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I can't remember the last time I visited a sports store, except to shop for the boyfriend who's a basketball
enthusiast. Don't get me wrong, I definitely encourage getting out in the sun or working out in the gym. I just
felt that there isn't such a great push for me to purchase sports wear as much as lifestyle apparel, until I found
out about ADIDAS NEO LABEL; providing fashionable pieces with a rock chic edge.

You'll be as happy as I am, to know that ADIDAS NEO LABEL is all about everyday
apparel - denim, sportswear and disruptive fashion pieces which are perfect for layering,
allowing you to tailor your wardrobe to the changing seasons.

I was attracted to the wide range of shoes ADIDAS NEO LABEL offers, 
but what caught my attention and liking was the SS14 collection by Selena Gomez.

Footwear is one of the key focus in the SS14 collection by Selena Gomez. 
What I especially love, is that they are classic pieces for everyday wear with an element of surprise in 
its detailing such as the use of leather fabric, glitter and matt gold.

What got me more excited, was the apparel from the collection. Talk about utility detailing, unexpected
fabrics and bold geometric prints, there is definitely something for everyone with these trans-seasonal pieces.
That's not all, the ADIDAS NEO LABEL also covers accessories to finish the rebel look.
Skinny belts, cobalt blue beanies and statement NEO tote bag with big metal buckles to give that extra 
kick of cool. You have to see them for yourselves ;)

 And here are my picks from the SS14 Collection by Selena Gomez.

This pair of satin hi tops in burgundy caught my attention right away, and I knew I had to get them.
I've been pretty into monochrome outfits lately, so this will definitely add color to my otherwise boring outfit.

This got me quite a lot of compliments when I showed it to some of my friends. The prints are gorgeous,
yet not over the top with tinge of red hues. The sleeves are interestingly made up of translucent chiffon
material for the element of surprise, how awesome is that. They are perfect for layering, yet comfortable to
wear in our unforgiving weather.

My favorite has got to be the cropped top (top left) in black which I foresee myself wearing it many times.
I always go for versatile tops like this, cos' they could be paired with skirts, pants, shorts, anything. 
The pieces I picked go very well together, don't they? I can't to wear them out already, look out for my ootds on my IG soon!

Tempted to check out the other amazing pieces before everyone else?
Head down to adidas at Katong Mall, BHG Tampines, DOT Tampines, DOT Bugis, DOT Jurong,
LinkTHM Jurong. 

Alternatively, you can also find it at

Bring out the rebel in you, and live your style. 


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