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Interview with The New Paper
TNP team came over to do a photoshoot at our office last week, we are truly honored and so thankful for the opportunity!
It has been such a fulfilling experience acquainting and working with the STClassifieds team since the beginning of the year. 
We're definitely looking forward to more collaborations in the near future, and here's a peek at a few of our upcoming fall pieces; 

 (Upcoming) Chloe Tailored Blazer in red
The fit is to-die-for, and it comes in sizes S/M/L
Also stocked at Kissjane Vivo, so you might want to make a trip down to try the fit for yourself ;)

Brunch at The Dempsey Brasserie
Taylor was a happy boy that morning cos' he could finally join us at brunch for the week!
The sky was getting dark so we got him geared up in his orange raincoat and shoes to beat the rain, sucha cutie.

Princess Cola came along as well, and she had the cutest outfit 

 I had Potato Rosti with grilled sausages and scrambled eggs, and it was so good and flavorful.
Just a tad oily for my liking, but a pot of royal darjeeling would complement it well. 

 The Big Brasserie Breakfast looks really promising

 Eggs Royale; cant wait to head back again!

 (Upcoming) Adore Lace Top in White
This item is so versatile, it practically goes with any bottom/colour

 The Dempsey Brasserie
7 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249671
Tel: 6473 4500

Pollen at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
We had a day off from work to visit Pollen, highly recommended by Dennis. 
It started to pour, we parked at the wrong carpark and the main kitchen was closed by the time we reached.
Haha not our best day but we got to try the desserts from the bar above, and ended the day in a perfect note visiting the Flower Dome. 
It was paradise. (with air-con and no flying insects/bugs)

 Cake of the day and petit fours

 (Upcoming) Daisy Dreams Top in Tea Rose

18 Marina Gardens Drive
#01-09 Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
Tel: 66049988

Brunch at The Merry Men
Our almost weekly affair to visit new weekend brunch places with this big group of family friends 


 Eggs Florentine was pretty good

 To quote Mx, he claims the Breakfast For Merry Men is one of the best 

 What i wore; Hathaway Crochet Frock now avail on BO

 The Merry Men
86 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238245
Tel: 6735 9667

The New Harbour Cafe & Bar // Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King
Topped up the rack at Kissjane, Vivocity with new arrivals and some upcoming designs.
I'm lovin' how everything looks so good together!

 Escargot Bourguignon, definitely one of the best around

 Our main objective for visiting tras link, to get our ramen fix! We've been wanting to dine here for the longest time but the queue from its entrance never seems to end every time. We decided to be 15mins early before it opens for business at 6pm, and we were greeted by the queue below.

 Mine; Red Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen Special with all toppings
This was sooo good, it definitely tops my list of best ramen now

 Black Spicy was yum as well

Complimentary hard-boiled eggs and beansprouts on every table, 
and we got to choose how we want our ramen to be prepared how awesome!

 (Upcoming) Le Laced Tea Frock in Black

Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Orchid Hotel)
1 Tras Link
Singapore 078867
Tel: 66360855

 Other outfits from the past week

We're in the midst of preparing for the next Ohvola collection, FB preview should be up tonight!
Thank you for always checking back, have a lovely weekend ahead xx


  1. Hi lu, will chole tailored blazer come in other colors?

    1. It comes in only crimson and black for now :)

    2. Is the crimson same as the one you wore for tnp Photoshoot? Love the red one you are wearing. In your opinion will it suit dark skin tone people?

    3. Yep they are the same piece! Jolene is slightly more tanned than me, but i think red complements her skin tone as well :)

  2. The peplum skirt (hot pink) matched with adore lace top... Is it upcoming? Too pretty!!!

    1. Yes it is! Already stocked at kissjane vivo :)

  3. Hi Lu, may i know if your curls are permanent or do you curl them everyday? Which curling tong do you use? Thank you so much! :)

    1. I use Neo's flat iron, blogged about it earlier here: :)

  4. Hi Lu, are these 2 skirts the same?
    thanks! (:

    1. Hi Lu, thanks! but why does the white one looks longer and more fitting?

    2. Probably due to the angle the photo was taken, but they are of the same design!

  5. Hi Lu! Can I know where you got your gold chain belt from? The one you paired with upcoming lace black dress. :) thanks!

    1. It was launched on ohvola previously! Still available in white here: :)

    2. hello! do you still have the black piece? :)

  6. hi any BO for the necklace?

    1. Hi there, do you mean CHANDELIER DREAMS NECKLACE? It's still available in gold due to deadbuyers :)

  7. Hi dear, considering manufacturing the pants? the fit looks good!

    1. We have pants coming up in our xmas/cny collections :)

    2. when will u start launching cny collections?

    3. Cny collections will begin in Jan :)

  8. The polka dot top paired with THE ZARA INSPIRED SHORTS in black... ( ) What material is it?? I love it a lot!!!!!!!! Would there be upcoming designs that uses this material???

    1. it's silk cotton blend, no polkadot printed items coming up soon but we have similar material in floral prints coming up for cny/spring! :)

  9. Hi Lu, will there be BO for Le Laced Tea Frock in pink? It was sold out within minutes when I was checking my shopping cart out. So disappointing. :(

    1. BO is up as requested ;)

  10. What's the length of this skirt??? Material?

    1. Measurements and full description will be up early next week!

  11. Hi, can I check whether the blazer is it in red or is it consider under the shades of pink? As the colour from the launch differs from the one in your blog.

    1. Its red, shade might differ a little due to studio lighting but more true to the one here :)

  12. Hi Lu! Is the Adore Lace Top in White sheer?

    Was thinking if i should get Navy or White for this top! Is this top's lining the same as the Sunset Lace Mini in a collection quite long ago?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Hi, may I know where u get ur shoes from (in the picture that u wear the adore white lace top) ?

  14. Hi dear, Estimate which day will the next collection be?

  15. Congratulations on your newpaper feature!!(:
    Love your cafe and outfit shares!<3


  16. Hi for the upcoming launch u paired the reiss shimmer top with a faux leather short. Is that short upcoming item?

  17. Hi! May I know where did you purchase the Shiseido Hair Serum and Schwarzkopf Spray Conditioner? (:


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