Lactacyd, LOVE YOUR V

Hi ladies,
I'm pretty sure many of you would have heard of the brand Lactacyd and its products.
For those who haven't, here's a little background info.
Lactacyd is the number 1 feminine hygiene wash brand in Singapore and worldwide
that is highly prescribed by doctors and trusted by women for over 25 years.
Regretfully, i just found out about Lactacyd recently. 
Wished i knew of them earlier, but i guess it is never too late. 

To kick-start the Lactacyd 'Love Your V' Campaign 2013,
CLICK HERE to check out short, fun and entertaining webisodes
that debunk common misconceptions on feminine wash usage.

I find this one in particular most interesting: 

Although most women are aware of feminine hygiene care, 
the importance of proactive usage is often overlooked. 
Feminine washes not only aid in prevention of infections, it is an integral part in one's beauty regime.
Lactacyd believes that every inch of the female body deserves the best care
 in order to be fair and flawless, esp the intimate area.

Let's have a better understanding of the comprehensive range of products .
Lactacyd feminine wash has 4 variants - (from left to right) RevitalizeNourish, pH3.5, White Intimate
with various benefites and also in the form of feminine wipes to provide on-the-go freshness.

I personally recommend the Lactacyd Revitalize and White Intimate.
The Revitalize has proven to have anti-ageing effects, moisturizes and firms the skin 
while the White Intimate lightens the skin, hydrates and soothes. 
In fact, it is the first intimate wash with lightening properties to be introduced in Singapore.

However, our skin and its needs differs from person to person.
You can find out which products are most suitable for yourself here: 

Interested to try the products?
Join the Lactacyd VIP Club to get exclusive free samples, the best deals and promotions!

What i love the most, would be the daily feminine wipes that provide on-the-go freshness.
It's packaged in a perfect size that is hassle-free to bring around everyday as well.

Lastly, do join the Lactacyd Say V Instagram Contest if you haven't.
Hashtag your peace sign photo (anyway you'd like it) with #LactacydSayV and @lucindazhou
so i can pick 3 winners to walk away with a set of amazing Lactacyd products each!
Remember to put your accounts to public so i can view your posts, good luck :)

Say V; I've learnt to take proper care and love mine, time you should too!


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