Saranghae KOREA

Yay im finally back to update about our recent Korea trip as promised.
So, this post is specially dedicated to Candice, one of our sweetest customers!
Hope this helps you in the planning for your trip next year ;)

I've also received a couple of emails regarding our itinerary. 
The 9 of us went on a 8D6N cherry blossoms tour group via Chan brothers, and i love it!
Besides having to wake up at 7am almost everyday and switching of hotels every night 
(if not alternate), honestly i have no other complaints. We visited places which would be less 
accessible if we'd traveled on our own and transport was definitely made easy for our big group of nine. 
Our rest time on the tour buses also called for some instagram-ing (#9HottiesTakeOnKorea) where 
we fully utilized the rented Olleh wifi egg which could be shared among seven devices. 
This is one of the best creations, soo convenient! (All thanks to Charlene's recommendation)

Anyways, i managed to filter 500++ images to 100 phew didn't think i could do it.
Hehe so here goes,

We took a night flight 

 and arrived at Incheon!

Day 2 // Changdukgung Palace
where we sighted the first of cherry blossoms, and i was truly blown away by its beauty

 With my mom and sisters, finally a trip where dajie francisca could join us!

huge open space + too bored from the long flight = us hadokening haha

 I've never fancied hotstone pot bibimbap but this was really good

 We'd some spare time after an ice carving session at the Ice Gallery (Bukchon), so we went shopping!

Paris Baguette was everywhere, and they had very lovely deco (+ pastries)

Dongdaemun Market
We had a short stopover at Dongdaemun before we headed to the airport for our flight to Jeju island
Food makes us very happy, must-eat: grilled squid!

After a very bumpy domestic flight, we arrived in Jeju, checked-in and headed out for our fav meal SUPPER

Day 3 // Jeju Island - All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

Jeju Folk Village
Witnessed a traditional procession along the way, just look at the little boy infront how adorable!

Trick Art Museum
The first museum in  Korea to showcase optical illusion art, one of my favorites definitely. 

Teseum Safari 
One of the first museums in the world to exhibit all sorts of teddy bears, 
didnt expect myself to enjoy this place but i sure did!

 Aww Korean kids are the most adorable

 It's okay mom, we forgive you hahaha

 My favorite buy from Top-dong shopping street. 
Let me know if you girls would like to see similar wedge sneakers on Ohvola ;)

Day 4 // Flight to Daegu 

where we visited Dongwasha Temple

Heh we are the sneakers family.

Shopping spree at Dongseonglo Street
where we met the cutest puppy sitting quietly at the back of a shop that carries funky ties.
Plus they were really affordable, Mx always has an eye for such great deals ;) 

 Too precious.

 We kinda got hooked to doing these pose-y photos, couldn't help it cos the weather was too perfect.
Wished it was the same here in Singapore. 

 Hanjeongsik Dinner, where we had so much food served one after another 
and it felt almost like Omakase. Just looking at this photo makes me crave for another round now!

 What we do at every overseas trip without fail - facetime taylor!
Sounds ridiculous but he responds to us and it never fails to amuse us.

Day 5 // Daejeon - Strawberry Picking (my favorite part of the trip)

 The best part was we got to bring home a box full of huge juicy strawberries each,
sucha great start to the day! 

Maisan Provincial Park & Tapsa Temple

 Mushroom Pot for lunch, the enoki mushrooms were in abundance soo good!

 Not very nice of its owner, but we couldn't help snapping photos and have a good laugh over it after.

Jeongju Traditional Culture Centre 
where we role-played the Korean traditional wedding ceremony to get a better understanding of their
culture. Our group volunteered to participate and everyone from our tour had sucha a good laugh
 over the couple's funny antics.

 Our good ol' buddy Dennis here is forever enthusiastic over fun(ny) shots regardless of his outfits, 
he's probably the reason behind all the pose-y and hilarious group photos.
Single and available, please comment if you're interested to know him 

 Everywhere in korea is photoshoot background-worthy

 Bonchon Chicken, sooo good someone please franchise it here 

Day 6 // Daejeon - Yongjin Everland Themepark

Doing it the Korean way ;)

 First stop was the Safari World where we were of so close proximity with the animals

 While the rest were queuing for the thrilling rides, 
the weak-hearted us attempted to relive our childhood at the games stations!

 Mx won all of these for me, i was so happy

See what i mean, hahaha

A group of girls came up to me and complimented on my hair, 
and it made me happy for awhile! Thankyou Salon Vim for such healthy hair I've never loved more :)

 How cute can they get? 

  Our first portrait together, such a precious souvenir to bring back with me.

 Another round of Hanboks after our kimchi-making session

 What we do best

Finally a proper one ;)

Day 7 // Seoul - Beauty Academy
Im sorry if this image scares you or spoils your appetite, but i just had to post this cos 
Mx doesn't believe in beauty products so this is sucha rare photo of him wearing a mask
 haha this still cracks me up whenever i see it

 By day 7, we got quite uninterested in the cherry blossoms 
but right now i wished we took more photos with them

where we did lots of last minute shopping for the friends and relatives.
This is the place to go if you are looking for cosmetics or beauty products.

 Another of my favorites, this egg sponge cake!

Day 8 // Our final day in Seoul

Shinchon Ladies Street
This is my favorite shopping district among the rest I've visited.
The best deals so far, and very trendy to boot.
Sucha pity we didn't have much time to shop since we were rushing to the airport.

Not in the best mood for a photo cos we had to leave.
I'll definitely visit Seoul again, during this period if i could cos the weather's too endearing :)

Hope you enjoyed the photos and didn't get too bored with the lengthy post.
Updating about Ohvola outfits next!
Have a fab week ahead xx


  1. Hi Lucinda! May I know where you got the printed bandage skirt on the last 7-8 photos? The picture where you paired with a black leggings and mustard scarf! Thank you! And YES to sneakers wedges :)

    1. Got it from Dongseonglo Street in Daegu if im not wrong :)

  2. YES to sneakers wedges on Ohvola. can't wait to go Korea next year too.

  3. Yes. Definitely would like to see similar wedge sneakers on Ohvola ;)

  4. Hi Lucinda! I've been to Seoul during Winter and I would wanna go back there during the Cherry Blossoms. The pictures you took look too good to be true! :D

    YESSSS to sneakers wedges, but preferably <6cm for the wedge if not will not be comfy? Pls manu in different colours too! Thank you :))

    1. Thankyou, i would love to visit seoul during winter soon! noted your suggestions as well, thanks for the valuable input :)

  5. Hi, yes please bring in those gorgeous sneakers ;)

  6. Lu, what is the brand & code no. of fake eyelashes you are putting on?

    1. Not too sure sorry, i usually buy random ones during my work trips!

  7. Where did you all keep Taylor when away? Thanks!

  8. Hey Lu, pls teach us how u did ur curls. I mean the style before u went to salon vim. Thanks!!!

  9. your pics are lovely! <3

    1. Thankyou lyi! Sorry i cant visit London this jun :(

  10. Hi Lucinda! May I know where you got the sweater and mustard scarf! Thank you! And YES to sneakers wedges :)

    1. Mustard scarf's a gift from charlene, which sweater are you referring to?

  11. Babe, where did u get the black fur top from u wore to everland from?
    btw, u look so sweet. i like yr style

  12. Aww thankq :) Got the black top from my last overseas work trip!

  13. Saw the wedge sneakers, so gorgeous Pls do bring them in!!! Can't wait!!!


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