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Professional hand painted oil canvas painting portraits
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Just last week, I was introduced to an amazing website - 
which allows me to have my photos hand painted on oil canvas. Something I've been wanting to try 
especially when I'm overseas, but the cost to get one done always holds me back. 
At, prices start at USD$80 which is really affordable in my opinion,
plus they make perfect Christmas Gifts!

The photo on the left was the one I uploaded to the site, and that's the fully hand painted oil canvas on the right. 
It looks very similar and life like, don't you think? is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas portraits that is 
trusted by Global Standards. They paint individual portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, 
siblings portraits, friendship portraits, couple portraits, graduation portraits, etc. 
Some of the other portraits, which I thought were really lovely and well done. I am truly impressed!

Besides, they do Worldwide International Shipping 
and the completed painting(s) will be delivered right to your doorstep. How convenient can it get?


Simply follow these 3 simple steps on

STEP 1 - Upload Picture
 - It is important that you upload a clear and close up picture of your face(s).
- I selected "(2) Couple" as there are 2 faces in the selected photo. 
- Currently, you are able to paint up to 4 faces from the options. If you would like to paint more, 
you are able to request for a customized painting by email -

STEP 2 - Choose Canvas Size and Add-ons
- My canvas size choice, A4 USD$99. The price of the painting increases, based on the size and 
number of faces in the picture. Hence, do select [No. of Person] in Step 1 carefully.

STEP 3 - Shipping and Billing Information
 - Fill in your personal billing address or select "Send as a Gift" to fill in your recipient's information.

- I chose "Registered Shipping" which is the safer option since I can track the status of my painting.
- Key in the Special Promo Code (10% discount): Christmas, and click Redeem Promo.
- Click Check Out, followed by payment and you're done!


These personalized high quality hand painted oil canvas painting portraits make Perfect Christmas Gifts,
and I can't wait to order them now. Not too early, because it takes around 2 to 4 weeks, to get your
portrait processed, painted and shipped to your doorstep.

Postage might even take slightly longer during special peak seasons like Christmas, Valentine's Day.
Therefore, this is the right time to place your Christmas orders now.

Surprise your loved ones with a personal message or love note when you select"Send as a Gift" option.
Don't forget the Special Promo Code (10% discount): Christmas
Hop over to now!


  1. Hey, I am just wondering if paintmereal will reply your email or send confirmation email to you?


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