OSIM uShape - Have a Guilt Free Chinese New Year

When I was invited to a morning session with OSIM x XNDO at Osim HQ, I couldn't be more excited 
because it was only walking distance from my office. 
Most importantly, I was definitely interested to find out more about the highly-raved uShape!

Outfit: Kay Lattice Dress (worn as as top), Janon Tweed Skirt

What greeted me first when I reached the roof level, was the huge swimming pool you see at the 
background. If only we had one in my office. Even if we did, I doubt I'll use it very often since 
I've been pretty unmotivated when it comes to exercising. 

For those who are not too keen in high impact exercises (running, jogging etc.) like me, 
trimming the excess weight is simplified with the OSIM uShape
The compact, all-in-one, exercise machine burns calories with minimal effort.

The slender and portable full-body vibration exerciser is designed to achieve a full body workout 
with little time and effort. Now, how awesome is that?

And I really love how the OSIM uShape comes in a girly pink.

 Morning faces with Jeneen, and Joanna

It was followed by an enriching talk by OSIM where I had one too many revelations.
Did you know that you actually gain 164 calories just by having 2 pineapple tarts? 
Good news is, you can actually trim them off by using the uShape for 13 minutes.

The strong vibrations cause rapid contractions to all muscles that are being exercised, making it easier 
and more effective to get a full-body workout. This results in increased muscle strength and improved
circulation which encourage your body to burn calories faster, resulting in a increased matabolism.

We were also introduced to some of XNDO's new food products and boy, I was so impressed.
I always feel that healthier options shouldn't compromise on the taste and their presentation, 
and XNDO proved it all. Think Chilli crab, Laksa etc. that contain minimal calories.

This was my favorite among all the food items, tasted like vermicelli soo good.
The best part is that it has ZERO calories so even if I were to have it for supper, I won’t feel guilty at all ;)

If you're fan of Koi like me, you'll be pleased to know of another of XNDO's new food product.
Yes the pearls/bubbles, how amazing is that?

Took back with me so much knowledge about the various workouts that can be done with uShape. 
With CNY approaching, festive foods and sweets await.. 
Time to invest in OSIM's uShape that helps to burn off calories without exhaustive effort.

You'll be happy to know uShape retails at a special introductory price of $699 (usual $1,288). 
Have a guilt free Chinese New Year ;)


  1. All your posts are so interesting~! thanks for blogging and posting such great pictures~! it felt warm reading your posts~!


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