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Hello xx
Our tea party is finally happening this Sunday, and i can hardly contain my excitement already.
The only downside is the limited number of people we can invite due to space constraint.
We'd definitely love to invite everyone on our mailinglist, if we could.
We sincerely apologise for that, look forward to more of these to come alright?

We actually have a couple more passes to give away, so stay tuned to Jolene and my blog ;)
Photos from the past week:

Wanqian's Birthday Dinner at The White Rabbit

 Urgh my arms are too short

Whoop, so much better

Something about stained glass windows that's so mesmerizing, i can stare at them the whole day
 Some of the must-haves, they were sooo good!
Lobster Bisque ($38)

Foie Gras Duet ($29)
salt-cured with apple flan, seared lobe with cherry compote
My all-time favorite, just wish they were more friendly to the pocket

 Char-grilled Mangalica pork collar accompanied by compressed apple and Calvados cream ($46)

 Happybirthday babe!

Wished they had better lighting, else everything would have been almost perfect.

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Rd S249541
Tel: 6473 9965

Brunch at Penny University
Impromptu decisions are usually more interesting, and thankfully we made it before their last order!

 With the ever-spontaneous brunch khakis

We were already eyeing the cakes, even before we got down to ordering our mains.


 Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon ($12)
Jol loved this for their generous portion of hollandaise sauce, reasonably-priced as well
 French Toast ($8)
This looked most appealing amongst the rest, but definitely fell short of our expectations.

 Croque Monsieur ($12)
If you are a fan of cheese, you'll LOVE this 
Turkey ham with parmesan on toased ciabatta, heavenly

Happy people after a good meal

What we wore; Jolene in Tigerlily Pants Crimson

 In Tigerlily Pants Crimson the other day as well

 & here's the Blue version which i love as much 

Interview with 91.3FM
It was a lovely Thursday afternoon spent at the 91.3FM studio with the other gushcloud bloggers.
Thank you Gushcloud for the opportunity!
If you heard me on air, i hope i didn't sound too weird.
 Taking You Home with Boy Thunder, Adam and Josh

 The first group for interview, and i was pretty excited

 Really impressed with the DJs, at how they managed everything with such ease and confidence

 With a few of the other bloggers, Xavier and Tammy

 & not forgetting, very talented Junying who worked magic on Adam's nails  

Our matching #redxwhite outfits for national day, 
it wasn't coincidental cos i kinda forced him haha

Closeup of the lovely laced floral details

Other #ohvolaootd to share;
 Yepuda Dress Light which comes with the featured belt

One of my favorite skirts to date, i have been repeating this outfit cos it's too comfy

 Bailey Top in Blue

 Sanfleur Dress in Purple
The lycra-cotton fabric is super comfy and perfect for our weather

The contest should be up tonight, so stay tuned to this space.
Thank you for reading :) xx


  1. Hi Lu, any turquoise dresses coming up?

  2. Hi lucinda,

    May I know Where you got The white wedges from? (Where u wore it to lola cafe );)


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