Here we go.

Busybusy months ahead! 
As we approach the end of year/peak season, we just can't afford time to go on a holiday now.
There's always the terrible urge to book the next flight out to explore the globe.
But all temptations have to be controlled, cos bigger plans are on its way.
Just sent in tons of Ohvola designs for the upcoming X'mas/Cny, can't wait for all of them to arrive.
If you've something in mind and would like us to manufacture it, feel free to email us ;)

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant
Back for the second time, and we brought the mom and sista along cos my mommy's a huge fan of the
korean fare. So glad it's situated within walking distance from mx's workplace, so he could join us.
An authentic korean restaurant, with service that is superb too!  

The complimentary side dishes; 
Korean fishcakes are the best, especially when they are not served everywhere.

Jjajangmyeon / Bulgogi Beef / Kimchi Seafood Soup / Steamed Egg
All of these were pretty decent, but the must-order has to be the Kimchi Soup

I've always enjoyed Japchae, but this was a tad too salty for my liking.

I'll always be back to visit, nonetheless. Thanks for bringing us here Mx!

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant
76 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555972
(A few units away from OCBC)
Tel: 6283 6339

If you noticed, I kept this dress in all 3 colors cos' the cut's really flattering!

Brenda's Birthday House Party

Remember the sold-out Louisa Top which many of you have requested to remake in more colours?
I wore the new Barbie Pink one last week, to match my neon shoes.
Comes in our most popular Mint colour too, as seen on Jolene!

Happybirthday to the pretty&ever-youthful Brenda, who doesn't look her age abit.
Please share your secret ;)

Not forgetting, the most lovable Coca in his Dino outfit.

Mid-autumn at Adrian's 
What better way to celebrate lantern festival than to spend it with the pals at the Tans, 
kudos to the huge family for their hospitality! The xiaopengyous (Jol, Sean, Ree, Char) joined us 
this time, and we had a CRAZY FUN (understatement) night clearing boxes&boxes of mooncakes.

FEAST OUT - check out the generous portion 

How can we forget these furballs, who melt every heart with their puppy eyes.
They are 2 months old Pomeranians (pure breed), and two of them need a new home. 
If you're keen, they are up for sale at $2500 nego. Leave a comment/email me if anyone's interested.

Awww major sweetheart, i'd bring him home if i could.

Til the next!

What i wore; Reagan Top in Blue
A lovely piece that is light, versatile and eye-catching at the same time.

 An upcoming item, Carbry Knit in Mint to kickstart our year-end knit series, perfect for the 
chilly weather. Gonna head out in the Black&White pieces soon.

Another day in Noah Playsuit Black,
always the perfect piece to don on days with too many errands to run.

I'm excited for the cousin's big day tomorrow, & am gonna be in two upcoming Ohvola outfits.
Look out for more updates on my instagram @lucindazhou if you haven't followed me / @jolenezhou!
Have a restful weekend ahead everyone xx


  1. Hi Lucinda, may I check with you which colour do you like most for the carbry knit top? Ohvola items are getting more and more pretty!! Will the mint one be okay for fair skin tone? Thank you in advanced!

    1. I'm quite torn between the black&white and mint-coloured! I would say, the mint one is suitable for all skin tones ;) Great to hear you're loving our designs, thankyou for telling me!

  2. Hi Lu! For the photo uploaded on Facebook, is the hot pink shorts matched with the carbry knit top upcoming? Can't wait to see the third colour of the knit top, I'm definitely getting the mint! Contemplating to get another colour :)

    1. The featured shorts are from zara! The colors for the knit are mint/navy/black/white, a monochrome one will be easy to match ;)

  3. Lucinda! I bought a polka dot top a long time ago.. It has 3 colours, green, blue and nude. I love that material!! Would you be using that material again?

    1. Not at the moment, but we're constantly sourcing for quality and new fabric! :)

  4. Hi lucinda. Ohvola's designs are really getting nicer. But can the length of ur dress be at least 33" so that its more appropriate for work. I usually dropped the idea of buying becoz of the length of the dress.


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