When love is real, it finds a way.

Some updates from the busy week(s)!

Although we may not see eye to eye sometimes, I'm truly thankful to have Jolene (above) and Francisca as
my sisters. They are one of the greatest blessings in my life, and I would never trade them for anything.

 Jolene and I, together with our boyfriends attended Tiffany and Co's Quintessential Tiffany
Holiday event at Takashimaya and we both wore Rendezvous Slit Top in White and Black, if you noticed.

The longer slit at the back, which I feel is really pretty! 
It ends above the bra, if you're wondering so no worries about it being too low.

 High collar tops always have a flattering effect to make one look slimmer, don't you think?

 Such an amazing experience counting down together, and watching the tree light up.
A beautiful sight, and I can't wait for Christmas already.

 The Stylexstyle team was also present, to film for their upcoming episode for X'mas 
where we kissed our boyfriends under the customized mistletoe by Tiffany&Co. 
Bummed that all my photos with Sharon Au & Jade Seah were deleted while transferring them to my phone,
but those were some fun times with the other Gushcloud bloggers and their partners. 

Took this from the Xinmsn website, more photos of the event and guests here.

 So thankful to have mx with me that day, it just feels different to have him attend events with me.
Thank you for rushing down from work, I really appreciate it.

 & ending with a photo taken with the sister, and the very lovely Jessica.

Had the privilege to attend the launch preview of the new I.T store.

Finally met the gorgeous Colette, who's really humble and genuinely friendly.

 Put together an outfit to go with the upcoming Tigerlily Bomber Jacket in Multi from Ohvola.

 Clashing bold prints, the way I like it ;)
My first bomber jacket in a long time, gonna keep both colours cos' they are perfect for the weather of late.

 All smiles after a hair-pampering session at SalonVim, Somerset 313.
Still adapting to the new parting, but so thankful for my hairstylist Katherine who always knows the best for
my tresses. Dark ash brown with blonde ends, so the colors will stand out especially when I curl my hair.
The new Keratin Treatment for hair-strengthening worked amazingly too.

My new favorite earrings, which I'm trying to bring them in on Ohvola.com. Hear my good news, hehe.

 Kerastase products are one of the best I've used. My hair condition has improved significantly, 
ever since I started using the green series (Shampoo & Masque) that target weakened, damaged hair.

Headed to TiongBahru after that to meet my pretty friends who refuse to have a shot with me :<

Dinner was at Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street S168650
Phone: 6221 9307

 Tried their 48-hour braised beef cheek with mochi potatoes, carrot puree & pea tendrils ($29).
It was moist and flavorsome, and I loved it. Portion's slightly too much for me though.

 We had Chocolate and Pistachio Souffle with Creme Anglaise ($18) and,

 Apple Crumble with Vanilla Custard ($15) for desserts. 
They tasted as good as they looked, and we really enjoyed our food at ODP.

 Outfit: (Upcoming) Dia Organza Top in White
This is one of my favorites from the collection, the material used adds an luxurious touch to the outfit.
& I love how it seems to go so well with all my bottoms.

 It was our dear Fluffy's first birthday, and we had a picnic party with the other little companions!

(From left) Meet Cola, Silky, Fluffy, Taylor. A pity Coca, Cabree and Maryjane were not photographed, 
we had 7 little ones that day, it was sucha cute sight! 

Fluffy's a Japanese Spitz and I love how she seems to glow in every photo.

Pretty picnic food as usual, with our prettier Cola in the background eyeing these goodies.
Aww, sucha sweetheart in her floral dress.

We met our new friend, Bearbear who stole our hearts.

 Little moments like these, still get my heart skipping beats hehe. Thankyou Dennis for the shots!

 What I wore: (Upcoming) Saunter Cut-Out Top in Black
Tuck it in, or wear it loose, this is the perfect comfy go-to top.

Another day in (upcoming) Tsora Dropwaist Frock in White
I've always wanted a dropwaist dress, it's like a basic number with an edge.
In fact, I brought out extra namecards on the day I was out in this piece in case someone comes up to me 
to ask about my dress. Hahaha sometimes I think too much, but hey this is the first time I feel so
exceptionally good in my outfit and I really love the fit of the dress. I wear a size XS for this btw. 

We are launching these items tomorrow!
Hop over to our fb preview here if you haven't seen it!
Have a fabulous week ahead. Xx


  1. is the Dia Organza Top in White sheer?

    1. Hi there,
      Dia is fully lined front and back, so no worries as long as its worn above nude innerwear!

  2. Hi Lucinda, been reading ur blog recently and loves the photos u took. Can I know which camera model u using? And is it useful for camwhore and beauty effects? Thanks!

    1. Thankyou!
      I use Samsung ex2f, useful for selfies and beauty effects - DEFINITELY.
      The screen flips out and swivels to let you frame your shots at different angles, and it comes with beauty mode to give you flawless skin but I'm still looking around for a better camera to photograph night shots.

  3. Hi Lu, can I know what's the model of your Balenciaga bag? Thanks.
    Loves ur outfit btw! :)

  4. i am cracking up over the photo where desiree is holding onto charlene like the rest are holding their doggies! too cute!! hahaha

    1. Hahaha I had a good laugh over it as well, always fun times with the girls!

  5. Does the Saunter Cut-Out Top has a big arm hole and will the bra worn inside be exposed from certain angles?

  6. will there be bo for saunter cut out top in both color?


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