December // 'Tis The Season

December, my favorite month was nothing short of AMAZING. 
We were so busy with the back-to-back christmas launches, finally a week's break to reward the team for the hardwork 
before our next big event which we will be revealing once details are finalised. Can't wait for our new year's party already! 
Shall let the photos do the talking now, be warned of a truckload of images below ;)
Christmas Eve at Morg's
The day started early with running a couple of errands and collecting the log cake/turkey for the night's party at Mandarin Marina. 
Kudos to Adrian who drove around the entire day, the traffic was scary.

 I would buy everything from the shelves if i could, they looked too good to be eaten
Couldn't resist so we got this longg box of chocolates for the party!

 Popped by Adrian's place, say hello to little Moon
She's a mommy now, and i cant wait for her to give birth next month

 Finally at Morg's, this is probably the most amazing inverted tree ever

 Camera shy baby Ping An who always attempts to run whenever i approach her, but she's really a sweetheart

 The 小朋友s, Rainee Sean Jol and Ree

 Vince and Wanqian in matchy x'mas colours

 Our never ending spread, food was so awesome as usual! Wish i could cook/bake as well 

 Adrian and Morgan, the men behind the success of this xmas party thankyou!

 This was the BEST dish of the night. I never expected myself to enjoy salads at any occasion 
but this was so tastefully flavored with parma ham, mango cubes, and tomatoes just to name a few.
Thankfully Morg prepared a huge portion, cos there was almost not enough to go around

 Time for gift exchange after dinner, and we did it the Dirty Santa way with a twist!
Only one successful attempt of snatching another person's present, but it was way hilarious

 My unsuccessful attempt to challenge Char's present, but i LOVE what i received as well
They are all the colours i would use, undoubtedly the top ten ones

 Our own version of Minutes to win afterwhich, the only photo im posting up here and the rest is history haha too unglam for public 

 How thoughtful of Morg to prepare prizes for both teams! Spot Charlene in Saunter Chic Outerwear ;)

 As usual the night ended in lotsa fun, laughter and booze


 My outfit for the night, Couture Velvet Tulle Dress

Christmas Day with the Family
Mx and I met for some laksa goodness which i've been craving for days before we headed down to the office for gift exchange with the family.

 Coincidentally in the same colours again ;)

 The sisters all clad in #Ohvola

 Getting a new cam to replace my previous cranky one has been one of the best decisions.
It comes in white, features touchscreen and wifi functions - everything i wanted in a compact.
Highly recommended if you're looking to get a new camera

Love the way Francisca matched Reiss Shimmer Top with Oscar De Scallop Skirt

 Earlier last week at Ohvola's meet up session

 With Mom and Ree, n' candycanes for our lovely customers

And Gingerbread man cookies from the sweetest model, Sherena

 A handmade card and cookies from a lovely customer for Jolene and I,  
really warms my heart and motivates us to work harder whenever we receive gifts/words of encouragement from the girls.
Thankyou Rach if you're reading this!

Surprise Dates with Mx
Mx always showers me w surprises and i can't be more thankful about this even after 5years together :')
Part one was a visit to RWS S.E.A Aquarium last week;
 Settled at Big Easy for lunch, but the food was a tad disappointing

 Tested the fair skin function on my new camera, works pretty well!

 What i wore; Mischka Embellished Dress and Oscar De Scallop Skirt

 Everything felt so peaceful and calm, i truly enjoyed my experience here.
However, it was a pity not all areas were completed

Mookata at Tom Yum Kungfu
Mx and i are huge fans of Mookata, so Morg and Jer brought us to this awesome place at 16 Circular Road. 
We tried a couple of other restaurants, this one wins hands down

 Must-order: Instant packet noodles

Part Two; High Tea flight atop the flyer

 The view was spectacular, and weather perfect

 Outfit; Halston Heritage Swing Dress

Jessica and Andy's wedding at Crowne Plaza Hotel 
Prior to the wedding, i had a hard time deciding on the outfit for the dinner

 But it was Mischka Embellished Dress that won me over in the end

 Our #ootds 

 A beautiful couple 

Til the next entry, TGIF everyone xx


  1. Hi can i know wat the model of the chanel bag u r carrying for yr friend wedding? Tks

  2. Hi there im not too sure, it's a vintage chanel :)

  3. Hi Lu!

    I'm glad you and Jo love it:) hee.


    1. Hi Rach, we definitely love them. Thanks for the really sweet gesture!

  4. Hi Lu,

    I'm glad you and Jo loves it!:) hee


  5. Hi Lucinda, would like to ask the model of the camera that you recently bought? Also, do you mind telling us the next launch date? ;) THANKS!

    1. Canon S110! Tentatively first week of Jan :)

  6. Hi Lu, do you mind sharing the brand and model of your new camera? Thanks. :)


  7. Hi lucinda, may I know what's the brand and model for your new camera? :)

  8. Hi lucinda, may I know what's the brand and model for your new camera? :)

  9. Hi! What's the model of your new camera?(:

  10. hello you are so pretty! what new camera did you get? which model?? thanks!

  11. Hi Lucinda, may I know will the green polka dot dress be in the upcoming collection? :)

    1. Yep it's an upcoming piece launching in Jan :)

  12. Babe, did you perm ur hair ends or u curl them urself everyday? May I also know what shampoo and conditioner u r currently using? Ur hair looks fabulous!! :)

    1. Thankyou! My hair is straight so i curl them whenever i need to head out. I use Loreal Vitamino Color series :)

  13. hi may i knw if the blue dress u wore in the second pic and the 1 jolene wore for the meet up at your office (Same piece btw). is it gonna b in the next collection??

    1. Yes, its Edith Denim Bodycon launched in the previous collection :)

  14. May I know the price of your camera? Thanks!

  15. Hi babe, may i know where you bought your ring from? thanks!

  16. Hi babe, may i know where you bought your gold ring from? Thanks!

  17. Hi Lu,
    Is the upcoming collection stocked at vivo?

  18. Hi,
    For the green dress with polka dots details, like to know if there will be a similar piece in red coming up for the CNY period?



    1. We have a similar dress in red but w/o the polkadots :)


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