the year :)

  7. Hello! where did u get ur mustard & burnt orange bag from? :))

    1. Mustard bag's from Bkk, the latter from Hongkong :)

  8. I hope the upcoming Quaint Floral Tea Frock has longer length for tall girls! The cream one is nice! :)

  9. Hi lucinda! Please bring back Vera plate belt and pastel bangle too!!! :)

  10. Hi Lu..can u have more tops n dresses make in L sizes...really loves ur apparels so much...but couldn't fit in...thks....

    1. Most of our upcoming sleeved tops and dresses will come in size L :)

  11. Hi can I check is the joie lacrosse tea frock in black still available?

    1. http://www.ohvola.com/dresses/830-joie-lace-tea-frock.html :)

  12. Hi babe...I was rather upset as purchasing ohvola apparel
    is like buying some concert tickets...like have to standby infront of the comp...when open for sale all grab like nobody business...which happened like today's 2pm launch...I was browsing through the stuffs...had added the 2 belts in...then was browsing Somemore stuffs and when wanted to make payment and was informed that the 2 belts are unavailable anymore...it's like I have to really be fast and stress to shop online when by right should be relax to shop online...I hope you gals can sell more quantity of the clothes and especially the belts...to make the gals like us shop with ease and not ended up in stress and disappointment...I believe you have seen many gals had requested for BO in quite a few items including the belts too...hope you can grant our wish by having a BO including the belts and not making us disappointed. And hope you can do something about the browsing and then realise its OOS when the person had clicked on the item first but just because havent make payment then can't get the item. It's kinda unfair. And also to increase the quantity. Many thanks.

    1. Hi there, thankyou for your honest feedback and we sincerely apologise for your disappointment.
      We definitely increased quantity for our manufactured designs ever since we moved to the new domain last Oct but for imported pieces like belts and accessories, there are very limited pieces and we try to bring in as many as we could each time. Let us know which are the belts you missed and would like us to bring in again, we'll def try our best to source for them!

    2. Vera plate belt and pastel bangle!! :)

    3. The thin belt which you match with your peplum dress, basically thin belts...

  13. Hi Lu. Any suggestion on what tops (except black & white) can match with the Sartorial Suede Shorts in blue? Thanks!

  14. Hi Lu, please share how you do your eye makeup :) what brand of eyeliner & falsies do u use? thank u!

    1. I use K-palette for eyeliner, current falsies are from hk :)

  15. Mae-Ann Lace Top is really pretty but I felt quite disappointed with the material. Had expected better quality material from Ohvola. But was very impressed with daisy crochet dress material, very good quality cotton!


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