Exploring +66 with Mx.

Hello ladies!
I should probably start off with sharing some of my favorite outfits from the new collection, 
just launched on www.ohvola.com:

Noveau Eyelet Top in White
This is probably my only three quart sleeved top, which I foresee myself wearing many times
cos' its sucha staple and goes really well with most bottoms. Gonna keep this in both colors.

 Herve Knit Dress in Blue
This was love at first sight, with different shades of blue coming together so beautifully.
Fabric's thin knit so it's perfect for our weather.

 En Rosette Skirt in Tea Rose
Following our sold-out Opulence Rosette Frock, I knew we had to do a re-make of the
gorgeous 3D floral fabric. Love the luxurious touch to it, perfect for CNY don't you think?

Marni Shift Dress in Dusty Pink
Pastel pink-mint has always been one of my favorite combinations, they never go wrong. 
I'm also very fond of shift dresses, cos' they are timeless and very versatile. Keeping both colours as well.

Now, back to my Bangkok trip with the boyfriend ;)
It was pretty impromptu, and I was very caught up with the preparations for our warehouse sale.
Mx prepared everything for the trip - from booking of flight tickets to itinerary,
 and I really appreciate him for the effort. 

 What greeted me at our hotel room.
Mx requested for the bed to be decorated with rose petals to surprise me, haha who would think of that?
But it was sucha sweet gesture to make me happy, and I was so touched. It was pretty late in the night
when we checked in, so Mx suggested Asiatique which only closes at midnight for supper.

Asiatique The Riverfront, 2194, 
Charoenkrung 72-74 Rd. Rd., Wat Phraya Krai, 
Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

I haven't been to Asiatique, and wasn't expecting much from it but I was so wrong.
The lighting, ambiance and great weather (18 degree Celsius) were awesome.
I loved it there, and it was sucha great start to my trip.

 We settled for the restaurant Top (if I'm not wrong), which was situated just next to the Ferris wheel.

Live band, good thai food, breeze in our hair. What a way to end our first night in bkk.

 The next morning, Mx got his measurements taken at a tailor before heading to brunch.
According to him, it's so much cheaper getting his work shirts done here.

This is definitely not the easiest place to locate,
but we were really lucky to have asked the right passerby for directions.

 This has got to be one of the prettiest brunch places I've been to, don't think we have anything similar here.

 After we placed our orders, this was left at the counter.
It got me pretty tickled, luckily we were quick in deciding what we wanted.
I read from the reviews, they are usually shorthanded so try not to visit them on a weekend.

 Mx's usual Full English Breakfast, pretty decent but definitely not the best around

but I loved my French Toast topped with tons of fresh fruit, and it tasted as good as it looks.
We wiped out everything on the plate in no time ;)

 Outfit: Camomile Jumpsuit in Blue
This Topshop-inspired piece was love at first sight.
I really love the subtle pleats, and how it goes so well with any statement necklace.

 It was followed by a movie at Bangkok Airways @ Siam Paragon where we were given
complimentary refreshments and if you're in good time, a 15-minute massage at the VIP lounge.

Following that, we were escorted to the recliner seats in the theatre.
We paid 900baht ($36) each, which I thought was really worth the money.

 The next morning, just when we were craving for this heavenly Wanton Mee.
Situated at Petchburi Soi 19, this is a must-visit.

 Outfit: Claudia Printed Dress in Pink
I've always loved cut-outs or dresses with unique detail, so this is definitely a must-get for me.
The best part, it works beautifully with any normal strapless bra.

 Our dinner at Som Tam Nua, Siam Square was pretty disappointing overall
so we headed out to get street food right after.

Stumbled upon Sweet Toast situated at level one of Digital Gateway Siam Square

They actually bring in Tokyo Bananas, any huge fans of them like us?

 Outfit to Chatuchak Weekend Market: Kadis Crochet Shorts in Cobalt Blue
This is a hot favorite among our friends, cos' the fit is really good.
Fully lined, so you don't have to worry about this piece in white being sheer.

 Took me so long to finally try everyone's favorite Coconut Ice-cream
I love it, especially with the slices of coconut flesh soo good.
I'm also very grateful to my nail sponsor, Sensual Nails Spa https://www.facebook.com/snspa
for giving me beautiful (& healthy) nails that last for weeks. Gonna blog a proper entry about them next!

Kaseth nawamin, Bangkok, Thailand 10230
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chocolateville
Phone: 00 66 8 3077 3738

This was definitely the highlight of the trip, I've been wanting to visit Chocolate Ville for the longest time.
I'm glad we did, even though it was out of town and we had to book a private vehicle for 1800baht ($72)
cos according to the hotel reception, most cab drivers won't be willing to send us/don't know the way.

I actually Google-d about it after that, and found out you can actually print either of the maps above
and hand it to the cab drivers to try your luck. This definitely saves you quite abit of money.

 Finally here at the iconic red house which always appears on my IG feed. Thankfully, the sun hasn't set.
The restaurant opens only at around 4ish 5pm, but do reach earlier cos' everywhere here's photo-worthy.

 We climbed all the way up to the tower, and the view was amazingg.

 Initially, we thought there were many individual restaurants operating in different areas, but we found
out later that the different seatings are actually under one restaurant. Basically, we had to collect
a electronic donut from the reception area for table reservation. When our table was ready, the donut
started blinking to notify us and we were pretty lucky to have gotten one that was facing the river.

Everything we ordered was good, but the Foie Gras Risotto left the best impression.

 Halfway through our dinner, the tower started to snow and there was music and parade. It felt so magical,
almost like Disneyland and I still can't get over the fact that admission to Chocolate Ville is free.

We booked the group tour to the floating market on our last day for 1500baht ($60) and to our surprise,
trips to the elephant village and tiger zoo were included as well which was really worth the money.

 Pardon our morning faces, we had to be up at 530am

After the ride, I thought it was very cruel to the elephants. Not going to do it again.

 The floating market was so much fun, and interesting.
Every time someone from my paddle boat showed interest in something,
the boat gets pulled right next to the shop and you can practically find anything there.

 & we made new friends from Taiwan and Beijing.

Met up with Ange and Stephanie, before we headed back to Singapore!
This has got to be my best bkk trip til date, and all credit goes to the boyfriend <3

Lastly, I hope this doesn't make you too hungry. 
Two of my very talented friends will be collecting orders for the cny goodies below.

Empire.D Traditional Rum Kueh Lapis 600g ($48)
13.5cm x13.5cm x 4.5cm ht
Email: Dkuehlapis@gmail.com to order, cap at 40 orders only
I've tasted it, and personally this is the best I've had.

Chomel Yang Hongbao Set ($38)
It consists of cornflakes cookies x 1 container, 
pineapple tarts (open) x 1 container, 
pineapple tarts (closed) x 1 container
Drop Chomel (92957603) or Januver (93291034) a SMS if you're keen in ordering.

With that, have a fabulous week ahead! Xx


  1. Hi! Thank you for such great pictures and information about bkk! must say your bf did an awesome job! now you make me feel so tempted to go to bkk as well (:

    1. Mx will feel very happy to read this, thanks for reading & leaving a comment here :)

  2. Amazing pics. I love the one with the tiger! The first dress is really beautiful. xoxo


  3. Hi, Where did your boyfriend make his shirts at? Can share the address? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi there, its Jaspal Fashion at Eastin Makkasan Hotel!

  4. May i know where's your black sling bag from babe? Carried it out perfectly!

  5. Hi Jaslyn, I got it from siam square, bkk!

  6. Hi Lucinda, any blazers coming up on ohvola? Please manufacture a similar one to the previously launched En Perfect Blazer! Thanks! :)

    1. No upcoming blazers atm, but we'll keep that in mind. Thanks for your feedback! :)

  7. Hi, You booked a private vehicle to Chocolate Ville. The price does it inclusive of return also? If not, how did you manage to get a transport out?

    1. Yes we booked the driver for half a day, so that includes the return trip as well. Alternatively, you can request for a cab at the reception counter of chocolate ville :)

  8. Can I check the checkered/housthoot bag and the black bag with claudia printed dress will it be upcoming from ohvola? The tied dye dress?

  9. Hi babe, can share how yr bf manage to make the calendar with your pictures there? Thanks!!

    1. Im not too sure, but I can ask and update you here tonight ;)

  10. Hi Lu will the outfit u wore to chocolate ville be out in Ohvola? Thanks

  11. Please bring in the black sling bag and housthooth bag!

  12. Hello! May I know what is the app that you always use on instagram to create the symmetric image :) thanks in advance!!

  13. Hi (: may i know what camera you used to take the pictures?

  14. hello! may i know where you got your white and black heels in the first pic? :)

  15. Pls hv BO for the eyelet top and saunter cut out shoulder top!

  16. Hi Lucinda, may I know what camera you used for your beautiful pictures. Thanks in advance.

  17. hi lu, may i know where you got your white and black heels in the first pic? :)


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