SEOUL Travelogue.

Hello everyone! If you read Jolene's blog, 
you'd have known that we just returned from an impromptu (kinda) trip to Korea.
Weird how we were just there in April with the huge bunch of friends, 
but this time it felt all so different due to the change in weather!
Still, Seoul-loving much ;)

Arrived at Incheon airport!
The cab fare to our hotel cost around 100sgd, so we chose the Limousine bus instead.
Saved our pockets quite a fair bit and the ride was only less than an hour, soo convenient.

Edae / Ewha Women's University 
Checked-in and off we went to our all-time favorite shopping spot.
This is truly the place to be, if you're looking for good bargains.

 It was pretty easy trying to find a lunch spot here as well, 
they have an entire row of restaurants situated on the second storey!

 With our dearest mom :)

 Outfit; Mallory Dress in purple & Marx Flats in lilac
I can't emphasize how much i love this amazing piece even though it looks pretty basic.
The fabric used is a new material that is of superb quality, 
doesn't crease easily and feels so luxurious when worn.
We'll definitely be using more of it for upcoming designs!

Marx Flats have got to be our best shoes so far.
They are so popular among our close friends, even our manufacturers and models kept a pair each ;)
Kept all colors for myself, but my favorite's lilac.  

Jol in Le Ombré Frock Turquoise
This dress is soo pretty, it's like the perfect piece for summer vacations/beach getaways.
Somehow, tie-dye and ombré pieces never seem to go out of trend ;)
Keeping the Apricot one for an upcoming shoot!

The next morning when we were due for our non-incision (suture technique) double eyelid surgery. 
Right after the surgery with no makeup, I hope these photos don't frighten you too much.
It's been two weeks with no eye makeup so this explains the sunglasses in most photos.

 Hongdae / Hongik University
We were advised to head out, so Hongdae shopping we went!

 Marx Flats in Offwhite this time, soo comfortable i could walk in them the entire day.

Awww even the puppies here are more fashionable.


My first at Smoothie King, and i'm officially hooked.

 Outfit; Odelia Lace Frock in Sunflower & Marx Flats Offwhite

& Jolene in Mallory Dress Yellow.
 Everywhere's so pretty, we couldn't resist for a mini photoshoot ;)

Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil Road
We explored Gangnam-gu (where we stayed) a little and found this amazing place.

 Seoul's truly a fashion haven.

 Dinner was Korean Barbeque, 
our third in a row cos that's the only korean cuisine our mom enjoys ;)

 Never knew bbq-ed pumpkins go so well together.

Home-bound the next day!

Dean & Deluca, Orchard Central
Prior to the trip, Mx and I finally found time for some shopping in town.

 Not a huge fan of sweet treats, but their Berries and Flap Jacks ($18) were soo yum!

 Can't remember the name for this, but it was delish too.

Shopping with no agenda, just spending time together. How precious :)

 What i wore, Hathor Pants still available here.

Put together an outfit for a birthday; Beatrix Bustier 
This top is love at first sight, anything  tapestry always appeals to me somehow.

Fidelis Playsuit in Magenta & Marx Flats in Blush
Another of our best playsuits to date, amazingg cut ;)

Britt Career Dress in Black made for the working ladies!
The material feels luxurious, coupled with an appropriate length. 
Cinch with a belt and you're ready for business meetings ;)

 Ending with a photo of the lil' furball and I in Tilly Crochet Dress Fuchsia.
He dozed off on my lap while waiting for me to complete my next advert.
So precious :')

Hop over to our site, if you forgot about our new collection launch tonight!
Have a great weekend ahead everyone xx


  1. Hi Lu, loving all your outfits and I hope you and Jolene are recovering well from your surgeries! How very brave of you both! Anyway, is the white skirt paired with the bustier an upcoming piece on Ohvola? :)

    1. Thankyou for your well wishes :) The lace skirt's from seoul!

    2. Oh, it is too pretty! Pls manufacture a similar skirt on Ohvola! :)

    3. We've an upcoming skirt thats really lovely as well ;)

  2. Hi can u guys share the clinic details pls!! :) thank you


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