Ah, Life's Little Surprises

Today, i encountered my greatest nightmare. Our website crashed at the time of launch.
As much as i am truly thankful for the tremendous support from our customers, I almost had a heart attack. 

Based on last year's experience, we purchased dedicated servers with larger capacity and
 optimized them with the help of specialists so as to cope with high volume traffic.
They proved to be handling well with our previous Cny launches until today and it really upsets me ;'(
After all the rebooting of systems, numerous calls and checks, our site is up and running.
However, we have decided to postpone the launch til 11am tomorrow as requested.

On behalf of the Ohvola team, I sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience caused.
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding (& kindness) in this matter.
Catch you girls at ohvola.com tomorrow :)

On to happier things..

Jerrine's Birthday Surprise, Flutes at the Fort 
 On the way to our surprise venue with the balloons!

 We arrived after a long flight of stairs and boy, i love the monochrome concept of this place.
My current favorite restaurant which i heard looks more amazing at night, 
will head back sometime soon!

One of the areas in the restaurant which i thought was really pretty!  
We were given the private Lewin Room instead to accommodate all 12 of us and it was perfect

 Its always sucha joy picking out helium balloons for the birthday girl
 I love to mix and match them according to her personality or fav colours - 
Jerrine has a weakness for lace/dainty pieces so its definitely pastel for her, i hope she likes them ;)

 With wanqian who was the first to arrive!

 Appetizers -
Deep fried breaded foie gras with sliced smoked duck breast, citrus, cranberry and mache salad
A refreshing combination, the breaded foie gras was especially good

 I had the Sliced smoked salmon with poached egg, asparagus, mixed salad and hollandaise sauce
I loved this too, so i had a pretty high expectation for the main course

 Mains - 
Eggs benedict with english muffin, spinach, ham, roasted tomato and mixed salad 
I was so disappointed because it looked really promising
The entire texture was really dry even after we requested for more hollandaise sauce

 Seared striploin steak with mashed potato, mache, asparagus and bearnaise sauce
I love the tenderness of the meat albeit a tad too salty for my liking

Desserts -
Lemon tart with coffee ice-cream, thumbs up for this as well

 Belgian waffle with chantilly cream, strawberries, maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream
By this time, i was too full to enjoy the waffles but everyone else loved this so its highly recommended

 Surprise success! 
We got her the Mandarina cake from Antoinette, soo good im hoping to order it again during Cny

haha how glam, Dennis!

 The gift from all of us 

 What goes behind all the photos hehe poor boys

 Love the cut-out detail of the upcoming Loewe Dress

Ree's new hellokitty tote is uber cute

 Hope you enjoyed your day Jer xx

 Found a matchy background on the way back to the car, white x peach how apt

Ah Boys to Men 2 Gala Premiere
Thank you Gushcloud for the tickets to the Gala Premiere at Vivo City.
I can't decide if i liked the first or the second better, cos i enjoyed both tremendously!
If you liked the first, you gotta catch the sequel too especially for the boys.

Some of the other bloggers who attended the event as well, somehow i feel so old/out of place in this photo

 Kaykay's soo gorgeous in real life, i felt almost star struck

 Outfit: Ashbury Top in white

 On Jolene: Hannabeth Dress in Daffodil

#whatiwore to town another day: Olie Tea Frock in Creme

A close up of the pretty prints
Topshop-inspired piece, another dress perfect for the Cny 

Praying for a smooth launch tomorrow! 
Have a fabulous week ahead xox


  1. Hello! Is there any allowance at the waist area for you for Loewe Dress?
    I'm a UK8 ptp 15.5 and waist 12. Should I get S or M for the dress? :)

    1. Sizing runs small, so size M should be better for you :)

  2. Hi, really hope that there will be a BO for the Olie Tea Frock in Creme for all sizes. Was about to pay for the item when it went OOS! So sad! :(

    1. I'll open BO for it once we have confirmed the availability of fabric with our manufacturer :)

  3. I love the heels you wore to the surprise birthday party! May I ask where are they from? Thank you!

    1. I got them from China/Hongkong, cant remember exactly sorry!

  4. Lu, can open BO for Olie Tea Frock in Creme & Hannabeth Dress in Tiffany? I am those who camped out ur website for hours and super sad to hear u launching at my busy working hour. Failed failed to buy due to my heavy workload. Please open BO! They r so pretty!!!

    1. Ok sure! I'll open BO for them once our manufacturers get back to us. We're so sorry about the rescheduled launch time :(

  5. Hi Lu, I think you're very blessed to have a boyfriend who will bring you around for meals! It's just a sweet gesture :') How does he finds so many places for brunch/dinner? Did his friends introduce to him or did he google or any good food blogs to recommend? :) I'm a food lover too but I often run out of places to dine, so I hope you and your boyfriend will provide some good advices! :) Thanks and stay gorgeous!

  6. Thankyou, MX will be very happy to hear this! He brings me to new places that he randomly comes across on google/newspaper, no specific food blogs. So sorry i cant be of much help!

  7. i missed the bo for marc crop top . can i email ohvola to squeeze in an order?

    1. You might want to purchase it, should extra pieces arrive :)

  8. Hey just a suggestion,

    May you should have a blog archive at your side bar for easier referencing :)

    1. Now that you've mentioned, i think i'll need to get down to do it soon ;)

  9. Hi babe,
    I have sent an urgent enquiry regarding a change in my postage to courier.
    Please let me know if it is still possible to change, I hope to receive my item by Friday, thanks.

    1. Hi Jocelyn, do email our team at orders@ohvola.com thanks :)

  10. Hey Lucinda!

    Thank you for being such a sweetheart at the self-collection! You were right about the dress size (:

    Thank you!!

    As ever,

    1. Hi Jasmine!
      My pleasure, thanks for dropping by :)

  11. Hi, may i ask where did Ree get her hello kitty bag from? its so cute!

  12. Hi! How much did you get the chanel bag for?(: and do you mind letting me know the model number?(: Thanks!

  13. Was nice meeting you and Jo at the ocbc influencer's event, checking out your blog for the first time :) Looks like fun dear! Love the food photos at flutes at the fort, so sad to hear the eggs benedict was D+D = dry + disappointing! :(

  14. Hi Lu,
    Is there any allowance at the waist area for Olie Tea Frock?
    I'm a UK8 ptp 15.5 and waist 12.5. Should I get S or M for the dress?


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