"Starring some of the most incredible acts on earth, LE NOIR is an extraordinary evening of intimate cirque style entertainment. A cast of world class acrobats, musicians, specialty acts and comedians are the centerpiece of this cutting edge production." - Marina Bay Sands Singapore

 So last night, Jolene and I (together with our plus one) were invited to watch Le Noir at the Sands Theatre.
Googled a lil' about the background before heading down and the reviews were really good, so imagine my excitement!

 All smiles while waiting for the performance to commence.  
So impressed with the beauty mode function in Jol's camera, #nofilter needed at all. 
Haha im almost tempted to get one for myself now. 

 The stage with spectacular lighting effects, so much anticipation for what is to come!

 One of the many heart-stopping segments, I was soo entertained

 The unique (and best imo) part of the performance has got to be how it engages the audience.
Everyone got so tickled everytime someone from the floor gets called up to stage.
Be prepared for a HUGE load of laughter and surprises in between.


 Managed to squeeze in some shots during the 20-minute interval 

Thankyou for the company, always :)

Back from the interval, and the level of excitement magnified with more acrobatic stunts one after another.
I love the amazing wardrobe/choice of music/surprise elements and the flow between each segment.

The Finale. (together with lotsa confetti to bring home with you haha please be warned)

Truly, Wow is an understatement. 
I was a little apprehensive about the 2-hour duration initially, but now i wished it was longer. 
Still in awe of the amazingg performance, everyone should really watch it.

Ending w a photo of the other bloggers.
Once again, thank you Gushcloud and Base Entertainment for having us!
The performance schedule ends on 7th April, so hurry book yours if you haven't ;) 

I promise to be back soon to update about my birthday celebration, salonvim, and other sponsorships.
Til then have a fabulous long weekend xx


  1. Hi Lucinda may I know which camera is Jolene using? The pictures look so pretty!

    1. Thankyou! But only the closeup image was taken using Jolene's Samsung EX2F, the rest were taken using my Canon S110.

    2. Thanks for the info! But in your opinion which camera is better?

    3. Functions(screen can be flipped etc) wise, i would definitely prefer Jolene's!

  2. Hi, may I know the model for your Chanel clutch if you dun mind? Thank you.

  3. Hi Lucinda, may I know is the skater skirt Jolene wore to the show an upcoming Ohvola piece? Thanks!

  4. hihi can i know if the pants ur wearing a upcoming piece?

    1. Nope it isn't, but we do have a pair of striped shorts and floral pants coming up on ohvola.com!

  5. May I know where did u get your striped pant? Thanks


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