F I R S T. x M O N T I G O

The first post of the year brings about so much thought and gratitude.
It reminded me to step back, look around, and be thankful for the past year of 
events and people in my life who have helped and taught me along the way.
There are just too many to name, but i am truly blessed for the angels placed in my life.
Cheers to an awesome year ahead! Xx

Montigo Resorts, Nongsa

What a better way to kickstart the entry than with how i spent the last day of 2012 and the first of 
2013 together w the most crazy/awesome people at the most amazing place - Montigo

So happy to arrive at our destination so quickly!

What greeted us was this magnificent view, i've never expected Batam to be so beautiful


We were early for check-in, so we headed to town to grab fireworks and ingredients for our mini feast that night!
Manicure, foot massage and some 5-D action in between ;)

Finally checked in; a mini tour around the villa

Jolene in Florale Denim Overall
 If you missed it, we've opened backorders for the blue one here!

What our guys/chefs were preparing at the balcony while the girls sit back and wait
Privileges of us women ;)

After many rounds of indianpoker&food, it was almost time for the countdown.
 We had our own fireworks by the beach, it was of such close proximity omg sucha stunning sight

The management doesnt usually permit fireworks within our premises, but it was the new year and
everyone was in the mood so imagine fireworks going off above the villas almost every five mins.
I was so fascinated!

The next morning when the lazybums were still in bed..

Mx, dennis, mom and i headed out for breakfast!

My favorite section among the extensive spread

My perfect new year's morning

These travel tea satchels came in handy for the trip

And my friends got a lil carried away with my pot of tea

My fav spot to get the best seaview, i could stay here forever 

The girls // Thankyou for the best company :)
Can't wait to be back at Montigo again!

Ohvola's first-ever Warehouse Sale
Our first warehouse sale at the office premise, and it was a success thanks to all the great and self-sacrificial people behind.
The friends/cousins/relatives who would lend their support in any way they could, thankyou!
Most importantly, a huge thankyou to all our customers (and bfs/husbands) who came all the way down to support us.
We know how some of you queued up to 3hours, and we're really apologetic about it!
Thankyou so much for your patience and still keeping a smile when i approach you girls, it really means alot :)
We really appreciate all the feedback/suggestions we received from you girls via email/social media platforms. 
We'll definitely work on them to provide a better shopping experience at our next event!

The girls who reached 2hours prior to the opening, thankyou for your support :')

Before the doors open at 10am; the most awesome people who sacrificed their sleeping time for us 

HERE WE GO // the lovely girls who smiled for my camera

The longest 8 hours ever, but it was all worth it

Yay to a successful day! Thankyou guys 

Brunch at Chye Seng Huat Harware

Not a must-visit, but the Pancake Stack with Bananas and Walnut ($10) was fluffy and pretty good!

What i wore; mixing neutrals

Koh Grill and Sushi Bar with the Family
Headed back to Koh Sushi for the second time, cos i was craving it.
Everyone should visit this place, especially if you're a jap food fanatic like me.
Remember to call/sms to make reservations! The walk-in queue usually extends all the way to the foodcourt during peak hours.
The Shiok Maki ($15) is very shiok indeed

Other must-orders: White tuna sashimi/quail eggs w bacon/seafood fried rice

We'll be opening backorders for Roset Bloom Peplum Skirt tomorrow!
Stocks will arrive before Cny, but in very limited quantity so dont hesitate if you really like it

Lookbook Shoot for January

Sherena rocking the pieces as usual ;)

A sneak of our upcoming manufactured clutch bags which double up as wristlets as well!
Perfect for cny visitings, i foresee keeping all 3 colours for myself

Japanese again, because we are fans like that

Sherena recommended this, lobster salad sushi w mango
This is heavenly, a must-order at our next Itacho visit

Nylon Vested Dress in Cobalt available in last few pieces on the site

Jol in Lou Lace Peplum Top Burgundy, 
a new colour as requested when it was sold out within minutes the first time we launched it

Outfit; Lilya Crochet Frock in white, my weakness for anything crochet
This piece is gorgeous in real life, comes in a longer length perfect for the taller girls

I'll definitely try to provide more sneaks of our CNY collections here if i could,
so stay tuned ;) 


  1. Hey Lu. You're getting prettier and prettier! :) Keep up the great great work at Ohvola. Absolutely loving all the pieces :)

    1. You're so sweet! Thankyou, but im not heh. Thankyou for your support for Ohvola as well, you've made my day :)

  2. please open bo for heart of pleats top in cream!!

    1. Yes i want it too! :(:(

    2. Noted! I'll include it in the upcoming backorder ;)

  3. hi lu, is the lime pants and white crop top upcoming at ohvola? :)

    1. Yes they are upcoming ohvola items! :)

    2. when will they be launched? :) looking forward!

  4. hi may i know how much per night you are staying at Montigo Resort at batam? thanks

  5. Any denim shorts coming up on ohvola? :)

    1. Nope, but we have denim pants/jackets/dresses coming up :)

  6. Hi Lu,

    May i know where you get the hot pink sling bag? Thanks

    1. Got the bag from hongkong, if i didnt remember wrongly!

  7. You are so pretty. So happy to see u real life. How do you keep urself so skinny? Any tips? I really love e lime pant u wore that day but I don't think I will be nice in it cos I'm short. Pls advise :)

    1. Thankyou!! I tend to eat very slowly and i take many small meals. Not sure if these are the reasons but i hope they help :)

  8. Hi! Sorry can i check what camera are you using??

  9. Hi Lu, what size fits best for hip size 36 for roset bloom peplum skirt and nylon vested dress? Thank you! :)

  10. Hi Lu! When will the backorders be up for Roset Bloom Peplum Skirts?

    1. Backorders are opened: http://www.ohvola.com/10-join-current-backorder :)

  11. Hi ! : is it possible to manaufacture crochet dress in shorter length for the petite gers?
    like 31.5 or 32" .. thanks ! :)

    1. We'll keep that in mind, thanks for your suggestion! ;)

  12. Hi Lu, the lime pants will not be launched?

  13. Hi,

    May I know where did you get your shoe that your pair with nylon vested dress in combat (: Thank,you

  14. The shoes belong to Jolene, she got them overseas :)

  15. Hi Lu!! Can I know where did you get the white top that you paired with the denim shorts? Super pretty~ thanks! :D

  16. Hello! :)
    May I know where did you get the shoes that you paired with the crochet dress? THank you!


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