Finally found time to blog about my birthday celebration in march, 
so blessed to have had another year to breathe, smile and explore the world.
Can't be more thankful for the people who made this time so special, 
and all of the wishes&gifts that made my day so much sweeter.
Thank you for remembering, and here goes ;) 

Alkaff Mansion Ristorante
 Complimentary cake from the restaurant and the happiest flowers from the boy to kickstart the day :')

 Thank you everyone for making time to celebrate this day with me!

 Food was pretty mediocre, but i loveee their Blueberry Banana Pancakes (tasted as good as it looks)

 The three best friends xx

 My dearest mom 

 Not forgetting, the one behind all the planning and preparation :)

 Cheers to many more years of fun, laughter and friendship!

 It would have been perfect if the weather was more forgiving

 but the rain didn't dampen our mood to photograph, not even a bit ;)

 Headed to jr's right after, this furball is gettin' cuter by the day

My ombré cake dream came true.
So much gratitude to the talented girls Gina and Shyanne who rushed it just for me :')

 Birthday = lotsa presents hee, and i love this thankyou xx

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour 
Prior to that, Mx brought me on a surprise trip to HelloKitty Town and it got me so excited the entire day

 We were quite lucky, cos it was a weekday and this place was pretty empty

Hellokitty-shaped waffles which tasted like dough haha i didn't bear to eat it anyways

 Tried my best to suit the theme here, i hope i passed :x

 I was truly fascinated by how everything was designed to suit the sanrio theme, SO BEAUTIFUL

One of the activities includes painting the plain cookie (below) with the chocolate/jam provided

 Minghian's vs mine, boys are always boys sigh

 Another room for jewelry-making

 which led to phototaking with their costumes..
Haha we looked hideous, so embarrassed to post it here but at least the photos turned out pretty well

My favorite part, hellokitty's house tour omg i could stay here forever

 And the boys will love this place the most - the Black Wonder Dungeon 
where almost everything was in black&white, Mx was so entertained

 Ended with a carnival where all the characters danced and sang, felt almost like Disneyland!
Hellokitty fanatics, you'll love this place like i did ;) 

Catalunya, The Fullerton Pavilion

Everything we ordered tasted perfect, the Suckling Pig Tapa (top right) was da bomb not kidding.
Wished the food was slightly more photogenic, but it definitely summons for a second visit soon!

Thankyou for you, you're the best present i could ever ask for.


  1. Are yours and Jolene's hair permed? Or do you guys curl it on your own?

  2. Where did you purchase the tickets from? Is there any coach that brings you to and fro? How much is the entrance fee?

    1. I think Mx booked it at http://www.singaporeflyer.com, yep there was a coach!
      More details can be found at the site :)

  3. hi babe , where did u get the colorful laying top that u worn to kitty land ? is so pretty :)

  4. Hi Lu, can I check with you where you got your blue floral dress from? The one you wore on your birthday to Alkaff Mansion :)


  5. Hi, may i know where you get the shoes (in last pic) from? Thanks! :)

  6. Hi

    May i know usually where did you all purchase the balloons? The balloons showcased in your blog are all very nice.


  7. Happy belated bday babe! Your bf is so sweet, you had such an epic celebration :) I ate at Catalunya before as well and did a blogpost on it - http://loveyouwrongtime.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/hola-great-tapas-service-and-spanish-dinner-at-catalunya-restaurant-singapore/

    To be honest it's a nice place but overpriced lah.


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