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I think I'm quite fortunate to have relatively thick hair ever since my teenage days. However, I clearly
understand that these luscious locks won't last if I do not take proper care of them. In fact, I have been
pretty bothered by hair thinning issues lately, especially at my hair parting and it definitely worries me. 

The importance of scalp care shouldn't be taken lightly, and I know I should only consult the best.
Through L'Oreal Hair Expertise, I found out one of the reasons for hair thinning may be
clogged pores in my scalp which obstruct hair to grow healthily. It could be due to oily scalp (excessive
sebum production), leftover styling products, pollutants, improper cleansing (use of the wrong products)
or lack of education among consumers on the need for scalp care products. Yes, guilty as charged.

One of the things I love about L'Oreal Hair Expertise is the wide range they offer which targets at 
specific hair needs. If you remember, I previously blogged about the EverPure range 
which works perfect for color-treated hair. Read it here if you are keen! 

Now, the introduction of L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverStrong Hair and
Scalp range couldn't be more timely. This specialized scalp treatment helps to regulate and control
sebum production, allowing hair to grow healthily while fortifying hair strands. I've been using them for a
week now and in all honesty, I really LOVE them. The hair and scalp system consists of the Thickening
Shampoo and Conditioner (as featured above), but my favorite has got to be the Thickening Tonic
(below) which I have been using diligently after every hair wash on areas where I notice signs of hair thinning.

Who needs Scalp Care, you may ask.
The answer, Everyone.

The scalp is like your skin and needs to be cared for. Most people use only products for hair strands, and
neglect the scalp. We all know plants need fertile soil to grow, much like our hair needing a healthy scalp in
order to look fuller and stronger. Enriched in Botanical Oils and 100% free of sulfates/silicones/parabens,
the L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverStrong Hair and Scalp system is
suitable for people with sensitive scalp as well.

The L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverStrong hair and scalp system promises stronger
and fuller-looking hair in 30 days. I have since been using it diligently for 1 week, 
even bringing them with me on my vacation ;)

Below are the results from my scalp scans prior to using EverStrong and 1 week after.
In just a week, I noticed visible improvements. My scalp looks cleaner and less clogged up with oil patches.
The slightly red areas (sensitive scalp) have also reduced. 3 more weeks to go, I'm excited already.



You'll be happy to know the range can be purchased online here:

So, Join me in the 30-day Scalp Care Challenge!
How it works:
1. Purchase tonic to get a free 59 ml set of shampoo + conditioner
2. Register particulars on Facebook tab. L'Oreal will contact you shortly on how to redeem 
(at L'Oreal office. Must provide a before shot).
3. After redemption, use regime for 30 days. At the end  of 30 days, return to L'Oreal office 
to retrieve $50 hamper incentive, in exchange for testimonial + after shot.

Starting Date: 19th March 2014!
Registration Form: http://bit.ly/1aiO8yp
Otherwise, more information can be found here: 

Here's to stronger, fuller looking hair with L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverStrong. xx


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