Klas & Sylph - fusion of fashion and health

It's been half a year with my nail sponsor, Sensual Nails Spa. I've learnt to take extra care of my nails
especially the toes, which have been highly neglected all these years. In fact, I've been pretty bothered by the
slight deformity of my big toe nails & minor infection (which can still be rectified, thankfully!) due to long
periods of having to walk in heels, especially the covered/pointed ones. To be honest, I don't own a single
pair of sandals just because I haven't found a bigger appeal for me to choose them over heels. 

So i thought it was pretty timely when a good friend of mine recommended Klas & Sylph, a renowned
footwear brand that originates from Australia. Klas & Sylph is made specifically for the sophisticated
women who recognize the benefits of being healthy, and believe that comfort shoes can be fashionable.

With the wide selection of designs and colors to choose from, my favorite has got to be 
the DIMITRA gladiator sandals in yellow & blue (on me), which caught my attention right away. 
I especially love how they go so well with my denim or printed outfits!

Most fashion sandals can be glamorous or beautifully designed, but not all are friendly to the feet due to the
hard inflexible sole used. As a result, you might experience common symptoms like tired feet or blisters, and
even feet deformity or backaches.

Klas & Sylph provides the perfect solution by gracefully incorporating fashion into health,
through the following 5 factors:

Soft & Delicate Touch of Micro-Suede: The footbed is made of Micro-Suede, a special 
material with smooth and superior touch that is perfect against our delicate skin. This unique 
material can be cleaned easily with wet napkins/soap water so yay to long-lasting clean footwear!

Toe Spring: The highly flexible toe spring makes it easiest to the most natural walking motion 
possible without restricting the movement of your feet.

Soft Memory Sole: The midsole is made of special Polyurethane (PU) mixture, which returns to
its original shape after being compressed by body weight. This "Memory Sole" produces ongoing 
balance and comfort for your walking experience. 

Arch Support: Embedded with arch support to distribute the body weight, thereby relieving users 
from foot and back pain.

Heel Cup: Supports your heel with extraordinary comfort, to keep your feet in the right position, 
preventing you from losing your balance while you travel.

 The Dimitra comes in another lovely nude/pink combination! 
Below are two of the bestsellers, which i absolutely adore as well.  

For a more comprehensive range of their products, check out their FB page:

  To give you a better understanding, here are the health benefits as mentioned earlier.

The best part, my readers are in for a treat!

The Dimatra retail at S$118, 
simply quote "Lucinda" to get them at 20% discount

Meet ups are available at Paya Lebar Mrt station
Contact: 8428 4881
Email: klassylph.sg@gmail.com

Thanks to the latest footwear innovation that integrates orthopedic construction into style,
let's have "healthy feet, pretty style" in Klas & Sylph today! 


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