A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Holla! I'm finally back with some December updates, my fav month/season of the year.
The past weeks saw me busying with x'mas shipment, shoots and launches, definitely exhausting but fulfilling 
at the same time cos the upcoming designs are MAJOR love and i cant wait to launch them. 
Some exciting plans & we're looking at conducting a warehouse sale before the lunar new year.
Any suggestions on the dates? Hope to hear from you girls ;)

High Tea at The Courtyard, Rendezvous Grand Hotel
Long story on why we had our food indoors and not at the Courtyard instead, 
but i really appreciate the great service provided by the management.

 In Love and Lace Tea Frock which i wore as a top, 
lovee versatile pieces like this cos it goes with almost anything and the fit is awesome
If you didnt manage to grab a piece of the Charlotte Eyelet Skirt, 
fret not cos we should be opening backorders for it tonight!

Rendezvous Grand Hotel 
9 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189559
Phone: 6335 1873

Ippudo Tao at UE Square
Hopped over to my fav ramen place of all time cos i have been craving for it the entire week.

My bowl of Ipuddo Shiro with Tamago, never fails

 My happy pill :)

Ippudo Tao
207 River Valley Road
Singapore 238275
Phone: 68875315

Brunch at Nosh with the StNicks Girls
One of the rare occasions when i was the first to arrive, 
this place definitely looks better in the day and tops my list for the best brunch places after Skyve Elementary

 Jo Dor Ru Zib Peifang my lovely girls, missing lyi and ange!
Cant wait for our upcoming party ;)

 Crab Cake Benedict; this is a must-order
The coconut curry hollandaise is amazing, a refreshing change from the usual 

 A short celebration for the birthdaygirl Pf before i rushed off for Ohvola's outdoor shoot

9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139220
Phone: 67794644

SMOOCH @ Attica

Such a pity this was my only outfit shot of Ave Stud Peplum Dress and the lighting was bad. 
This is sucha pretty piece esp with the studs at shoulder, my fav peplum dress to date!

 Art Jam / Tea Party at Morg's 

 Still very amazed by the inverted Christmas tree, cant wait for xmas at his place again!

 Was staring at my blank canvas the whole time with zero inspiration

 Then i think i found it, PING AN the sharpei

 Attempted to paint her but i failed terribly, turned out to look like a hamster haha

Thankfully i managed to transform the initial huge area of beige paint (notice the nose area) into 
Marilyn Monroe's face, not the best rendition but i tried my best

 Everyone's masterpieces!

Nosh @ Rochester for Francisca's birthday
Back at Nosh again but sadly, the dinner menu pale in comparison.
Great ambience and company to make up for it

 The family decked in #Ohvola 

Lunch at Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

A mishmash of all my fav food on a plate

Kith Cafe
9 Penang Road #01-01E 
Singapore 238459
Phone: 63388611

Our racks are usually updated a few days before each new launch, 
so you can always head down to try the fit of the new arrivals 

Eliz's Wedding at Pan Pacific

Pretty yanjun

Outfit; Balmain Embellished Dress available via BO here

In Wisteria Crochet Dress to Teppei and Bowling with the pals

Jerrine and Qian, spot another #ohvola item? ;)

 Outfit to Reebonz; Saunter Chic Outerwear (BO for this to be up tonight as well)

Scored my first Vintage Chanel ;)
Teehee, seems like x'mas came early for me this year! 
The sweetest boyfriend and his surprises, thankyou i really appreciate them xoxo  

Thanks for always checking back, i promise to blog whenever i can. 
 Or follow me on Instagram @lucindazhou for regular updates of my #ootds and #ohvola
Have a fabulous week ahead! 


  1. Hi Lu! Is the sleeves of Love and Lace Tea Frock stretchable? I recently bought another lace top from an online webstore and sadly, I couldn't fit into it due to the tight sleeves. :(

    1. Hi there! The sleeves are slightly stretchable :)

  2. Are the floral shorts upcoming on Ohvola? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7EETknVyaTc/UMY7UF9R1OI/AAAAAAAAFk8/oBdB8Gg06B8/s1600/68.jpg

    1. They are my personal piece, got them overseas!

  3. You bought the vintage chanel from reebonz? Cool! How much?

  4. hello :) where did u get that pair of gold flats from? it's pretty!

  5. Does pixiedust dress has adjustable straps? I'm pretty tanned, what colour should i get for the hepburn dress? :D

    1. Yep Pixiedust Dress comes with adjustable straps!
      Hepburn Dress in white will suit tanned skin better than the other 2 :)

  6. Hi

    I hv sent a few emails on my smartpac order not arriving since it was posted out on Monday. I hv been waiting for an update from ohvola. Order 26505. Appreciate an update pls.

    1. Hi babe, our team should have replied to you by now :)

  7. how about 26th of january ? two weeks after christmas and two weeks before CNY :) ample rest time in between for your team and the customers.

    1. Thankyou for your suggestion! Very thoughtful of you :)

  8. hahhas!!! I'm already addicted and bought a few Ohvola pieces at KissJane! :)
    - Shireen Ho

    1. Hi Shireen, thats great to hear! Hope you're loving your buys ;)

  9. May I know what camera do you use? :)

  10. hi may i know where you bought the bracelet u wore for the wedding from? its so pretty!

    1. Thankyou! but it belongs to my elder sis francisca so im not too sure, sorry!

  11. Felt kinda of missing out a lot of good Ohvola apparels. Got on to online quite recently only. Should have gottem online shopping earlier. X


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