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Hi ladies!
If you haven't heard, we're launching a new collection this Monday, 24 Mar 2pm. Preview's up here.
We are looking at standardizing all new launches on Mondays, fb previews on Saturdays 
so you'll know when to check back even if you didn't receive/missed our edms.
You might also have realised that we no longer update at Ohvola's blog. 
Not to worry cos' we will constantly update our IG accts @ohvola @lucindazhou @jolenezhou
and I'll def update this space as much as I can, with reviews of the upcoming outfits before each launch :)

 Jour Pleated Skirt in Cream
One of the pieces I've been looking forward to, ever since we submitted it for manufacturing.
I've been so obsessed with anything maxi (including maxi skirts), and the front pressed pleats are so
beautifully done, don't you think? The Cream color's super feminine, while the Black is more edgy.
I really can't decide which one to keep, so both colors it will be hehe. 

 Anais Career Dress in Nude
Here's what I wore to Salonvim. Fuss-free pieces like this are such keepers, this dress is incredibly
lightweight and comfortable for the six-hour session in the salon. If I could choose, I'll definitely pick 
neutral tones over any color cos' they are such classic hues that never seem to go out of style.

 New close-to-black hair that I really love.
If you read my previous post, I mentioned about how my hair needed to be fixed cos' of my natural
curls/frizzy hair. My hairstylist Katherine suggested Japanese Cosme Hair Rebonding, which works
like magic and unlike my previous rebonding experiences. It tames my tresses, and I don't leave 
the salon with unnatural and stick-to-the-head kinda hair. (if you get what I mean, haha)

I also tried KERAFUSION, a hair treatment that targets different needs.
If you are interested, they are running a promotion currently and I think it's a pretty good deal.

I've really weak and sensitive scalp lately, and I always leave it to Katherine to
recommend suitable products cos' she really knows best. 

 & two of my trusted products from KERASTASE too that have been serving me well.

Don't forget to quote 'Lucinda' to enjoy a special 10% discount for first timers!

Salon Vim By Chez Vous

313 Outlet
313@Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 S(238895)
Call 68847757 / 68847767
Bugis Outlet
235/235A Victoria Street S(188027)
Call 68370073 / 98370045

The following day; it makes me happy just to have healthier looking hair.

Chantilly Summer Top in White
& here's a shot of the full outfit. Another wardrobe staple that doesn't need much introduction.
This goes with almost anything, I've worn it twice and I foresee myself wearing it out pretty often ;)

Lange Playsuit in Black, Karlis Printed Top in Blue
I've never thought I would pick out something like the Lange Playsuit, cos' it seems a lil' too young for 
the 26yo me hehe. But I have to say, I love love love this! They are perfect for the weekends, or summer
vacations. Plus, it goes very well with my new kicks which I haven't had a chance to wear them out.

Jil Crochet Shorts in Black
This is a Topshop-inspired piece, which we decided to manufacture in classic black and white cos' they
seem to be the two colors I always pick out to match my colorful/new tops. The crochet detail is lovely irl,
though you can't see it clearly here. Hop over to our preview for a close up of the pretty crochet!
Gonna wear the white piece tomorrow, just because they are so appropriate for the weekend.

With that, have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate it. Xx


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