BORACAY with Gushcloud, Tigerair and The District Boracay

As some of you might already know, my younger sister Jolene and I just returned from Boracay recently!
This trip didn't exactly come at the most ideal time, cos December's one of our busiest months at Ohvola 
but I'm glad we decided to go in the end. This is probably one of the best trips of my life, and I can't thank 
Gushcloud, Tigerair and The District Boracay enough for sponsoring this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To be honest, the journey to Boracay wasn't the most endearing - plane ride took about 3.5 hours,
followed by a land transfer of 1.5 hours, and ending with 15-minute ferry and van rides, 
but all of these will be worthwhile once you step foot onto Boracay. This place is PARADISE.
Besides, you'll be happy to know Tigerair is the only airline that provides
direct flights from Singapore to Kalibo Airport in the Philippines (nearest to Boracay)
You can now save on one domestic flight, and thus a shorter travel time than before.

On to greater news, Tigerair now flies to Yangon (Myanmar), somewhere I'd love to visit one day.
If you'd like to know more info, check out

It was already in the night by the time we arrived in Boracay, 
but I'm so glad to have caught a beautiful sunset on the way.

I know of a couple of friends and readers who will heading there soon, 
so I'll try my best to list down some of my favorite activities and food in Boracay!

Lu's List of Favorite Activities:
ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle)
Not your usual ATV, cos' we got to visit scenic spots including the highest peak in the Island, 
Mount Luho - with 360 degree panoramic view of Boracay.

  At the highest point of Boracay, the view was magnificent.

I wasn't too excited about it in the beginning, but this was my most memorable activity among the rest
and I highly recommend this to those who would like to have a taste of diving, well sorta ;)
Truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience where we got to walk on the sea bed (ard 10 ft. below the surface)
with an abundance of tropical fish. The best part, the pressurized helmet kept our makeup & hair all intact
the whole time while we had so much fun feeding the sea creatures. Our shoulders were slightly bruised after
that from carrying the close to 40kg (if i'm not wrong) helmet, but I really didn't mind.
It would also have been perfect if the water was clearer, but it was such an amazing experience overall :')

With babes - Tricia, Jolene, Kaykay and Jeneen before we started.

The package came with our underwater photos and video, I was so thrilled to receive them.
You can tell in the video below, how excited I was underwater haha.

SNORKELING - Crocodile Island
The first stop of our island-hopping was a visit to the Crocodile Island to snorkel, 
and just thinking about the clear emerald coloured waters excites me.

 Why the name crocodile island, you may ask. 
It was definitely not cos' there were tons of crocs (my initial fear), but just look at the shape of the island!

 While the rest were busy snorkeling, I was admiring the scenic view with an ice-cream in my hand.
I was very fascinated to find ice-cream vendors on motorboats coming towards ours 
just when I was craving for some, cheap thrill ;)

 It was pretty disappointing cos' the water was shallow and the corals were not as beautiful as expected,
but our dear Freda sure had an awesome time feeding the fish. 

One of my greatest regret was giving Parasailing a miss.
We paid a total of 2100 pesos for 3 activities (ATV, Helmet Diving, Parasailing) amounting to 
approx. 700pesos for each activity which I thought was a great deal.  If you're heading there in a 
bigger group, you can always try to ask for group discounts, otherwise they can be pretty costly.

However, there was a delay and it was around 4pm by the time we ended the second activity.
The sun sets earlier in Boracay, and we really wanted to catch the sunset from our hotel (which we 
missed the previous night) so we had to forgo one of it. The most heartbreaking part to Jolene and I, 
our friends actually parasailed into the sunset. (that's Roseanne and Audrey in the image below) 
Kill me now, haha so please try it if you ever have the chance to!

Well, at least we managed to catch a lil' of the sunset and took some nice pictures.
Cant believe we almost missed it, it was only 4ish close to 5pm.

What I thought was most meaningful, I got to bring back abit of Boracay back home with me.
Just half hour before we left the Island, we stumbled upon this makeshift vendor who is so gifted in creating
personalized rings, bracelets, necklaces out of wires. They are beautiful, and make such perfect gifts.
I would make one for all my friends, if I had found out about this gem earlier.
The bracelets cost around 100-150 pesos (approx SGD $3), depending on how much you haggle 
but try not to overdo it because this is after all what they do for a living.

 I don't have an image of how the stall looks like, but its situated just behind where I was standing in this
photo. (close approximity to Starbucks located at station 2!)

Lu's List of Favorite Food:

Thanks to Jolene's friend who left an IG comment about trying the best fruit shake on the island, and we can't
agree more. Located at station 1, it was quite a distance from our resort but definitely worth the walk.

 Got the banana + melon one in the middle, and I really like it

 Be prepared to get a shade darker from walking along the white beach, remember to gear up like we did.

One of our stops at island-hopping was at Puka Island, where we had a table full of food prepared 
by the locals. Not too sure how they arranged for it, but the resort's staff will definitely be there to help.

 Some of the photos were grabbed from Smittenpixels blog, our very talented photographer for the trip.
Thanks Fiona!

 Something for a change, and it was one of the most satisfying meals on the island.

With super clear water to boot, Puka Island's a must-visit definitely.

One of the meals was very generously provided by Gushcloud
and it was nice to have Greek food for a change.

One of our dinners was at Henann Resorts
Some of the other bloggers found the food a tad too salty, 
but I enjoyed it since I prefer savoury to sweet when it comes to my flavor choice.

The sister and I didn't travel much for food during the trip. There were other recommended food options 
like muffins from Real Coffee & Tea Cafe and Chori Burger.
If all else fails, there's always breakfast at our resort, The District Boracay

With a view like this from our table, what more can we ask for?

 So in love with the spread we have at Breakfast, they have a new food item everyday.
How awesome is that.

 Happy campers.

We were very fortunate to be sponsored by The District Boracay for our 4D3N stay.
Ranked #7 out of the hotels in Boracay, this resort definitely lives up to its name.

 On the night we arrived, this was how beautiful it looked like with the Christmas lightings.

 My favorite part of the room - the balcony that oversees the Jacuzzi pool below.
Makes the perfect area for ootd shots.

 In Ohvola's Rumi Dream Top Black

 & the other day in Rose

 Our other friends were really lucky to get the rooms on the ground floor.
They came with a patio area each, and situated right in front of the pools.

 This is how gorgeous the sky looks in Boracay everyday.

 If you'd prefer more privacy, you can choose from their loft suites as well.
Jolene in Rumi Dream Top White above.

Thank you The District Boracay for the amazing experience :)

The District Boracay
Resort | Station 2, barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Tel: (63 2) 986.1075; (63 36) 288.2324 - 27; (63 36) 288.1448

 Not forgetting, some of the loveliest people I met/spent time with during the trip.

One final shot with the GC family, til the next! Xx


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  2. Woow, the place seams to be like paradise! I love the pics. xoxo


  3. I'm jealous of your Boracay photos. They're really awesome and have captured the beauty of the place. Thanks for visiting the island.

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