"Begin to be now what you will be hereafter." - W James

Reminder to self: Gonna learn to be more motivated this year (yes i will blog more often),
 to procrastinate less and seize opportunities because they don't come by all the time. 
So many big plans waiting to be fulfilled, i really need the extra push sometimes.

Jason & Veena's Wedding Luncheon at Pan Pacific Hotel
Can't explain how much I love attending weddings, sharing the newlyweds' joy and be moved by their speeches. 
I always leave the ballroom feeling an unexplainable warm&fuzzy inside

Coincidentally in matchy colours with the wedding's theme
Outfit: En Fleur Peplum Dress in Pastel
This is probably my fav peplum dress to date, the flattering fit and bustier cut is major love
Keeping the vibrant one for Cny!

Brunch Date at Cafe Melba
Impromptu decision to visit this place since Mx and i were in the vicinity.
Im glad we did, cos i found one of the best truffle fries in town!

Our sleepy morning faces

We both ordered Eggs Benedict ($18++) because the breakfast menu is limited on weekdays
Portion was pretty small, unless you are not a big eater like me 

Here comes the best part: The most awesome Truffle Fries ($13++) 
Good enough to warrant a second visit soon!

The outdoor seating was next to an open field, perfect for families with kids. 
Pet-friendly as well!

The boy's #ootd

And mine: Floradale Tea Frock in Tangerine
Bold colours can be such instant mood-lifters, im extremely biased towards happy dresses like this
Cafe Melba
90 Goodman Road
#01-56 Goodman Arts Centre Block N
Tel: +65 64406068

Cousins' Gathering at Switch
Francisca picked this location, and i love it better than Shuffle which we visited previously.
The high ceiling is definitely a plus point, otherwise it can get abit claustrophobic at times.
Menu's similar to Timbre, so no complaints about it ;)

I always feel so comfortable with them, the Ow family rocks 

I really have a thing for anything floral now, check out my iphone cover which costs only $5 teehee

Seafood Aglio Olio / Seafood in Chilli Crab Sauce / Buffalo Wings / Roasted Duck Pizza
Everything was YUMZ

What i wore; Nirvina Floral Dress and Del Pleat Skirt in Lilac
Purple has gotta be one of my favourite hues this spring!

Jol in C'est Lace Dress Creme, quality assured piece
The leather panels sure add a classychic twist to this feminine number
73 Bras Basah Road 
#01-01/02 S(189556)
Tel: 6336 7339

Headed to Town: Mignon's Steak & Grill // Paris Baguette
Mx always brings me to new places and im so thankful for that!
Good things must be shared, i highly recommend this place for really good and affordable western food

Food for the two gluttons

The escargots were so tasty, they deserve a photo on its own.
I've always thought The New Harbour Cafe has the best escargots until i tried these, soo good!

Mignon's Steak & Grill
391 Orchard Road
#B204-3 Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Tel: 67373556

My obsession with floral continues..
As requested, Opulence Rosette Dress is now on Backorders here!

Must-order at Paris Baguette: Soft Sweet Potato Cake

Our lovingly manufactured Lanvin Clutch Bag which received lotsa compliments from customers who received theirs ;)

Love the slightly low-back of this pretty piece!

Ippudo Ramen, Mandarin Gallery
Comfort food especially on cold rainy days

The Stepford Skirt from our latest launch is also available via BO here

Outfit to a dinner date at Ikoi with the girls last week;

Alright, back to work in the office now.
Sweet treats from the boyfriend, thankyou :)

Gala Premiere for Ah Boys to Men 2 tonight, stay tuned for an update soon!
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Blessed week ahead everyone xx


  1. Hi Lu, What brand of the gold watch u wore with Opulence Rosette Dress? Very pretty!

  2. Hi Lucinda, don't you wear your retainers? :)

    1. I ought to! but i always forget to bring them out. Are my teeth out of alignment?

    2. Oh, no no... I was just wondering. Because I just removed my braces and my dentist kept telling me that I MUST wear them 24/7 for at least 6 months.

    3. I was more consistent in wearing the retainers when i just removed my braces. I know of a couple of friends who need braces for the second time cos they were too lazy w their retainers, so your dentist is right ;)

  3. Hi love your white pointy heels w strap that u wore w the London velvet top.
    Can I know where is it from? Thanks!

    1. Got them from hongkong if i didnt remember wrongly :)

  4. Hi Lu, wonder where did you buy your heels that you wore matching with En Fleur Peplum Dress ?

  5. Hi Lu,

    I was looking for the Chanel ring that u wore. May i know where you get from and how much?


    1. If you're talking about the gold one, i got it at Chanel NgeeAnn City! Cant remember the price, should be ard 200ish :)

  6. I was referring the silver with double c logo. I think is silver. Or urs is gold? Thanks for your reply!

  7. Hi Lu, I think you're very blessed to have a boyfriend who will bring you around for meals! It's just a sweet gesture :') How does he finds so many places for brunch/dinner? Did his friends introduce to him or did he google or any good food blogs to recommend? :) I'm a food lover too but I often run out of places to dine, so I hope you and your boyfriend will provide some good advices! :) Thanks and stay gorgeous!

  8. Hi Lucinda,

    May I know what products you apply in your hair to make the curls last? Thank ou!


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