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Hello ladies!
Here's an update on how my hair looks now. & before i start, i'd like to do a special shout-out 
to my most awesome hair sponsor Salon Vim. Thank you for always giving me beautiful hair i never had,
and helping me achieve healthier locks with each session. I'm very grateful for that.
No more funky colors this time, but i love my new hair no less.

I can't describe how tremendously much my hair improved post-treatment, but it's definitely
no easy feat achieving this. I sat close to 6 hours in the salon, but everything was worth it.
Cosme Japanese soft rebond followed by a darker base colour dye and lastly, 
my favorite Kerastase treatment (Kera Fusion) to save my tresses.

 Kera Fusion involves customized hair & scalp rituals to target various hair concerns.
The first step includes pampering the hair with the Oleo hair masque.

One appropriate booster will be added into Oleo-Fusion concentrate to cater to your needs.
For my case, i needed both the color and strengthener boosters to repair my very weakened 
and colored hair. I was pretty intrigued by the steps which my hairstylist Katherine very patiently
demonstrated and explained to me. 

 Who can resist such pretty hair products?
Kerastase shampoo / Treatment Masque / Leave-in Essence specially catered for color-treated hair

 Katherine felt that i needed the Kerastase Reconstructing Masque (the green series) 
more than the pink one. Thus, i'm using the shampoo for color-treated hair and hair masque 
for strengthening/repair to target my various needs. Best of both worlds, isn't it? ;)
Katherine really understands my hair needs, and i think that's really important.
 Honestly, she's the best.

Don't forget to quote 'Lucinda' to enjoy a special 10% discount for first timers!

Salon Vim By Chez Vous

313 Outlet
313@Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 S(238895)
Call 68847757 / 68847767
Bugis Outlet
235/235A Victoria Street S(188027)
Call 68370073 / 98370045

What i wore, Kerr Lace Blouse in Black

I love the laced back detail especially, 
& i'm keeping both the white and black because they are so versatile!

Mint Museum of Toys x Jamie's Italian SG
A few days before, Mx and I went on a date!
We don't have the luxury of time to head out during weekdays anymore, now that 
he has started his full-time job. Sooo, i was pretty excited when he had an half-day off!
 To the mint museum of toys, which wasn't too impressive imo.

 We left the place in less than half an hour, i was honestly expecting alot more.
Hopefully, i will be more entertained when the Mr Punch restaurant reopens!

Mint Museum | 26 Seah Street Singapore 188382 | +65 63390660

 Outfit; Soiree Top in Black, Marx Flats in Gold
Soiree top makes a comeback in flattering black, 
doubt we'll remake this in more colors so don't miss this!

 Marx Flats in Gold are available via BO,
closing tonight so don't miss this too.

The experience at Jamie's Italian SG was amazing as expected.
Love the food, ambiance, service, everything! They are usually fully booked online,
 unless you make reservations way ahead so try to reach early for dinner.
We arrived at 530pm and there was no queue at all, uber happy!

We had Baked Mushrooms $12.50 for starters, you'll love it if you're a fan of cheese.

Crispy Squid $11.50 was really good, i wished the portion was bigger.

 The Jamie's Italian Burger $27.50 was a tad too dry for my liking,
but the wagyu steak patty was well marinated.

 My friend, Angela recommended their Moscato $14/glass
It was slightly sparkling with a hint of sweetness, the best I've had.

 Here's a closeup of the textured fabric used for Soiree Top
Lovely, lovely piece.

Jamie's Italian
1 HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity, #1 165-167
Singapore 098585 
Tel: +65 67335500

Teppei Japanese Restaurant 
Visited our fav Teppei with the usuals, can't wait to feast again in Dec! 
 What i wore, Vertigo Embroidered Dress in Black
A very gorgeous & sophisticated piece that requires minimal accessorizing,
love fuss-free dresses like this.

 Someone's getting better-looking!

 My favorite from the 19 other omakase items

 Always stuffed at the end, sooo good!

Teppei Japanese Restaurant
1 Tras Link, Singapore 078867
Tel: 9229 4941

Ended the night with an impromptu visit to Adrian's!
Meet moon's newborns, insanely small and cute.
They are the size of my palm.

 Sorry for the too many black outfits, it somehow feels like the most flattering color to dress lately.
So here's Topaz Tea Dress in Sunshine, which i really adore as well!
Yellow never fails to brighten any photo every time.

Privé @ Keppel Bay
Met mx's colleagues for brunch at Privé. The last i went, was probably 3 years back?
I must say, the food & variety definitely improved tremendously.

 Sweet, sweet girls

 Another happy outfit in Reagan Top, Crimson
My recommended must-get for the collection, if you have a penchant for casual get-ups like me.
Gonna keep the Blue as well, they give a pretty nautical feel together which I fancy ;)

2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore City 098382
Tel: 6776 0777

Amber Frock in Yellow, this is a really gorgeous piece which flatters the collarbones.
I'm all head over heels with the unique front pleats, that flow very beautifully.

Fully decked in Ohvola, on a day to town!
Soiree Top in Black / Alesso Pants / Johvan Wedges

 Finally, Delilah Heels which everyone's been waiting for..
Launching them on 16 Sep Mon 830pm, we're so excited already!

Matched the neon yellow ones with Soireé Top today!
The shoes were so comfortable, i travelled almost the entire suntec with such ease.

& ending the post with two people who mean the world to me.
Mom and Mx, so thankful for them everyday.

Will be back soon, i promise!
A brand new week of surprises and challenges may await. 
Embrace, learn and be happy xx


  1. Hi Lu, I missed Johvan Wedges during the launch. Please bring it back! :(

    1. Nude colour's oos, but blue&green are still available here!

  2. Which colour would you choose to get for the new iPhone 5S? ;)

    1. I'm not sure if you meant 5S/5C, but i'd still prefer the white!

  3. Hi Lucinda, may i know where you got the necklace that you wore for the last pic? looks really good!

  4. Hi

    Love ur tresses. Are those curls at ends permanent?

    1. Thankq they are not permanent, I've straight hair!

  5. Hi Lucinda,
    Can u share with me ur Chanel bag size? Is This the medium size with lambskin in gold chain? Thk: )

    1. Hi there, i'm not too sure cos it's a vintage sorry!

  6. Hi Lu, will this white spag bustier paired with the pink skirt be launched soon? had been eyeing for quite some time! :/

    1. hey dear, shipment for this item has been cancelled :(

  7. Hi Lu, could u share what camera are u using? :D thanks alot in advance!

  8. Hi, is the topaz tea dress in sunshine very yellow in real life or it's more pastel yellow? Am considering to get it. Thanks

    1. It's not pastel yellow, yet not too bright. Kinda in between, and a really lovely shade :)


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